The front door to apartment 213, former home of infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer would invite his male victims back here for a drink or a movie after picking them up on the streets, and would often kill them as he performed sex or arranged their bodies in intricate poses. His later victims would have to endure having holes drilled into their skulls and acid being dripped in the wounds in an attempt to create “human zombies”.

so i was looking for a thing and i think i noticed something

i think…. Aoyama might have a tiny little grudge against Mina 

b/c she keeps going “Not if your stomach collapses!” or accidentally drips acid on his costume and such. basically, she keeps accidentally insulting him in some way lmao

and then there’s this little doodle where he’s making a weird face at her

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it’s nothing big or anything. it’s pretty minor, and like… i doubt Mina even realizes that she’s accidentally insulting him or burning his clothes, but. i just think it’s kinda funny that Aoyama might have this little grudge against her for her oblivious insults and actions lmao

Destined Encounter


 The first time I met you, I hated your guts.

 “Good job, sweetie!” Her praises felt like acid dripping into his ears.

 “I can’t believe we’ve won our first battle!” Her statement felt like fire scorching in his heart.

 He only stood there a few steps away, hands roughly clenched into fists and toes curled inside his shoes. The crimson bangs of his hair shielded the pure fury that had long seared in a pair of silver irises. In and out he tried to breathe properly. In and out each attempt ended in seething, uneven failure.

 “Hey, you!”

 White teeth gritted madly once her voice rang at him.

Dull nails dug deep into the skin of his palms, he finally shot his head up and glared at the disgusting excuse of a trainer.

 …Or was about to, until shock widened his eyes at the sight of an outstretched hand and a sweet smile.

 “That was a great battle!”

 It was sickening. Her enthusiasm was utterly, completely sickening.

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possible friends for hobo and glunkus:
- bean: a hairless lump of a cat, with no bones for optimal warm cuddling.
- static: a gray cat that flickers slightly on the screen but never seems to move. she remembers everything.
- cedar: a friendly tabby. he has no face, but nobody’s perfect.
- apollo: a golden cat with one huge eye. you love this cat and will bring him anything he asks for. he is your favorite, favorite cat.
- maggie: a mass of multicolored fur, paws, and mouths that rolls lazily around your yard. she was definitely smaller the last time you saw her.
- pete: a little standoffish and always dripping acidic pink slime.

Speak to your heart a moment, there the rotating spit, thousand acid drips running the machine of your mind into the ground, the choking heat, the eternal return of a slave’s reaction, the furrows over, the yes sir dung, the low wages, the empty tasks, the lie of set events of success, “by twenty five you should be…” and if you want to be off the press you’re fucked, everyone with an opinion, the lie that you create your own suffering, the lie people never change, the lie it will get better just wait, the lie just pray, the lie give up, the lie you should give up. Why give up? The body can still move, the mind still think. Why give up? No promises, no certainties, really means no guarantee of defeat. No promises means you might not quit, might not die like a dog, might not be like your father or mother, might not. Maybe so. Might not, probably not, no.

@sleepeatdrawrepeat RP x3

Coal and acid has just finished battling floppy and teleported to an unknown place. It was peaceful and quiet in the forest and it seemed like there was nobody here…. Coal sighed and flinched every step he took, at one point he yelled furiously “ GOD…I FREAKIN SWEAR IF I MEET SOMEONE ELSE, IM GONNA DESTROY SOMETHING.” He kept on limping and he wiped the blood that continued to drip. Acid was trying his best to support his friend but soon enough they grew exhausted and they both collapsed in the middle of the forest…