acid watch

5 immediate measures to minimize the effect of an acid attack

Given a recent rise in acid attacks, this the most basic first-aid care that you can provide to anyone in case of an acid attack:

1. Turn Away From The Attacker As Soon As Possible

Throwing acid on someone is an act of surprise, which is why the victim usually gets stunned and stupefied. Bringing consciousness into motion at that moment can definitely prevent the damage to a large extent.

2. Rinse The Affected Area With Cold Water

Put the affected area under cold running water for as long as the burning sensation doesn’t stop. Make sure that the water isn’t contaminated as it could lead to more infections in the affected area. The spray of water shouldn’t be hard as well.

3. Remove Any Jewelry Or Clothing With Acid On It

Removal of any clothing or jewelry (incl. rings and watches) with acid on it is the next step. The contaminated jewelry or clothing can severely increase the magnitude of burns by reacting with the acid.

4. Remove The Chemical From The Affected Area

Don’t let the acid stay on the skin for a long duration of time as the longer it stays, the more it’ll react with the skin and more damage it’ll cause. Let the water rinse it through or use gloves to remove the chemical from the skin as soon as possible.

5. Call For An Ambulance / Seek Medical Attention

While you are trying to provide first aid care to the victim, do not forget to call for medical assistance as there’s not really much what you can do to save the victim. A medical practitioner understands the know-hows of determining the type of acid and the consequential treatment of its burns.

IMPORTANT: Acids react violently with base causing huge amounts of heat to release which can actually cause an even higher degree of burns. Avoid pouring milk on the affected area.

Remember to stay alerted and responsive.

May you never have to use it.

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Like the absolute dork he is Kurogane throws Fai’s whistling back in his face. Because he’s hurt. Fai won’t talk to him about this, and it stings him.

Fai won’t talk to him about anything concerning himself - and after they’ve come so far, after everything they’ve gone through together, I think Kurogane expected more. Especially after being caught out in the most obvious way humanly possible.

And it’s specifically worse than it’s ever been before, because Kurogane could always tell he was lying. He was always the one observing Fai’s and watching him flinch when other people weren’t watching and frowning at every lie that passed his lips, but after literally using magic in front of all of them Fai still denies him the truth, and Kurogane just doesn’t get it.

So he turns to the evidence he’s kept in his mind and lays it out between them. He turns to Koryo, which was a thousand years ago, and still has the exact words Fai said engraved in his memory. (which is incredible on its own, because I can’t remember what I myself said five minutes ago, but Kurogane knows what Fai said word for word, because it was a piece of truth. How many times has Kurogane lingered over those words in his mind. How many times has he repeated them to himself, trying to figure out what Fai meant.)

But he wants an answer, and all Fai is giving him is his clueless facade in the most disappointingly effortless deflection either of them have ever seen from him. So Kurogane takes the evidence he’s been holding to himself for over a year, possibly years, and finally confronts him with it.

And in the most typical Fai fashion, he falls back on his emergency cure-all. He jokes.

More specifically he uses the joke that has never failed to anger Kurogane in the past. He uses it as his final escape attempt. He uses it because he has nothing left. But it doesn’t work, because of course it doesn’t. This isn’t one of those moments.

Fai knows that already. He knows it only works when the kids are awake and they’re in public and it’s embarrassing, but they’re alone now, and he’s panicking, because he has no defences in front of this man.

And KUROGANE’S FACE in response is just incredible because he’s actually taken aback. Fai has shocked him into momentary silence because what is wrong with him.

AND FAI BEGS. Jokingly, of course, always jokingly, but he needs this façade between them. He needs it.

So Kurogane drops the stoic line. He drops the “Well it’s not my business line” and IT’S FUCKING GOLDEN BECAUSE FAI SEIZES IT.

FAI RETREATS BACK INTO HIS FALSE SMILE AND IS SATISFIED WITH THE END OF THE CONVERSATION BECAUSE IT MEANS HE ESCAPED ONE MORE TIME - even though, inwardly, there is a crack spidering through his heart because part of him is disappointed. He would never admit this, even to himself, but his “That’s just like you” is a confirmation that he’s read Kurogane correctly, and that Kurogane isn’t as concerned with Fai’s truth as Fai kind of wants him to be.

But he’s wrong. That isn’t just like Kurogane – or at least, it used to be. It was just like the old Kurogane, not the new one.


He denies Fai the stoic route.

But it’s the most glorious thing, because he doesn’t just say “that’s not going to work”, he does a Fai and actually SAYS THE WORDS Fai wants to hear, waits for him to react, and then yanks the floor out from beneath him. He’s getting to the bottom of this, and he’s doing it now.

He’s taken Fai’s last shred of defence away from him.


I’m gonna have to split this into several posts though because THIS IS EVERYTHING I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR.