acid wash jean jacket

Grunge Style Essentials 

Denim: Definite staple piece whether it be jeans, vests/jacket or shorts. Preferably acid wash, dark,ripped,or worn out. 

Pairing: Acid wash denim jacket, ripped black jeans,dr.martens and graphic tee, beanie/fedora

Black Leggings/Ripped Jeans/Acid Wash Jeans:  Can’t rock a grunge look without some edgy bottoms. If you have an old pair of black jeans you can cut them up and wash it to look grungy.

Pairing: Ripped Leggings,over sized shirt,maroon combat boots,leather jacket.

Plaid: Grunge is not grunge without plaid. Whether you wear a plaid leggings, shirt,skirt,or an accessory. Plaid shirts can be worn around the waist,layered with a T-shirt,leggings or even as a dress.

Shoes: When it comes to shoes,black BOOTS are the essential element. They can be worn with a dress, shorts basically anything. Converse sneakers are another essential for the grunge style. If you want to spice it up a bit instead of getting black dr.martens/boots maroon or floral are a great choice.

Pairing: over sized T-shirt,distressed shorts,black combat boots,hat, choker,cross body bag

Leather Jacket/Parka: Leather jackets are great to complete your grunge look for cooler weather. If you want to pull off the grunge look in the winter then a parka is necessary. You can pair it up with a beanie, T—shirt,black oversized cardigan,black jeans with a black combat boots and black scarf. 

Oversized Shirts/Band tees/Printed tee: A simple black or grey shirt can bring out the grunge look. You can go thrifting to buy some old oversized shirts to complete the look. The shirts usually are distressed,faded, or ripped a bit.

Accessories: Some accessories to finish the look are beanie,choker,backpack,round glasses, knee high socks, fedora, plaid scarf

Grunge Set


Hope it helps out :).

you know what i need? i need more avengers high school au’s set in the 90s.

i want natasha in overalls with a plaid shirt tied around her waist and massive scrunchies in her hair and dark lipstick (so grunge).

i want bucky with frosted tips and ripped jeans and his neon windbreaker thinking he’s sooo cool.

i want tony with the hottest skechers and acid washed jean jackets and the most tamagotchis and even a mobile phone wow.

i want steve with his air jordans and backwards caps and tank tops.

i want sam and clint with their walkmans everywhere and clint’s is always turned up too loud (“you’re gonna go deaf if you listen to n*sync that loud, barton” “too late”).

i want bruce wearing velvet and graphic tees and absolutely failing at being fashionable.

i want thor buying mood rings for everyone and always knowing when someone’s in loooovee.

i want them to skip school to go rollerblading and hang out at the mall. i want friendship necklaces and slapping each other with slap bracelets. i want long discussions debating backstreet boys or n*sync (it almost ends steve and bucky’s friendship). i want pogs and beanie babies (clint has the most) and pokemon cards and spice girls and bruce discovering furbies and just

i need 90’s avengers high school au’s.

Because I love the 1980s so much, have some pjo 80s au stuff
  • The Seven all live in Riverdale, Bronx all in the same apartment complex 
  • Piper and Annabeth are roommates who met at Manhattan College their sophomore year and live on the top floor
  • Piper rocked the denim jacket and acid washed jeans with converses
  • Annabeth never had to do anything to her hair because it was so big and curly to begin with. 
  • She always dressed like Baby from Dirty Dancing 
  • Percy, the resident firefighter and Annabeth’s boyfriend started calling her that. 
  • Annabeth pretended to hate it for a while. But damn she loves Dirty Dancing 
  • Percy dresses like Marty McFly, his cinematic hero 
  • You can literally always hear him playing Johnny B Goode on his electric guitar at all times  
  • Hazel is the youngest of all of them, and everyone adopts her as their child
  • She rocks the laced fingerless gloves, neon clothes and always had scrunhies in her hair. Madonna is her favorite 
  • She can sing Like A Prayer so well, that the gang makes her sing it during Karaoke night at the bar 
  • Frank is the quietest of all of them. He is always wearing a Vancouer Canucks hockey jersey and jeans 
  • He is underratedly one of the best break dancers they’ve ever seen
  • Jason is the one who bails all their asses out of trouble 
  • He just wanted to graduate college in one piece. But then he met these people 
  • But he loves them. And he kind of looks like Zack Morris from Saved By the Bell 
  • When he gets drunk though, he turns into Michael Jackson   
  • Leo is the crazy mechanic who is the one they call to fix something
  • He will be the one to start stripping at the bar to have a good time 
  • “Valdez! You know how to fix the boiler right? Fix it so we can party properly for New Years!” 
  • Their landlord, who they all call Dionysus because he’s the bartender at the bar they go to, he is literally the worst 
  • He can’t do shit. But he is always down to party with them, so they deal with it 
  • They literally watch Eddie Murphy’s Delirious on the VHS every Friday night 
  • When it comes to Christmas time, you know Bruce Springsteen’s Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town will be playing 24/7 
  • These clowns basically just living life in the 80s getting through life with shitty Polaroid cameras to document it 

Seb’s jacket…blah blah blah
Seb’s acid wash jeans…blah blah blah
Seb’s body size…blah blah blah


So it seems they’ve moved the start of filming to Jan 2017…

But BIGGER THAN THAT: They are no longer filming in Charleston.

Wait for it…………

They are filming in Atlanta!

What other film is Sebby in that’s filming in Atlanta? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

And, idk, a part of me is thinking that an enTIRE PRODUCTION WAS MOVED TO ACCOMMODATE THE STAR…and I’m dying! That is such a huge deal to me. They want him for the lead SO badly, they changed locations. That’s how I’m interpreting it and no one can stop me!

So y'all can battle about his clothes and his size (I love the jacket, although I’m not a fan of the jeans, and his size is perfect! That is the Sebby I fell in love with. Y'all “beefy Seb only” peeps can gtfo The end.) I AM GOING TO BASK IN THE GLORY OF THE IDEA THAT A FILM WAS MOVED JUST FOR HIM!!!!!! That’s MY fave! You’re SO worth it, Sebastian!!! Yes!!!