I had the pleasure of visiting the KAWS exhibit at the Mary Boone Gallery, located in the heart of Chelsea, NY. The exhibit features three wooden statues, each over eighteen tall and nearly reaching the ceiling of the gallery. One piece, titled Along The Way, features two figures paired together, while the third piece, standing alone, is titled At This Time. The central motif of the exhibit revolves around loss, grief, and consolation.

You can see more images, as well as read the press release, at Mary Boone Gallery. KAWS currently has another exhibit at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts.

Make sure you check them out (if you have the opportunity to visit both New York and Pennsylvania)!  



Some well known and not so well known Jeff Wall photographs. It’s so important to show more than just the popular works-kind of like listening to the whole album versus listening to only the single. There is so much more to a photographer than just a few good photographs.



Look at these awesome collage-style portraits by Chilean artist Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo. He mixes water color with digital effects to produce these layered pieces. The illustrations range from portraits to musicians to anatomy to animals.

Check out the rest of his diverse portfolio at

Currently, he’s working on a collaborative project called ’Angry People’, in which he recreates portraits of, yes you guessed it, angry people. You can submit your photo and he’ll send you his colorful interpretation.