acid wash denim jeans

isn’t it just fitting that in the scene where Jughead’s dad is revealed to be the leader of the South Side Serpents, his outfit consists of a dark wash denim jacket, black print T-shirt, acid knee-ripped jeans, and black combat boots.

very gangster-ish, no?

Because I love the 1980s so much, have some pjo 80s au stuff
  • The Seven all live in Riverdale, Bronx all in the same apartment complex 
  • Piper and Annabeth are roommates who met at Manhattan College their sophomore year and live on the top floor
  • Piper rocked the denim jacket and acid washed jeans with converses
  • Annabeth never had to do anything to her hair because it was so big and curly to begin with. 
  • She always dressed like Baby from Dirty Dancing 
  • Percy, the resident firefighter and Annabeth’s boyfriend started calling her that. 
  • Annabeth pretended to hate it for a while. But damn she loves Dirty Dancing 
  • Percy dresses like Marty McFly, his cinematic hero 
  • You can literally always hear him playing Johnny B Goode on his electric guitar at all times  
  • Hazel is the youngest of all of them, and everyone adopts her as their child
  • She rocks the laced fingerless gloves, neon clothes and always had scrunhies in her hair. Madonna is her favorite 
  • She can sing Like A Prayer so well, that the gang makes her sing it during Karaoke night at the bar 
  • Frank is the quietest of all of them. He is always wearing a Vancouer Canucks hockey jersey and jeans 
  • He is underratedly one of the best break dancers they’ve ever seen
  • Jason is the one who bails all their asses out of trouble 
  • He just wanted to graduate college in one piece. But then he met these people 
  • But he loves them. And he kind of looks like Zack Morris from Saved By the Bell 
  • When he gets drunk though, he turns into Michael Jackson   
  • Leo is the crazy mechanic who is the one they call to fix something
  • He will be the one to start stripping at the bar to have a good time 
  • “Valdez! You know how to fix the boiler right? Fix it so we can party properly for New Years!” 
  • Their landlord, who they all call Dionysus because he’s the bartender at the bar they go to, he is literally the worst 
  • He can’t do shit. But he is always down to party with them, so they deal with it 
  • They literally watch Eddie Murphy’s Delirious on the VHS every Friday night 
  • When it comes to Christmas time, you know Bruce Springsteen’s Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town will be playing 24/7 
  • These clowns basically just living life in the 80s getting through life with shitty Polaroid cameras to document it