Episode 23 - Cait Plus Hate
  • Episode 23 - Cait Plus Hate
  • Keepin' It Realist

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This week, Joseph is out so welcome the first ever Gay Cast! We talk about Angels’ first solo show, Richard Prince and the Instagram controversy, RuPaul’s Drag Race and we finally address our opinions about Caitlyn Jenner. Visit for images of angels show and relevant links to stuff we mention on the episode. Email us at

Richard Prince Article  (In Image: Max Malanaphy and Daniel Green)

Music (in order of appearance):

  • Close Your Eyes (and Count to Fuck) - Run The Jewels Featuring Zach Rocha
  • Gareth Pugh A/W 2015 Runway Soundtrack - Matthew Stone
  • On The Regular - Shamir
  • Let’s Talk About Gender, Baby - Planningtorock
  • Bitch I’m Madonna - Madonna Featuring Nicki Minaj

TEST: Un film par Acideo pour la série de photos “Décolletage”

Special Thanks to Joseph Tajaran (THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS, HE’S STILL ALIVE!) for filming+editing, and to Javier Alvarado & Dennis Alexander Coto for going balls-out crazy on this vid.