acid what you did there

  • -Ash and Gary texting-
  • Gary: Damn! It hurts!
  • Ash: What hurts? Did you burn with an acid or something in the lab? Are you ok? D:
  • Gary: I'm fine Ashy, it's just my right hand.
  • Ash: Your hand? Why does it hurt?
  • Gary: Because I was just thinking of you, you got me crazy... you know.
  • Ash: Awww... but seriously? You couldn't just wait until night when you came home so we could have sex?
  • Gary: What? I was writing a poem for you idiot!

I’ve never done acid because I’m scared like. What if you did acid and you see the world very normally and placidly in sepia tones and nothing cool happens and you realize you’ve been insane your whole life I think it would happen to me.

INTJ in the Science Classroom During Lunch:

INTJ: *nowhere to be seen*

INTP: has anyone seen INTJ?

INTJ: *comes out from behind several file cabinets* did someone need me?

INTP: what were you doing back there?

INTJ: i lost a little bottle of sulfuric acid back here last period.

INTP: oh my god what did you need that for?!

INTJ: *rubs hands together happily* let’s just say that it involves a frog I dissected recently and a good amount of heat. i’ll leave it at that.