Face without a name and the future

What do I want to do with my life? I want to travel. And I want to have babies. Career wise, I want to be a graphic designer. Well, I suppose I am a graphic designer already, but I want to be a graphic designer that can support myself with design alone. Instead of working a part time job at a take-away joint and designing on the off hours. I want to have business cards and a nice portfolio that gets at least one hit a day.

I want to design in media. I want to design those tour posters people get signed and keep forever. I want to design albums. I want to design shirts. Things that will be around for years and years. Ads are flakey. They’re seen for a few weeks, and then they’re gone forever. But I want my designs to motivate people to do something. To see a play or a concert or a convention. To live.

I want to have a design firm, that picks out unique and talented little kiddies each year and gives them working experience in design. A program you do not need an art degree to apply for, or even highschool graduation. Because I know these days, you need experience to get experience. I am constantly being told that I need experience or a certificate or a degree to work an entry level job, but how do they expect me to get this working experience if no one will give me the chance to earn working experience? Well, I’ll give them the chance. In the future.

I want to do my own thing. And I want people to see my work and like it. I don’t want to be famous. I want to be the artist that you can find if you do enough google searching, like Ghostdad/Ryan/Acidyazz. His job is basically my dream job. Travelling and influencing and creating and being himself and living life. But I don’t want to feel insecure in my talents because too many people know me or compare themselves to me.

I am dedicated to design. I like taking posters and album artwork, and putting my own spin on it. Or listening to albums through, taking the messages I have garnered from it, and turning it into artwork. Sometimes, I’ll turn excerpts of conversations into a catchphrase and make it into a shirt. Just to see if I can. Sometimes I’ll copy someone elses style and technique, to learn and to test myself.

I want to be a graphic designer. I want to be the back stage guy. I want to create the face, without being the name. I suppose I want to leave a mark.

Here’s a Ghostdad style gif collage for Ghosty himself! It was his birthday yesterday and he’s a super cool dude who I think should come hang out with me in Australia ASAP. Happy Birthday Ryan, you ridiculous thing!