imagine just laying down on a small couch with luke as he lays in front of you facing each other. one of his long arms thrown over your side as his other hand is close to your face, his thumb lightly tracing your bottom lip. both of your legs bent up since the small space you both are sharing and you reach over and run your finger down his cute little button nose and he just blushes so you ask “whats the matter” and he goes

“never in my life id imagine myself with someone as wonderful as you and I hope that doesn’t change”

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5SOS Imagine

5SOS Imagine: Luke

why? bc I did this before but when I liked 1D so holla heres luke

Your POV

Not more than two glances have been shared between Luke and I since we fought two weeks ago.  An acceptable reason to fight about soon turned into a bullshit, petty argument.  But we are both known to hold grudges, and we sure kept it up.  I walked into my house after shopping at the mall.  Sighing I walked to the kitchen counter noticing a note.

  ‘Remember the place where we had our last date? Be there by 4:30

 - luke’

    Looking at the clock I turned right around and drove to the museum where Luke took me.  The beautiful art work filled the bland white walls. A man who worked there approached me handing an envelope to me.  I raised my eyebrow at him and he simply said,  “I suggest opening it.”

    I slid my finger under the flap tearing the glue from the paper.

  'If you’re reading this I guess you made it.  I remember the smile on your face as you carefully studied the paintings.  You were so content in the moment, I swear if I could have stopped time I would have just to look at you so happy for longer.  Remember how we slow danced in the park?  I hope so because that was one of the best moments in my life.  I want you to go over there.

 -luke xx’

Quickly walking out of there I headed towards the park.  What is Luke doing?  Does he think a wild goose chase will ease the pain he caused?  I stood under the gazebo where we slowed danced to some of our favorite songs until 3 AM.  Taped to the ceiling of the gazebo was a note.

   “Are you kidding Lucas, not everyone is 10 feet tall."  I huffed standing on the bench jumping up to grab it.

  'Oh I’m sorry was that too high for you?  I love seeing your shirt rise just a little so your hips are exposed.  When we cuddle you always giggle when I run my fingers over them.  I miss your laugh.  Now walk to the playground that’s to your right.  Anything ring a bell?

 love, luke’

I smiled at the thought of how Luke and I would stay up at night talking about anything and everything.  He’d feather light kisses on my jaw.  My legs would be tangled into Luke’s making it look impossible to escape.  I ran my fingers along the monkey bars remembering what happened here.

  'It was in this exact spot I told you those three words.  You were so happy yet nervous because you had built this wall that you were determined no one would break down.  But you let me in.  I showed you it is possible for someone to love you, and for you to love back.  You may think I regret telling you those three words, used so much for the wrong reason now, but I don’t.  Part of me wishes I said it earlier, but I knew you weren’t ready.  Now go to where we first met.

 I love you, luke’

I couldn’t help the smile that was dancing on my lips.  Heading over to the music store got me very anxious.  What is this all about, is it an apology?  I didn’t realize Luke would be so romantic.  Hopping out of the car I went to the rock section where I first met him.  There he was.  Rocking on his heels fiddling with a rose.

   "Luke."  I breathe.

     ”(Y/N).“  He sighed in relief to see me.  I stood there not knowing what to do.

     "I hope you liked the little scavenger hunt.  Ever since the fight I’ve been thinking of ways to get your attention.  Look (Y/N), the fight was completely stupid and I was being a douche and I was in a bad mood.  But that is no excuse to yell at you.  I’m so sorry for what happened and I hope you know I still love you even though we both had our fair share of harsh words exchanged.  I remember I was standing right where I am this second looking for a new album to show the guys. You walked in and I decided whether or not if I’d ever see you again that what album I ended up picking was ours.  When it played I would remember the day I truly experienced love at first sight.  Luckily I mustered enough courage to talk to you.  Remember what I said?"  Luke paused waiting to see if I’d answer back.

   "You said to me, 'I will always remember this day. The day where the most beautiful girl in the world walked into my life’."  I smiled.

    "Yeah I thought I was soooo smooth,"  Luke laughed, "It’s true and I hope you know that.  I love you (Y/N).  Do you forgive me?"  He asked nervously holding out the rose.

   "I forgive you."  I grinned wrapping my arms around his neck pressing a long kiss to his lips.


wut just happened lmao

feedback pls?


5SOS Punk Imagine: Luke

bc why not?

   Escaping Luke was nearly impossible considering our manager somehow timed our working schedules the exact same time, every day.  But I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, his intoxicating scent, the ink etched permanently into his skin was somehow a big turn on, including the prominent veins standing clearly on his arms.  Nothing worse was then when he smirked at you, knowing exactly what he was doing.  You could say he is slightly conceded, or he knows his lasting effects on each girl he glances at.

   Tapping my fingers against the table, waiting for Luke to walk in to take his fifteen minute break from helping at the register.  Working at a grocery store can have its perks.  One we can get food easily, and two some of the finest boys walk through our doors.  I can never talk to them though, Luke has to get in the way whenever a boy comes in a ten foot radius of me.

   Coming in Luke had his lip ring in his mouth, he pulled out the chair next to me and sat down staring at me.

     “Yes?"  I asked.

  "Well we now have twelve minutes to kill, and I’m hungry for something else today."  He whispered against my ear.  Luke kissed below my ear slowing dragging his lips across my jaw.

     "Luke stop."  I said grabbing arm.

  "Why, (Y/N), I know how you feel about me.  Now let me show you how I feel about you."  His voice so intriguing I almost gave in. 

     "We can’t someone will walk in."  I said getting up and pacing around.  Taking me off guard Luke had me pressed against the wall kissing my jaw once again.

  "I’m willing to get fired for you."  Luke told me.

     "You got five minutes."  I answered looking up at the clock.

   Luke’s lips lightly ran over my neck leaving goose bumps.  The coldness of the black piercing not helping.  Pushing me harder against the wall he kissed my lips.  My hands ran up his back feeling his shoulders move then left them on his neck where more swirls were.  I pulled at his bottom lip and his eyes shot open.

  "Wow (Y/N), who knew you know what to do when it comes to making out."  He smirked.

     "Hey!"  I exclaimed shoving his shoulder.

     "Well you know.  Calum sure knows how to work those plump lips of his."  I taunted running my fingers over my lips, talking about one of our coworkers.

  "What."  Luke snapped.

     "Yeah Calum sure knows what to do.  The way he worked down my body.  I’m not sure if you have the skills he does."  I said trying to push his nerves.

  "Calum.  As in my best friend Calum?"  Luke asked with gritted teeth as he held my collar.  Completely distracted by the pulsing veins in his neck and the way his breath was now ragged I forgot to answer his question. 

  "Cat got your tongue babe?"  He questioned, his lips pressed into a thin line.  His hands slowly made their way up my shirt.

  "I suggest you answer, unless you feel comfortable being naked at work."  Luke played pulling down one of my bra straps.

     "Lucas I swear."  I scolded as his hands played with the top of my pants.

  "You wont answer because you know what I will do to you.  Isn’t that right?"  He asked pressing his body against mine.

       "Luke, (Y/N), your break is up come on.  We need your help!"  Our manager yelled through the door.

  "Take it easy, you’re going to need some energy later."  Luke smirked, kissing my lips before sending me a wink. 

 what even was that?

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5SOS Preference: (Cake)

5SOS Preference: Parents See You Sharing a Cute Moment

*= His POV

l. r. h:

  We sat together in Luke’s living room.  Snuggled up close to his chest, hearing his heartbeat.  Running my hand down his arm I grabbed his hand and intertwined our fingers together. 

   “Luke?"  I asked softly.

     "Hmm?"  He hummed looking down at me.

   "Why do you love me?"  I questioned rubbing my fingers over his knuckles.

     "Are you joking?"  Luke asked raising an eyebrow.


     “There isn’t enough minutes in the universe to tell you why I love you."  Luke whispered kissing my now pink cheeks.

      "I’m not just saying this because I’m your mom Luke, but you two are the cutest couple in the world."  Liz stated from the open front door, cell phone in hand from taking a picture.

     "Yeah, we are."  Luke mumbled, getting lost in my eyes.

c. t. h:

   I had no objection to when Calum invited me to go with his family around town.  Hand in hand, I laughed along with his family’s funny stories and quick wit. 

     "Ooh!  Lets walk around in there!"  Calum said excitedly pointing to a park we were about to pass.  Turning in we saw dogs running, kites flying, and children playing.  Calum pulled me along to the playground part leaving his family far behind.  We climbed up on the metal steps on the monkey bars. 

   "Watch."  I said as I climbed up to sit on top of the monkey bars.  Carefully sitting down I smiled down at Calum who looked impressed that I was now laying across the top of the bars.  Crouching down so he can get under the bars, Calum swung until he was under my face.

   "Hello."  I said reaching down, poking his nose.  Bringing himself up into a pull up, he managed to get in between the bars so his head was over the bars. 

     "Hey."  He breathe kissing my lips.

     "Ewww.  This is for children."  Calum’s dad joked from the side.

    "They are children."  Mali muttered jokingly.

I’ll do ashtons and michaels too, I just wanted to post something for now.


5SOS Preferences: Luke

5SOS Preference: He’s the cute lifeguard at the beach and he notices you

Your POV:

   The sun was blazing, the currents were strong, and the weather was perfect.  Spring break was starting off good.  Not to mention the sweaty boys wandering around the beach preying on the hot girls.  I was tanning on my stomach, the speaker next to me blasting not allowing me to hear anyone coming up.  Suddenly sand was pelting my body causing me to jolt up.  The lifeguard’s golf cart was parked next to me. 

   "Shit.  I’m so sorry,“  the lifeguard said embarrassed, "let me help you."  He stepped out on to the sand and bent down to help shake off the blanket.  I tried not making goggley eyes at the boy.

     "It’s fine really."  I laughed watching him get flustered trying to remove the sand off my speaker as quick as possible without it being damaged.

   "But your speaker isn’t working now, fuck."  He muttered. 

     "I know how to fix it don’t stress it."  I waved it off.

   "Here wait l’ll be right back."  The blonde headed boy ran off.  His tall physique made his way to the lifeguard tower, his arm muscles showing as he swung his arms back for momentum. 

   "Use this for now, it’s mine."  He told me handing over a speaker.

     "Are you sure, I don’t need a speaker-”

   “No really use it, I have another one up there."  He insisted.

     "Thank you."  I smiled looking up into his blue eyes, noticing a lip ring on the way.

   "Catch ya later."  He winked.  I grinned and looked down at the speaker as he ran off.  After hooking my music up to it I noticed a piece of paper fall off the side from the bass.  It read:

   ‘I might have broken your speaker, but the doesn’t mean I’ll break your heart.


5SOS Preferences

5SOS Preference: He’s Afraid to Hold Your Hand

*= His POV

l. r. h

   You could sense Luke was nervous, maybe it was because he was trying to make this night perfect.  Then again every second with Luke is perfect. We were stopped on top of a roof right now looking over the city.

  “I hate not being able to see you all the time."  He mumbled into my hair.

    "Me too.” I sighed looking up at him from the corner of my eye.  We stood in silence until his hand started trailing down my arm, his fingers fidgeting once he reached my hand.

   “C-can I?"  He asked, his hand fumbling with mine nervously.

    "Luke, you dummy of course you can hold my hand."  I laughed, smiling up at him with admiration.  Our hands intertwined finally.

   "Sorry I’m so dumb."  Luke laughed, most likely realizing how silly he was to be afraid to hold my hand.

    "You’re not dumb, you’re adorable."  I said leaning against him.

c. t. h:

  He was afraid that it might mess something up.  Afraid that if it was wrong someone would walk in.  Afraid that it might not be safe.  Afraid that it would be the last time.  He built the courage up and scooted the chair closer.  Slowly he reached over placing his hand on top of your resting hand that was laying on your leg.  He accidently nudged the white bracelet on your wrist.  He let a shaky breath out.  How silly you’re his girlfriend remember?  He is allowed to hold your hand.  He felt your hand twitch to life from your slumber.

   "Doctor!"  He screamed as you finally woke up.

a. f. i*:

   "I don’t know (Y/N)."  I said unsure.

  "C'mon Ashton it’s nothing.  Not like I’m asking you to make out with me."  (Y/N) said.

   "Yeah.  I guess."  I sighed.  I grabbed her hand and we started walking.  Why was I afraid?  She was making me hold her hand so we can walk past her boyfriend that she is currently fighting with.  As much as I’d like them to break up since he is no good, I’d rather not be the reason.

m. g. c:

   "I don’t want everyone to question you."  He said.

  "Michael I’ll be fine.  Do want you want."  I answered.

    "Okay, let’s do this."  He said, sounding like he was trying to get himself ready.  Michael grabbed my hand and walked out in front of all the fans.  Screams filled the air directed at the fact they see Michael and also that we just exposed our status. 

that was awful. sorry i haven’t written in months :/

5SOS Preferences: {Cake}

Song Preference: ‘Ride'  Somo

*= His POV

L U K E*:

Oh, oh, oh, oh yeah
Take off those heels, lay on my bed
Whisper dirty secrets while I’m pulling on your hair

“Come here (Y/N)"  I said gesturing towards me with my finger.  She leaned down taking off her heels; the ones I love so much when she wears them.  Now a few inches shorter, (Y/N) looked at me, taking her hair to one side and crawling over to me on the bed.  I tucked her under my arm as her fingers ran down my chest.

     "Luke."  She whispered, her hot breath on my neck.  (Y/N) kissed right below my ear.  Sultry remarks were whispered in my ear.  I moved my fingers through her hair as (Y/N) whispered dirty secrets.

   "You aren’t gunna like what I have in store for you tonight, (Y/N)"  I whispered; flipping us over, and kissing down her neck, soon completing all the dirty tasks she muttered.

C A L U M*:

I’m gonna take care of your body,
I’ll be gentle, don’t you scream
It’s getting hotter, make it softer,
Feel your chest on top of me.

She looked terrified, eyes as wide as frying pans, her lips pressed in a thin line.  Her fingers fumbled at the buttons.

   "Don’t worry (Y/N),"  I whispered rubbing her cheeks with my thumb, "I promise I’ll take it easy.  Don’t worry babe.”

     “Okay."  She sighed with a shaky breath.  I peeled off her clothes, kissing down her body.

   "I love you."  I reassured her before starting.  (Y/N)’s lips trembled slightly.

   "Don’t scream babe.  It will feel better in a few seconds."  I said leaning to kiss her, our chests touching, feeling her thumping heart beat.   

that was short but idek.  ill do michaels and ashtons later

5SOS Preference: (Mashton)

5SOS Preference: Parents See You Sharing a Cute Moment

|ask me for the link to cake|

*= His POV

a. f. i:

   Ashton was sitting down messing around with his drums making up a tune on the spot.  I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

    “I don’t get how you are so good at this."  I sighed wondering where he got his talent.

     "You just got to practice a lot.  Here."  Ashton said getting up and swinging me onto the seat.  Wrapping his arms from behind he held the drumsticks in my hand tapping the drums and telling me each note.  After awhile Ashton let go and let me try by myself.  Memorizing all the drums in order I played the tune correctly. 

     "That was really good."  He smiled holding me by the waist after I stood up.

     "Very good."  He said against my lips, his breath giving me goose bumps.

      "Alright you two quit it, no lovely dovey in my house."  Ashton's mom said coming into the room smirking.

m. g. c:

In the kitchen was some cake mix, and before it goes bad I decided Michael and I should bake.  Not exactly a great idea.

   "Michael stopped!"  I exclaimed as he wounded up to throw the mix at me.  White powder flew everywhere, on me, him , the counters, the wall, everything.  I quickly grabbed the measuring cup and filled it with water.

    "What-"  He started before he could finish.  I dumped the water on his head making a mushy substance out of the water and mix.  As I went to run away Michael’s arm linked around my waist pulling me into him.  He swung me around before setting me on my feet again.

     "Very naughty (Y/N)."  Michael scolded.  I kissed the tip of his nose.

   "I’m sorry."  I winked.  He placed his forehead on mine.

      "Okay stop right there before I see something I’d rather never see my child do."  Michael’s dad laughed.

     "Then lets take this to the bedroom." Michael whispered against my neck.