took a walk ...

in a t-shirt and jeans. walking around the city on this beautiful Baltimore day. it’s just gorgeous outside. unbelievable that it’s feb 1. my birthday is coming up faster than i’d like to admit. i’ll welcome 26 with a brand new outlook; i’m expecting it to be a very good year. enjoy this weather, Baltimore. tomorrow, rain.

Eyes Open

there’s a point when you can become too overwhelmed with world matters and all that’s happening right now.

there are people suffering and starving – wars being fought for inhumane reasons, citizens being slaughtered for protesting;

and i sometimes need to take a break from knowing about it all. that or risk becoming numb to the news; forget these are real lives.

mostly, i feel like i should know though. i should know who my tax dollars pay to kill. this world has fallin into war before and we should know if it’s coming. it’s the least i can do from this privileged position; the least.

this is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night. this situation with Iran doesn’t feel right to me; the whole threat of nuclear weapons being used against Israel or Iran; events that would be devastating. alliances would be formed and world powers would be pulled into conflict.

and we sit here in our comfort zone, bitching at a President who is just trying to help people. sitting here worried about rich housewives and millionaire match maker superficial shit; drooling in our houses as our nation deteriorates under the weight of money, all concentrated and stacked at the top. it’s not trickling down, it’s pushing us down.

we fight and toil for the small pieces of excrement they leave for us. people blaming the poor and those with the least for the sins of those with the most. turning us on each other and dividing our interests.

the remedy is right in our collective mirror as a people; but we won’t let go of our cynicism long enough to see it. /

i’m gonna keep praying to the Universe that we WAKE UP and figure it out together. until then, good luck to the eyes-open crowd.

wake up and love things

there’s beauty in most things, if you care to look.

my goal in life is to recognize this and love abundantly. they tell us early that there’s so much we can’t control about life. but i reject that poor-minded thinking. rich kids learn from the start that they can control their lives - and that they can be anything they want to be.

this poor kid is growing up and i’m catching on to this bullshit they use to keep us muddied at the bottom. 

you’re beautiful, kid. wake up - and love things.

1st Post

I’m hoping to share experiences and photos from around Baltimore City.  I live and play in Mt. Vernon.  It’s a beautiful town.  I won’t limit things to Baltimore.  There’s a lot to show from Maryland.  And I plan to reblog photos and such from people I follow on tumblr.  I look forward to getting started. -W.

rants w thomato
  • acityguy:so i'm liberating myself as an author and writing on my new blog without the distraction
  • acityguy:of traditional grammar.
  • acityguy:or at least doing my best at it.
  • acityguy:and by 'at it' i mean without it.
  • acityguy:heh
  • Thomas:cool
  • Thomas:let me know how that goes
  • acityguy:well you can read it yourself.
  • acityguy:nothing ever long.
  • Thomas:i mean from the "inside"
  • acityguy:tidbits of thought weaved through images, that come with short narration.
  • Thomas:the permission not to care abt grammar
  • acityguy:yah, whew.
  • acityguy:I pressure myself too much with things that are outside of what I want to do; so the
  • acityguy:'things' keep me from doing the Thing I'm trying to do.
  • acityguy:if that makes any sense.
  • acityguy:it's absURDITY!
  • Thomas:yes