That awkward moment when your forced to sit next to your ex in class.

Your teacher tells you to move and then points at the empty desk next to your ex and  your like:

Then you say no and he forces you to do it and your like:

then your ex looks at you like:
Then your just like :

then everyone looks at you two like:

And you look at your teacher like:

then everyone feels the awkardness and there all like:

Then as soon as the bell rings your like:

That moment when the shy kid finally speaks up to the bully.

first he’s all like:

and then the whole class is all like:

then the girls start to get all like:

and the guys are like:

and then you start to think and in your head your all like:

but you don’t want to be the oddball so you join the class in praising him. and everyones like:

and he’s just standing there like: