Jensen was never this awkward, never lost for words when it came to flirting, never tripping over himself to think of the words to say. It was just… you did something to him, something that made him feel like a twelve-year-old trying to stumble his way to his first kiss again.

You’d known each other in high school - you’d turned him down when he tried to ask you to prom, yourself being a senior, sophomore Jensen didn’t stand a chance amongst the other senior boys asking for an opportunity to ask you out - but you hadn’t become friends until you started working together on a low-budget, independent movie, four years after he graduated.

You’d just finished shooting a scene when you walked over to where Jensen was stood, leaning against a dresser on set.

“That was, you were great,” he told you, before shaking his head and cursing himself. “Good, good acting, it was- you were… good job.”

Jesus Christ, he needed to pull himself together. Why did he let you affect him like this?

You laughed, “You’re funny.”

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With You By My Side - Ten (finale)

A/N: FINAL part you guys.. Thank you so much for sticking with me trough this series.  You are all amazing! And I’m sorry….. Shout out to my beta @thorne93.

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: ALL THE FUCKING ANGST. Character death. Entire part is Jensen’s POV

Worcount: 1660

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It had been a week since we came home from the hospital. The first couple of days she had been fine, moving around in the house, watching movies with me on the couch, but on day four we had to move everything down to the guest room since she was no longer able to climb the stairs. Yesterday she didn’t manage to get out of bed at all, and the doctors are now talking hours, maybe a day.

As I sit by the breakfast table, alone, I call my mom to let her know what’s going on. We don’t talk for long because dad are already packing their bags. He had loaded them in the car before we hang up. My parents love (YN), they always have. I still remember the lecture my mom gave me after I brought (YN) to Dallas for the first time.

“She’s special to you, Jensen. I can tell by the way you look at her and how she looks at you. You should just tell her how you feel now so that you can start your lives together, I guarantee you’re going to regret it if you don’t.”

The all too familiar lump forms in my throat as I replay her words in my head. I know that my mind should be here, in the present, that I should savor every moment we have left, but it’s hard not to dwell on all the things we’ve missed out on in the past, and the things we will miss out on in the future. I shoot a quick text to Jared, telling him that she’s nearing the end of her life, letting him know that if they want to say goodbye they should probably come over soon.

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It's National Puppy Day...

And our boys are expert at behaving like puppies/look cute with them too 🐶

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