Hello, world! I’m aware that there are an exaggerated number of these posts, but I’ve been told to announce my existence so “HERE I AM! PICK ME! PLEASE?!” Okay, that’s enough obnoxiousness for a good long while.

A little about the Blog: I’m a new studyblr and I would love to follow a plethora of lovely studyspos. So if you would kindly reblog this if you fit the aforementioned description, I would be grateful to explore and follow your work!

A little about the Human: I’m a Bio/Chem double major and an I-Tech student worker at a small, private school in rural Georgia. I’m also on the executive board of several clubs on campus ranging from the Trail Magic Club (hiking) to the Console Collective (gaming club). If it tickles your fancy, fell free to send me asks about my study routines, major, or anything else and I’d be happy to pass only anything I know.

Top - My Dorm Room (YHC Best Residence Hall Room 2014)
Left - My bed and little haven from the hectic pace of campus life
Right - My study space and occasion movie night crash pad

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So I’m finally doing one of these! 2013 was a great year, and I met some great people on here. You are all amazing, and I hope you understand that I love each and every person I follow. People who are or have been my friend at some point are bolded and my favourites are in italics. Sorry I couldn’t put everyone on here. Message me if I missed you if I did I’m sorry.

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