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80′s high school AU continued! Part 1 

(extension of the last description here)

Erwin can only visit Levi by climbing into his window Sam Anders style because he’s terrified of Kuchel, plus Kenny knows they’re dating so he’s probably downstairs trying to distract her. (He has the key to her house and just let’s himself in when he’s not working.)

Plus Kenny loves Erwin because he makes Levi less of an asshole. 

vague-but-menacing and I are doing a bunch of 80′s eruri trash. 

Headcanon #15

When Eren is bored, either in a meeting or in general, he starts playing with Levi`s cravat. He finds it so fun to fluff it up and then press it down again, Levi never even notices anymore with how much he does it. He just carries on whatever he was saying or doing like there isn`t an adorable Eren attached to his cravat.

There was a time when Oluo thought he could try it, since the newbie got to, and wound up almost getting his wrist broken. Everyone agreed Eren was special and could probably get away with stabbing Levi if he wanted.

your faith in god

It’s empty inside the small church, save Erwin and Levi, the rain and the late hour stopping most visitors. There’s a small table to the right of the pews, with a coffee pot and styrofoam cups. 

Erwin fumbles with one of the cups, nearly knocking the coffee across the table as he tries to pour in packets of sugar. He’s oddly nervous, even if he knows this is the right thing to do. Be honest, he tells himself, and he always has been.

Levi cracks his knuckles behind him, but it isn’t a nervous gesture, Erwin knows that much. “You okay?”

Erwin turns his head to the side and smiles. “I’m fine, Levi. Thank you.”

There’s a small pause before Levi’s reply. “You sure, Erwin?”

Erwin grabs his cup and comes to sit by Levi. His smile drops somewhat and he uses his free hand to touch the white of his collar, as though to steady himself. 
“Yes, Levi. I’m sure. I mentioned wanting to talk. It isn’t anything bad, I don’t think.”

Levi snorts. “You and I have different ideas about that.”

“I suppose we do.” He closes his eyes for a moment before looking to Levi’s face. “I thought I should tell you this because it’s only fair. I don’t want anything to come of it and I don’t think you do either.”

Levi raises an eyebrow. “Come of what?”

Erwin pauses, mouth open around an unspoken word, realizing Levi might think he’s speaking of their rather odd friendship. He closes his mouth. Waits until he has the correct words to put together.

“Come of the feelings I have for you. Beyond friendship. I like you very much, Levi, but I don’t want to jeopardize my work, nor do I want to jeopardize our friendship. As I said, I thought it only fair to tell you.”

Levi scratches at the bridge of his nose. That gesture is a nervous tick. “Thank you. For,” he pauses, not sure what he’s about to thank Erwin for. “Telling me, I guess.”

Erwin doesn’t quite interrupt him, but replies rather hurriedly. “That doesn’t mean you can’t continue to stay here. I don’t mind the company, as long as you’re comfortable. And I like the tea you make in the common kitchens more than the coffee we serve here.” 

Levi laughs. It isn’t exactly a gentle laugh, Levi isn’t exactly a gentle person, but it’s comforting still to Erwin. “Thanks for the honesty. And thanks for still letting me crash in the extra room. I don’t…think you’re going to do anything, you know. You’re an honest person, Erwin. Believe me, I fucking know that.”

Erwin smiles. “You’re always welcome here, you always help around the grounds. Father Diaz says you’re the best gardener we’ve had in years.”

“I’m the only gardener you’ve had in years.”

Erwin can’t protest it when it’s true. The weeds were overgrown for years before Levi decided to help in an attempt to pay for room and board.

The church grows silent, just the pattering of rain again, and the drip from the coffee pot.

“I think I’d be able to return the feelings if things had turned out a little bit different, you know. If I wasn’t….” Levi makes a vague gesture. On the streets, Erwin thinks, homeless and a rather incredible pick-pocket. There’s so much more to him, and Levi’s told small stories here and there of his home life from years ago, left for Erwin to piece together, but he understands what Levi’s at least trying to say.

It still isn’t what he expected to hear.

“You deserve something good, Erwin Smith.”

“We all do, Levi.“ At 36, Levi had taken a path through life different than most, but still. He was here. “We’ll remain friends, then.

Levi closes his eyes and leans back against the hard wood. “I’m sorry this is all I can give you, Erwin.”

“This isn’t something you should be sorry for. I never expected anything to come from this except give us both peace of mind.” Erwin hears the rain let up against the roof. “Is it too much to ask for tea at a time like this?”

Levi rubs his face and smiles. It’s faint, but Erwin doesn’t miss it. “Whatever you’d like, Father.”