Dear whoever handles my life;

There was this girl I was best friends with, a couple years ago. Then I started going out with boys and she needed all of my attention. She was depressed, I was (and am) a bit selfish, and I couldn’t handle the friendship. Thank you for the good friend, thought. I hope she’s ok.

Ther was this guy I still ache for a bit. I’m not over him at all. I still check his profiles and I dream of him sometimes.  I think that’s because it ended quite badly and he ignores me a lot and I don’t like to be ignored. There are some CDs he gave me I’m getting rid of, or some pictures of us on my camera’s memory card. I think it takes some time, but I’m glad I’m not crying anymore as I used to do some months ago. I suppose it won’t matter when I’m 38.

There’s this guy who loves me a lot and we’re together. I’ve liked him for two years and as a very reserved person he never talked. He would just stay there smoking a hand-rolled cigarette. He’s quite different now. He smokes and kisses me and talks much more. I love him a lot too and I hope we get married. Thank you for him.

Still, even thought I’m very happy with my life, I’d like to ask you something. It is very precious, like a treasure: a friend.

I’ve got lots of friends. I think I can count eight or ten friends. I don’t have issues telling people everything that happens to me. Still, I would like a very close friend who I can talk with, go out with and be friends with, and doesn’t need all of my attention to live. There’s this girl who would be the perfect close friend if she just wasn’t that like me.

thank you



why hadnt you come in my life just a little earlier because honey i would kiss you until the final star dies and love you until the darkness expires and hold you until we are reborn

youre the reason i get out of bed sometimes and i just want to love you unconditionally but i cant and it makes me feel so hopeless

im falling for you and its dangerous and youre falling for me and thats even more dangerous

i love you. fuck i love you.


Dear Gamer Boy,

All of your other nicknames are too obvious. Even your star sign would be too obvious since it’s your name…

I really was hoping you’d leave the ‘and chill’ out of Netflix and Chill. I should’ve known better.

You want me to be ‘yours’ so badly even though the only time you want to spend with me is between the sheets. Nevermind that I don’t feel the same. Nevermind that I never offer these things first. Nevermind that you can’t be bothered to call a booty call a booty call…

You were such a good guy, but I wish you would move on. My heart isn’t yours any more and I don’t want yours either.


Girl in the Glasses