ack ack haldane

k but speaking of, the thing i love most about that climb the tank scene was the silent understanding of it, like haldane strolls in front of the tank and just looks at jones and jones nods and climbs the tank, like do you guys spend patrols working out a bunch of plans? 'ok, scenario #257, we have wounded men but they arent getting help- we point our guns at someone until they do as we ask’ ‘scenario #448, one of the boys gets a splinter- we pOINT OUR GUNS AT SOMEONE UNTIL THEY FIND TWEEZERS’

Hillbilly: Gunny, I need another man at second platoon LP.
Gunny: Roger that.  Hey, Daniels.  Second platoon, LP.  Let’s go.
Daniels: I can count Japs from here.
Gunny: Hey, Daniels, you hear me?  I said–
Ack Ack: Gunny… find someone else for it.  I need Daniels here.  [Gunny nods and moves off]  Doc, Daniels is gonna come and help you count bandages, maybe get a little shuteye. 
Corpsman: Yes, sir.
Ack Ack: Come on, private.  Let someone else take over.
Daniels: There’s so many to count.
Ack Ack: I know, private.  I know.

Zodiac Signs as The Pacific characters
  • Aries: Lena Basilone
  • Taurus: R.V. Burgin
  • Gemini: Bud "Runner" Conley
  • Cancer: Hamm
  • Leo: Lew "Chuckler" Juergens
  • Virgo: John Basilone
  • Libra: Sidney "Sid" Phillips
  • Scorpio: Merriell "Snafu" Shelton
  • Sagittarius: Robert Leckie
  • Capricorn: Eugene Sledge
  • Aquarius: Bill "Hoosier" Smith
  • Pisces: Andrew "Ack Ack" Haldane

Sledge: Sir, coming across that airfield today… I’ve never been more scared in my entire life.
Ack Ack: We’re all afraid.  All of us.  Any man who isn’t scared out here is either a liar or dead.  History is full of wars, fought for a hundred different reasons. But this war, our war, I want to believe - I have to believe - that every step across that airfield, every man that’s wounded, every man I lose, that it’s all worthwhile because our cause is just.  Of course, if a just cause came with some hot food and cold water, that’d be okay too.