acl :)


Jensen and Jared with a fan at ACL 2017.

Notice Jensen’s t-shirt says TATTOOS TONIGHT. Awhile ago during a podcast, Jared told the story about how he got drunk one time and was running around yelling “Tattoos tonight!” and it’s become this big joke with them. 

So Jensen’s wearing a t-shirt that says it.

Haha I’m dead. 💀


j2′s 2017 ACL


first we get that pic of a distraught jensen

then jared is en route to ACL

austin monthly’s fail lmao, they’ve corrected it but we’ll never forget georgia

jared gets “arrested” lol, probably why jensen was upset 

the guy next to jared reposts the pic with this caption

jared and jensen with fans: xx  xx

the mayor of austin posts a pic with j2 :) jensen is much happier than before now :D

and jared retweets it 

j2 took a pic with a fan and made his night 

story about the shirt jensen is wearing:



more pics of j2 with fans, jared is in the background of that second pic lol

more xx  xx

and finally j2 were riding a taxi bike together to come home lol