imagine just laying down on a small couch with luke as he lays in front of you facing each other. one of his long arms thrown over your side as his other hand is close to your face, his thumb lightly tracing your bottom lip. both of your legs bent up since the small space you both are sharing and you reach over and run your finger down his cute little button nose and he just blushes so you ask “whats the matter” and he goes

“never in my life id imagine myself with someone as wonderful as you and I hope that doesn’t change”



5SOS Preference

5SOS Preference: Comfort

this will be in third person, lets see if I can do this

l. r. h:

Sick of everything and emotionally drained you walked over to the studio Luke and the rest of the boys were at.  Walking straight into the studio room Luke looked up at you noticing your mien right away.  He took off the headphones and walked over to hug you.  Pressing your nose against his chest, his long arms engulfed you pulling you closer. 

  “I’ll finish tomorrow."  Luke would tell the boys walking you out of the room.  Stepping into the elevator he’d hold you tight and press light kisses on your face whispering sweet things into your hair.

c. t. h:

Face deep into the cushion of the couch not even caring how ridiculous you look just trying to forget what happened today.  Your front door slammed shut thinking nothing about it since it was most likely you mom getting home from shopping. A hand rested on the side of your body and a pair of lips was pressed on your temple.  Calum laid down next to you pulling you into his body, wrapping his arms around your stomach.  Turning around you hid your face in his chest, small tears soaking his white tank top as he rubbed your back letting you cry it out for now.

m. g. c:

  Nothing was going right and you just needed Michael.  You found him sitting on the sofa with the rest of you guys hanging around.  You fell face first into his lap just laying there, not really caring that you might have interrupted something.  His fingers ran through your hair relaxing you, he leaned down and asked if you were okay.  Grumbling in response he pulled you up, forgetting about his friends and talking to you quietly.

a. f. i:

  Grabbing his hand you intertwined your fingers together, you pulled Ashton into the bedroom.  Laying down together you hid your face in Ashton’s neck.  He lightly traced patterns on your side soothing you.  Ashton knew you just wanted to lay there in his embrace, since you say it's your favorite place.  He pressed his lips to yours. 

   "I love you no matter what."  He mumbled on your lips.

     "I love you too.”