Practice practice. This was fun.

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“I forgot how a good sea battle could get my blood flowing! Sail around attacking ships. That’s the life.”
“I know that feeling. It seems to run in my family.”
“Your father was a seafarer, then?”
“My grandfather, Edward. He sailed with a rough crew, or so I am told.”
“For the king?”
“For himself. But that is a long tale for another day, Mr. Faulkner.”

They are right after us and getting closer. However, we have one advantage they have no idea about,”
“And what would that be?” she gave him a concerned look.
“You, my Queen,” the admiral grinned.

Yes. After few days of feeling completely screwed, I needed to get back in the bussiness. Speedpainting and trying new techniques were the best option. 2 hrs.

Edit: Guys, I am very tired of all of the Elsanna tags. So even though I didn’t want to write it here directly, the admiral and the person in front of Elsa is Hans. Yes. Longhaired, because I have a thing for ponytails.