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how about heaven telling Cas he will have to stay with Kelly and raise the child together and when Dean finds out, well you can guess he will no take the news really great??

“Since when did you start taking orders again?” Dean asked. He was sitting, planted at a table, half turned in his chair, elbow propped up on the back of it.

Cas shook his head. There was a lump in his throat, but he couldn’t seem to swallow it. “It’s not an order, Dean, it’s a request. If I do it, the slate’ll be wiped clean. I’ll be right with heaven again. I won’t have to run. It’s a good thing.”

“Yeah, sounds real good.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means, you get the little hellspawn on your hip, and then what? What do you even know about raising a baby?”

“I’ll learn,” he said without conviction.

“You’ll learn… how to raise the devil’s baby… all by yourself.”

“Not raise, protect. And I’ll only be by myself if Kelly doesn’t make it through the birth.”

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If Jace doesn’t A. Wear something completely ridiculous on Amonkhet that would be right at home on the plane but he had to go and ruin it by insisting on including his bass ackwards aesthetics or B. Make a huge emphasis that his manner of normal dress was a poor decision to wear on a plane that has a desert climate and collapse from heat exhaustion like some idiot at least once I am gonna be really disappointed.

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Voltron TNG/Daddy Klance Headcanon/Oneshot:

Ally (my Klance baby) is all grown up (well university aged) and dating Rangi Garret (My Hunk baby) and they have all been invited to Alfor Shirogane’s (Shallura baby) wedding which is in his bride’s hometown a few hours away from Roswell where I imagine the gang settled when they all got back to Earth.

Ally and Rangi are driving to the wedding.

Rangi: So my parents are apparently flying to Hawaii after the wedding for a week or two and I can’t go with because I have too many projects on the go at school and you and Fara (another Shallura baby) are going to a music festival from the wedding and taking the car, right?

Ally: Ya

Rangi: Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a ride back to Roswell with someone on Sunday.

Ally: You didn’t plan a ride home before hand?

Rangi: I figure someone is coming back this way and I’ll be able to hitch a ride to the Garrison.

Ally: Well, I’m sure you can get a ride back with my dads.

Rangi: Yay! 3 hours in the car alone with your dads sounds like a good time.

Ally: Why are you saying it like that?

Rangi: Oh, I don’t know. Now that we are dating, your dads are a little intimidating.

Ally: What? My dads are not intimidating.

Rangi: Putting their hero/defenders of the universe roles aside cause my dad is one too, Keith is literally some sort of sword pro alien space ninja and Lance is all super confident, in my face friendly and asks all these questions. Like, constantly. And I’m like, “OMG, what if I fuck up and say something that makes him mad? If he’s extra friendly, is he extra not friendly if he’s mad? So my tongue gets thick and I trip over my words and I don’t think I am presenting my best self.

Ally: Papi seems extra friendly because he is extra friendly. He was practically your uncle. He loves you. He’s just interested.

Rangi: No, your probably right. Lance is fine, but I am pretty sure Keith hates me though.

Ally: Daddy doesn’t hate you. He loves you too. What makes you think he hates you?

Rangi: Unlike, Lance, Keith hardly talks to me at all. He just stands or sits there with his arms crossed, side eyeing me from beneath his thick furrowed brow.

Ally: That’s just his face! He always looks like that.

Rangi: Now, that I think about it…even when we were kids, that was his general stance.

Ally: See, your fine. If it helps, remember that he cries during kids movies.

Rangi: I have shed a tear or two myself during some films. Sometimes you just got to get those emotions out. No judgement from me.


Lance decides to stay and get a round of golf in with Shiro and Bride’s dad. Keith agrees to drive Rangi back.

Keith has no idea how to carry on a conversation with this young man who is dating his daughter. It was one thing when he was just Hunk’s son but now things were different. He liked the kid. Couldn’t think of any one better, he’d want as a potential son in law but he has no experience in this relationship dynamic so he kind of freezes up.

The first ½ hour of the drive is silence.

Rangi attempts conversation: So

Keith: So

Rangi: Seen any good movies lately?

Keith (side eye, then returns eyes to the road): Nope

(Side eyes again): How’s school?

Rangi: Fine. How’s work?

Keith: Fine

More ackward silence.

Rangi: Would you think I was rude, sir, if I were to just listen to my headphones and catch a nap on the way home?

Keith: Nope

Both of them in their heads: Thank fuck

Rangi puts on his headphones and feels relief when Keith gives him a brief smile before returning his attention to the road.

Don’t know why but I really want to read lots of fics about Belle nursing Gideon for the first time. I have this headcanon in my mind that when Gideon got hungry and started crying once they returned from the mines, Belle was so sad and conflicted she couldn’t feed his son because her milk was gone. Then she asks Rumple if he could use his magic to fix this. Then is all ackward and fluffly and beautiful because he has to put his hands over her naked chest to make the magic works. And then it works and Belle bursts in tears when she feels Gideon is taking her milk. And Rumple cries too. Can someone write this, please????????

Driving home from the grocery store I had a Daddy Klance headcanon.

(Allura agrees to surrogate for Keith and Lance and she has twins in this Future AU of mine)

The Twins are 2 days old and Keith is in ackward awe. He can’t stop staring at them. As far as he can tell they are perfect but he has anxiety.

He notices the girl twin (who is genitically his) is looking a little yellow, as newborns sometimes do.)

“Lance, look at her eyes. Does she look a little yellow? What if she’s takes after the Galra?”

“It’s jaundice, Keith. The nurse said said she just needs milk and UV light. Chill. Stop staring at them and get some sleep while you can.”

Keith tries to but he can’t help but worry.

Zodiac Signs in Awkward Situations

Aries: stuck in an awkward situation is fidgety, sweaty, and has a dry throat. An Aries expects things to go perfectly, the way they want them to go, but when things take a turn for the worse, they lose all control.

Taurus: When a Taurus feels awkward or uncomfortable, they try to play it off with a joke or change the subject almost immediately. But don’t think that they won’t remember this moment for the rest of their lives. They’ll dread on it. 

Gemini: It’s hard to find a Gemini in an awkward situation, but when they are they aren’t happy about it. They’re probably more angry than embarrassed. They expect their lives to be perfect and they don’t make mistakes. Especially embarrassing ones.

Cancer: are the best at escaping awkward situations because they usually don’t happen. But when they are feeling a little uncomfortable, they bring in a friend or family member to save them. They also find distractions to take the attention away from them.

Leo: are the masters of creating and escaping awkward situations. They tend to use crude humor to take away any tension in the room. They’re very upfront and will get to the bottom of any situation. Others look up to them for this reason.

Virgo: isn’t afraid to tell you when they’re feeling uncomfortable or awkward in any situation. They try to quickly move on, and they do so by using rude or sarcastic humor to take away the attention that is on them.

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Final Thoughts on FFXV

So, I finished the game a few days ago and needed an outlet for my thoughts and feelings because oh man did Chapter 14 bring the feels train fast and hard. To the point where I am giving PSA’s at work about it to my co workers who are playing the game.


Before I start, I just want to say that I had been following the game development for a few years now and was undecided after playing the Platinum demo how much I was going to like the game.  I am a traditionalist when it comes to Final Fantasy games and when they change things to much I don’t like it (looking at you X-2).  So when I saw the battle system I was a little skeptical that I would like it.  But none the less I gave it a chance especially after all the hype and how well done the Brotherhood anime was.


With that said, there a few things I need to get off my lady chest:


- The throw away dialog and puns in this game were just everything. (What are you my mother?  Mums the word ahahaha)  And the animation in battles and while driving were so fantastic (Ie when your driving Gladio and Prompto start plugging their nose and getting mad at Noctis like he farted in the car.  Like omg lol that is such a bro thing I can’t even.)


- I am fairly certain Regis somehow sabotaged the car to delay the journey long enough so they wouldn’t be anywhere near the Crown City when the NIff’s pulled their bull shit.  I mean Cid more or less implies it in the game and Regis doesn’t seem that stupid to not know it was a trap and wanted to save his son. (hence why the wedding was to be in Altissia)


- How did Gladio get his orginal scars?  Did he get into a fight about cup of noodles defending their honor?  Also what the fuck happened when he went off those few days on his own.  I mean I have theories (see my post below about Gladio and the Cup of Noodles cult) but damn it I will riot in the streets if his DLC doesn’t explain it.


- I really want to know more about the girl Galdio is seeing 10 years later.  I mean he is obviously smitten with her to bring her up to them the eve of their taking the city back.


- Iris is queen.


- Prompto’s heart belongs to Cindy.


- Prompto’s heart also belongs to Noctis (I didn’t get Promptis until I played the game and my god do I ship it.  I ship it so hard.)


- Is it ever explained why Cor is called Cor the Immortal?  Maybe his DLC will explain it but I imagine it’s because either he is really immortal or its a derogatory term used towards him because he always seems to miss the big battles?  I am thinking the later because he doesn’t seem to happy about being called that.


- I feel like Noctis and Luna had this Romeo and Juliet thing going on for awhile.


- I wish they went into their relationship more in the game…I mean obviously there was more to this engagement than just political reasons.  They obviously cared for each other.


- The Chocobo side quests were everything in this game.  I mean they might be my favorite Chocobos in a final fantasy game of all time.


- I may or may not have driven the Regalia in first person view so I could turn the camera directly on Ignis and just stare at that beautiful man’s face for hours.


- “That’s it!  I’ve discovered a new receipe” will now become a trigger of mine.


- Sorry Phichit from Yuri on Ice!! but Prompto Argentum is the new king of selfies.


- Also sooooooo many butt shots in this game.  I mean come on Prompto….we get it you have a thing for butts…expecially Glaido’s butt.


- Prompto really did take the best pictures.  I mean dude’s got a gift. (Also I was undecided if I was going to enjoy this feature in the game but my god if it was not my favorite thing to do out of all the guys special skills.  I loved to see what pictures Prompto took today)


- Speaking of Prompto…all this time I thought his insecurities stemmed from being a ackward fat kid (can so relate to that) but nope, not at all.  Dude had the darkest back story of the game.  I mean after Chapter 13 I just wanted to bundle him up and protect him at all costs.


- Also, apparently he was adopted as a baby but how did he know he was an MT?  Did he just make the connection while they were traveling or did he always know?  Or did Ardyn tell him?  So unclear.


- In the beginning I kind of hated Noctis.  I thought he was just this emo trash kid who was sheltered in life and didn’t want to grow up.  But by the end of it all I was literally on my knees bowing to the almighty true king.  I mean jesus did he redeem himself in the end.


- I’m not ok with the fact that Prompto never met Lunafreya or saw Pryna again.


- I was more upset about Ignis going blind than I was about Luna getting stabbed.


- Ignis being blind the rest of the game was worse than if they just killed him off.  It was so sad to play pretty much 4 chapters watching him struggle.


- I am fairly sure Cid lived with Ignis during the 10 years Noct was gone.  Like Ignis took him in and took care of him while they were in Lestallum.  Iggy is such a stand up guy.


- Ardyn just screamed stranger danger throughout the whole game.  I mean in Lestallum I was screaming at my tv for them to not go with him.  Like really that red convertible was literally a big white shady van.


- Also I feel no sympathy for Ardyn at all.  He was a sick twisted mother fucker.  I mean he had the images of all his ‘kills’ hanging above the thrown.  That is a sick and twisted man-demon.

- However I do feel sympathy for Ravus.  Poor bastard loved Luna so much and was really the casualty of this shitty war between Lucis and Niffilheim.


- The Final Fantasy call backs in this game we great (the soundtracks from old games, Wedge, Biggs, the Spira bank etc etc)

- Noctis sitting on the throne after defeating Ardyn killed me so much.  He was so strong and just accepted his fate.  Poor guy never had a chance for anything else.  God damn destiny.


- Nothing in life has ever made me cry sobbing ugly tears like the camp fire scene during the credits.  I mean I was crying the minuet they were all sitting there silent not wanting to bring up the big white elephant in the room and then Noct just telling them he made peace with his fate and fucking Prompto just sobbing and god damn it even Galdio had tears in his eyes I just couldn’t take it.  It was too much.  I am still not over it and never will be.  I re-watched the scene again on Youtube a few times and I still ugly cry.  No scene in a video game has ever made me that emotional before.


- The scene at the end with Luna and Noct I thought was nice but so sad.  Why couldn’t the six just grant them their lives back for being so pure and good?


- Also, I am certain the chocobros lived.  I think the scene in the afterlife was just Ardyn hallucinating and Noct drawing on their bond to finish them off.  Otherwise why all the emphasis on rebuilding and Gladio making note of the structures being save able and the whole walk tall speech?  Noct was leaving the rebuilding process to them.


- My ending head cannon would be Noct and Luna coming back and the chocobro’s meeting them on the steps of the Citadel and everyone reuniting and Noctis introducing her as his fiance and Luna healing Ignis’s eyes so that he can finally see dawn and everyone giving Gladio shit about the girl he’s been seeing and then teasing Prompto about pursuing Cindy for 10 years.



In the end I got an epic bro road trip that turned into a runaway feels train that came crashing down hard.


But I still loved the game anyways.