ack dont look at my face

Things kentin has said with this face
• *instert Childish mimicking of peoples words here*
• “im rubber your glue what ever hits me bounces off and sticks to you”
• “Preps”
• “Hi my name is Kentin small ass’kicker Evan brownies and i have short brown hair (thats how i got my name) with ack died ends and green tips the hair goes all the way down my neck and bright green eyes like green grass and a lot of people tell me i look like Channing Tatum(AN: if u dont know who he is get da hell out of here!) [[im not related to evan but i wish i was because hes a major fucking hottie]]”

I have no regrets on the last part but im sorry for those who dont get the last joke and what i was parodying.
Kentin belongs to chinomiko and beemove

• Arana D. Sora • Character Short One •

The smell of wet grass permeates the air as familiar heavy footsteps trail up behind him. A hand lands on his firmly muscled shoulder and, with a small jolt, Sora turns to look at the man behind him. A wisened face looks back at his silently, a reassuring smile widening the man’s wrinkled cheeks. Sora tries to give a small smile back to his old mentor, but his cheeks feel like they’ve only tensed.

There is a small pat on his back as his mentor sits next to him, the sound of cloth moving and the beginning of another small bout of rain on the metal rooftop like tiny mice beating on tin cans in the background. “It was raining on that day too, wasn’t it…” says his mentor. The man’s low, smooth voice calms Sora somewhat, but the memories brought back with his words cause thunder in the boy’s restless mind.

“It was…” Sora replies after a few, barely containing a heavy sigh as he watches the ripples in a small puddle caused by raindrops slowly dripping off the rooftop. “Sennan?” he asks, not turning to look at his mentor, yet feeling his silent reassurance nonetheless. “Do you think… I could have changed anything back then?”

Sennan remains quiet, but the familiar sound of his hand scratching his beard can be heard next to him as Sora continues watching the puddle despondently. A low hum sounds and Sora’s back curls in a bit. “What would you have changed, boy?” Sennan says suddenly, his work-hardened hand returning to Sora’s shoulder.

“I… I don’t…” Sora begins, voice cracking and drifting off. His brows furrow together and his hands tighten into white fists from clenching his skin. The hand on his shoulder rubs comfortingly for a moment before tightening slightly and releasing. “I’ve thought about it so much and I just don’t know!” He says, voice coming out as a whisper.

It feels like he’s screaming.

The space, though silent, feels overwhelming. Sora’s face begins heating and his breath hitches as he turns his face away from his mentor. A burden. He was a burden. His mentor had raised him to be strong, confident… Not… Not like this.

Before he can fully turn away, Sennan’s hand returns to his hunched shoulder. “Sora,” he says quietly, “I’ve taught you many lessons in combat, and I’ve… watched you become a strong young man. However…” he states, “There is one lesson I never did teach you until now.”

Curious, Sora turns to his mentor, looking at him with interest in his barely reddened eyes. “A lesson?” Sora asks quietly. In response, Sennan tugs the young man to him so that their shoulders are touching and looks up at the wet road leading down the hill. Sora yelps in surprise when he is jolted and blinks owlishly up at his elder companion. “What…?” He asks in confusion, slowly looking over at the arm around his shoulder.

“It is okay to be sad,” Sennan replies quietly, voice barely audible over the tapping of rain on the rooftop. For a few moments there is no indication that his pupil had heard him. Soon, though, Sennan feels light shaking against his shoulder and a small patch of wetness forming, and he knows he has been heard.