Probably the best full body I have of Kanji [the ackie egg alien] he’s a sweetheart, he just doesn’t like to sit still for photos

SO CUTEEEE luv that lil bebe



Oh my gosh look at this cutie! :D I think it genuinely wants to be petted. SO CUTE.


[Video] {150723} Music Access - Ob la di-Ob la da ( NU'ESTs Aron Cut) 

ⓒ Jacky_NUEST

You wished for cute lizards! my hatchling ackies napping together :) ackies are generally kept together as hatchlings until they start forming personalities and then get separated into trios/quads



sleepy lil buddies…

@Regrann from @naughty_nyx08 - _ sorry sa haggard fez.. 😊 pero kota naman sa pagbalik balik sa stage.. 😁 nanalo sa bring me (thanks admin ackie)
nanalo sa raffle
at binigyan ng piso 👍👍👍😍 #ForKeeps #Rastro 07.18.15 #RhianRamosFansDay #Regrann

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the photo of lily and her friends with the caption "arm tickle" who is that boy with curly blonde hair and glasses? like do you know his instagram?

Its p.ackie (patrick perkins) and he has a twin called adam which is honest_prarie_girl xx

Through hardship, and trial
Sustained my etiquette,
And scribed a new testament for reverence. Esteem high as fuck, mind set be on sativa, that’s the medicine
The alchemist measuring your flexing and concluding compensation, lack of rhetoric, applaud this flow that is nautical, only fire in my arsenal, contemplating a sonnet and jot it down my chronicles, blind to obstacles,
Redefine impossible, tell her she fine as a grain of sand and I’m sharp as hair follicle, we go together, and if ever I, fair with white boy in a mullet, may the wrath of all light force smite the sucker in public, el uno ,skip a neo nazi, ask my acki, agents ain’t could stop me, even riding shotgun I’m too B.I.G. to “Pac” me, suicide? Stop it, you can miss with the bullshit, if held in a cell for charge I wouldn’t pull it, even if paralyzed, inshallah still dodgin bullets the same song n dance but we the choir in yo pulpit, who you preaching to?