What DnD Dragon do you think I’d be?

Can be a metallic, chromatic, or even one from each list!

(Feel free to reblog and see what other people say you are!!) (Also decided to just include the basic hierarchies and forewent the extra chromatics/metallics from 4e)


  • Gold: Lawful good, dedicated to upholding justice. Wise, and willing to share that wisdom with non-hostile creatures. Noble, ordered, benevolent, graceful. Everything is for the greater good. Breath Weapon: Fire
  • Silver: Lawful Good, true friends to all. Does not seek out wrongs to right, but will always help those in need who ask. Tend to care for their friends first. Highly intelligent, and loves using it to help those with ambition. Breath Weapon: Ice
  • Bronze: Lawful Good, duty-bound and honorable to a fault. Committed to order. Can come across arrogant, haughty, and self-righteous. Fascinated by battle, but will never kill living beings unless necessary. Lover of the sea. Breath Weapon: Lightning
  • Copper: Chaotic Good, born tricksters and jokesters. Devious and clever, but intentions are always benign. Does not seek to harm others, simply impress others with their wit and play pranks. Prefer to make fun rather than fight. Breath Weapon: Acid
  • Brass: Chaotic Good, talkative and benign to a fault. Fluent in numerous languages, loves to engage in hours long conversations. Strong mercenary streaks, willing to be guardians or champions for those willing to pay. Breath Weapon: Fire


  • Red: Chaotic Evil, covetous, most interested in their own well-being. Supremely confident in their abilities, prone to snap decisions. Value vengeance and ferocity. Hate authority, never ask elders for help. Breath Weapon: Fire
  • Blue: Lawful Evil, unusually orderly, mocking and manipulative, but not outright cruel. Enjoy tricking others. Excellent parental bonds. Loves being in the air and enjoys desert environments. Enjoys a hierarchy of order. Breath Weapon: Lightning
  • Green: Lawful Evil, master manipulators, lovers of intrigue and secrets. Diplomatic when others are watching, but petty behind closed doors. Cunning and duplicitous. Breath Weapon: Poison
  • Black: Chaotic Evil, the worst tempers, love bargaining. Enjoys seafood. Oftentimes odorous. Prefer to ambush others in combat than straight fighting. Breath Weapon: Acid
  • White: Chaotic Evil, not to be underestimated, excellent long-term memories. Always hungry. Tend to harbor huge inferiority complexes, and can sometimes lash out at others.  Tend to avoid fights. Breath Weapon: Ice