OOC: Bit of pimping out

spiritflowerofkurain- Maya Fey. Hilarious blog, highly recommend you follow her. Mod’s funny too xD (especially when he follows and harasses Maya)

shark-bait-daryan- Daryan Crescend, also highly recommended. Very cool mod, lots of fun to talk to! We always love our shark fop!

bigsis-lana- Lana Skye. Specifically my Lana, I love her mod to pieces! 

bitterloveofcoffee/acidicloveofcoffee- Godot and Diego Armando. I also adore this mod to pieces, so many good times. Glad she got her own glittery butt back here xD

detectiveangelstarr/attorneyfromkurain- Angel Starr and Mia Fey. Great RP'er right here, will always get recommended from me.