1st Post

I’m hoping to share experiences and photos from around Baltimore City.  I live and play in Mt. Vernon.  It’s a beautiful town.  I won’t limit things to Baltimore.  There’s a lot to show from Maryland.  And I plan to reblog photos and such from people I follow on tumblr.  I look forward to getting started. -W.

rants w thomato
  • acityguy:so i'm liberating myself as an author and writing on my new blog without the distraction
  • acityguy:of traditional grammar.
  • acityguy:or at least doing my best at it.
  • acityguy:and by 'at it' i mean without it.
  • acityguy:heh
  • Thomas:cool
  • Thomas:let me know how that goes
  • acityguy:well you can read it yourself.
  • acityguy:nothing ever long.
  • Thomas:i mean from the "inside"
  • acityguy:tidbits of thought weaved through images, that come with short narration.
  • Thomas:the permission not to care abt grammar
  • acityguy:yah, whew.
  • acityguy:I pressure myself too much with things that are outside of what I want to do; so the
  • acityguy:'things' keep me from doing the Thing I'm trying to do.
  • acityguy:if that makes any sense.
  • acityguy:it's absURDITY!
  • Thomas:yes
people pushers

i applaud the people pushers.  all of us push and are pushed; some of us more than others.  the truth is people need to be pushed; made to feel uncomfortable and forced to open up to the rest of the world.  progress does not happen nearly as fast without people pushers.  

so let’s raise our glasses and give our gratitude to the pushers in our lives.