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An Ode to Sweets (or a Valentine from Scorpius Malfoy to Albus Potter)

By @autumn-of-ilvermorny

Chocolate Cauldrons, Licorice Wands
Sugar Quills and Chocolate Charms

Fizzing Whizbees, Acid Pops
Pumpkin Fizz and Bertie Botts

Exploding Bon-Bons, Shock-o-Choc,
Chocoballs and Wizochoc

Pumpkin Pasties, Cauldron Cakes
Ginger Newts and Jumping Snakes

Peppermint Toads, Chocolate Frogs
Lick'O'Rish Spiders and Flies of Fudge

Ice Mice, Bat’s Blood
Cockroach Clusters and Jelly Slugs

Mint Humbugs, Sugared Butterfly Wings
Sherbert Lemons and Mint Flossing Strings

Licorice Snaps, Sour Apple Bites
Crystallized Pineapple and Pink Coconut Ice

Glacial Snowflakes, Chocolate Rocks
No Melt Ice Cream and Mice Pops

Fizzy Wizzy, Sugar Straws
Sugar Hexes and Sweet Crystals

Treacle Fudge, Salt Water Taffy
Canary Creams and Ton-Tounge-Toffee

Puking Pastilles, Fever Fudge too
Nosebleed Nougat and U-No-Poo

Fainting Fancies, Hiccough Sweets
Lightning Bolt Shaped Dark Chocolate Covered Rice Crispy Treats

Edible Dark Marks, Glow in the Dark Gum
Blood-Flavoured Lollipops and Droobles Best Blowing Gum

Eyeball Bonanza, Choco-Loco
Chocolate Eggs and Hot Cocoa

Chocolate Skeletons, Jelly Skulls
Honeydukes Chocolate and Wrapped Caramels

Licorice Allsorts and Comfits
Pixie Puffs and Pepper Imps

Although the Potters are on sugar ban,
Of all the confections in the land:

Your friendship is my favourite treat,
Thank you for staying for my sweets!

This is Halloween

Fandom: The Flash

Rating: G

Pairing: Cisco/Reader; Team Dynamics

Warnings/Notes: Wow, look at me on a roll. So yeah, with Halloween tomorrow, I couldn’t get the idea of a Star Wars costume with Cisco out of my head. What was one small scene got away from me too…again.

So no warnings, except for a bit of playful innuendo.

Requests are open and if someone could help me figure out how to do that “Keep Reading” thing so my posts aren’t hellaciously long at first glance, that would be awesome of you too.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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“Alright, that just about does it,” Caitlin said as she finished patching up Barry. “Once I get this last cut cleaned out, your healing should do the rest.” Team Flash had just finished taking down another one of Zoom’s baddies: an Earth-2 psycho named Goblin with a penchant for throwing exploding, acid-filled pumpkins…which somehow seemed fitting since it was October 31. Halloween, your favorite holiday aside from Christmas. It would figure the paranormal holiday would bring out the meta-crazies in Central City, as you pointed out a few times over the past couple of days.

“Too bad, some of those cuts would make a good addition to your costume for the haunted neighborhood event,” Iris smiled. Every year for Halloween, the West’s neighborhood block hosted a large “Haunted Street”, where everyone would come together and decorate one street in a haunted festival-type fashion for trick-or-treat. It was a popular thing with all the kids in half of Central City. Even the older kids and young adults came out to take part in the fun. This year, the street where Barry and Wests’ lived was hosting it. While their house wasn’t taking an active part and just handing out candy, the team was meeting up at the Wests’ house for their own Halloween celebration.

“I still say your costume should be a t-shirt that says, "I am not The Flash”,“ you quipped, earning a laugh from Cisco.

"Speaking of which, are you coming to the party Y/N?” Barry asked, looking towards where you were seated at your computer.

“Not right away,” you answered. At the negative cheers from the rest of the team, you shrugged helplessly. “What? My sister just got out of the hospital from having a C-Section and can’t do any strenuous activity yet. I promised her I would take my nephew trick-or-treating.”

“But you are taking him to the Haunted Neighborhood, right?” Barry asked.

“Of course, this is his first year he can truly enjoy it. And we will be stopping by the house, but not for long.” You looked at your phone and cursed softly. “I gotta go. I need to get ready and pick him up. You got this babe?” you asked Cisco, gesturing to the last bit of research you two had been working to take down Goblin.

“Seriously? Who is the best hacker in the world?” he asked, shifting his chair so you could grab your bag.

“Felicity Smoak,” everyone echoed.

“Rude…and hurtful. Especially coming from my own girlfriend,” Cisco complained. You smiled mischievously as you pecked his lips.

“But only my favorite hacker can recode my programming,” you ghosted over his lips, loud enough for only him to hear. The sound that escaped him was a cross between a moan and a laugh as he cupped your face and returned the kiss.

“That was both dirty and terrible. That’s why I love you.”

“You should hear the ones I got for Vibe.” You must’ve said that louder than you thought because both of you were surprised when Joe barked a laugh. Glancing over with wide eyes, you found the rest of the team, even Harry, watching you with amused exasperation. While you weren’t a prude by any means, you had only been dating for six months and some things were still relatively new, like letting some PDA slip in front of the team. Blushing brightly, you turned back to Cisco (who was grinning shamelessly, the jerk) and pecked his lips one last time. “I really need to go.”

“Okay,” he laughed. “See you later?”

“You bet. Later guys!” A chorus of “goodbyes” and laughter echoed behind you as you jogged out of the Cortex and headed towards your car. 
“OW! Melanie! Would you leave me some hair?!” you complained as your older sister worked on your hair for your costume. Around the two of you, your five-year-old nephew, Damien, was zooming around you in his Poe Dameron costume, pretending to shoot down Tai Fighters.

“Don’t be such a baby, Y/N. I got one of those already,” Melanie grumbled around the comb in her mouth. “Hair tie.”

“Sucks that you couldn’t have had Adri earlier this year. A few months older and we could’ve dressed her up as an Ewok,” you joked, handing her one of the ties in your hand.

“You are not dressing my baby up as a teddy-bear looking alien, Y/N. I swear, that boyfriend of yours is a bad influence on your already nerdy interests.” You laughed softly.

“BB-8 then? That would be adorable.”

“You’re terrible. Hair tie.”

“Auntie Y/N? Is Cisco coming with us? I want to show him my costume,” Damien asked, lifting the visor on the helmet up.

“No sweetie. Cisco had stay at work and finish up some computer stuff so I could come home and get ready for trick-or-treating. He didn’t want you to miss your first big trick-or-treat night. But we’ll see him later at Detective Joe’s house, okay?” Damien nodded then zoomed off again, saying something about protecting his baby sister from the Empire forces.

“How are you and Cisco doing?” Melanie asked after a few moments of silence.

“We’re good, like really good,” you answered, handing her the last hair tie. “We’ve been close friends for so long, this just seems like a natural step. Feels like it’s been longer than six months.”

“Good, you deserve to be happy. Okay, all done! Damien, get ready to leave!”

“Thanks Mel, I’ll have him home by 9 so he’s not up too late.”

“Thanks for doing this, Y/N. I’ll make it up to you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I love spending time with my nephew.” You picked up the staff that was part of your outfit and looked down at Damien. “You ready to go? Alright, let’s go get some candy!”
You grinned brightly as Damien practically skipped along beside you down the sidewalk. It had been a good haul, starting with a few houses before heading to the Haunted Street that had been in full swing before it even got dark. Your nephew had a blast running around to the different houses and stands where neighbors had set up baskets upon baskets of candy. Kids and adults were running around in full get-up, snatching as much candy as you could. You counted at least ten Flashes and Green Arrows and a few Black Canaries. You even glimpsed a couple Speedy and Red Arrows running about. Overall, Damien’s first big trick-or-treat was a success and you were surprised he wasn’t crashing from the adrenaline rush yet.

“Alright kiddo, where to next?” you asked, taking his over-flowing bucket of candy for him.

“Can we go see Barry and Iris and Caitlin and Cisco now?” he pleaded. “I want to show them what I got.”

“Okay, we are only three houses down and we still have time before I have to take you home.” Taking his hand, you both walked through the throngs of kids and parents. As you headed up the steps of the West residence, you could see Iris and Barry handing out candy to a group of middle schoolers. Sure enough, Barry’s speed had healed up the cuts and bruises, leaving only the fake scars Iris created for his zombie costume. Both of them lit up when they saw you and Damien walking up and Barry disappeared for a minute, presumably to tell Cisco.

“Hey you two! We saw you getting some candy across the street earlier. How was your haul?” Iris asked, smiling as she hugged you.

“It was great!” Damien cheered, jumping up and down in excitement. “I’m Poe Dameron, the best Rebel pilot in the entire galaxy!”

“Wow, that is awesome dude!” Barry complimented as he reappeared in the doorway. “And it looks like the best trick-or-treater too!”

“Yeah! Barry, may use your bathroom, please?”

“Sure thing. We’ll drop your candy bucket off by the table too while we’re at it. Awesome costume, Y/N. Cisco is helping Joe and Caitlin refill candy bowls,” Barry quickly complimented as he led Damien in the house towards the bathroom. Iris let you in as well and shut the door after making sure there weren’t any kids coming up.

“Barry is right, you look awesome in that Rey costume! Cisco is going to flip! How are you feeling?” You laughed and nodded.

“I don’t know how Damien is doing it but I am exhausted! I think that kid is just so excited, he’s running on pure adrenaline.”

“I bet! He’ll crash later on. Have you eaten? We’ve got a good spread, even Harry brought something along.”

As if on cue, your stomach growled loudly. “I totally could, actually. But first, I think I’m going to track down Cisco first.” You hugged Iris once more as the doorbell rang and made your way to kitchen. Along the way, you saw Jay and Caitlin milling around. Harry even drew you into an one-armed hug, which surprised you a bit. Finally, after wolfing down a couple small sandwiches, you made your way into the kitchen where Joe was heading out with two new bowls of candy.

“What is this? I thought I would get to live out my fantasy of seeing my girlfriend dressed up as the Rebel Princess she is! I even dressed up as Han Solo so it would be a cute ensemble!” Cisco proclaimed, throwing the bags of candy away. Sure enough, he was wearing brown pants, boots, a white shirt, and a leather jacket.  You laughed as you set aside your staff and hugged him tightly.

“Damien couldn’t go as Poe without having a Rey. Besides,” you added, looping your arms around his neck and dropping your voice, “If you went with us, you could’ve been my Finn.” Cisco laughed as he rested his head against yours.

“I do enjoy a good last-minute change. Besides,” he replied, tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear, “I’ll be whatever you need me to be.” His words sent butterflies soaring around your stomach as his eyes stared at you with sincerity. What did I do to deserve this man in my life, you thought.

“You’re so damn corny,” you murmured shakily as he molded his lips over yours in a tender kiss that stole your breath away. Your fingers slowly entangled in his long, black hair as he gently leaned you against the counter and pulled you in tighter. The both of you exchanged slow kisses as the party outside the kitchen seemed to disappear, leaving only this man you had fallen head over heels with overwhelming all of your senses. You didn’t think anything short of Zoom could ruin this moment for you. This was possibly the best Halloween you had spent in years.

Pulling away so you both could breathe, Cisco kissed your nose. “This is Halloween,” he sang softly on your lips, grinning as you started giggling. Yeah, this was definitely the best Halloween you’ve ever had and you looked forward to spending many more with him.

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Yo, glad your almost there! Not sure if your still doing them, but I was hoping you could do the HP life thing for me.

I can! (sorry it took so long)

House: Slytherin | Gryffindor | Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw

Hat time: Instant | 30 seconds | 2 minutes | Hat Stall

Best class: Potions | charms | transfiguration | defense against the dark arts | history of magic | care of magical creatures | muggle studies | ancient runes | astronomy | herbology | divination | arithmancy

Worst class:  Potions | charms | transfiguration | defense against the dark arts | history of magic | care of magical creatures | muggle studies | ancient runes | astronomy | herbology | divination | arithmancy

Quidditch: Chaser | Seeker | Beater | Keeper | Announcer | Spectator

Pet: Owl | Cat | Toad | Rat | Something not allowed

Snack: Chocolate frog | cauldron cake | pumpkin pasty | acid pops | sugar quills | fizzing whizzbees | drooble’s best blowing gum

Squad: Golden trio | Silver trio | Neville, Ginny, Luna | Cedric Diggory + | Cho Chang + | Fred, George, Lee | Ernie Macmilan +

Hang out: By the lake | the three broomsticks | empty classroom | the library | somewhere on the grounds | common room

Occupation: Potioneer | Spell inventor | Unspeakable | Auror | Ministry Worker | Magizoologist | Writer | Confectioner | Shop keeper | Teacher | Healer

Hiatus inspired SU theory

Because the hiatus has given me WAAAAAY too much time to think about things, I give you the following musings. (Also I’m definitely not the first person to come up with this I’m sure)


WARNING: I’m going to tag spoilers just in case. Also INTENSE SPECULATION TO FOLLOW. And if you’d rather not read that’s totally fine! 



So I got to thinking:

This totem pole from Maximum Capacity. Everyone knows the pole has the following figures: The Monster Bird from Giant Woman (sitting at the top and cut off in this pic), the CG’s Temple Fusion, and a fusion including what has to be Jasper, and presumably ONE other unknown gem. Specifically, an unknown gem that was some shade of green. 

It’s foreshadowing/ hinting for SOMETHING. 

The second thing that got me thinking:

This little acid-spitting pumpkin. 

Going to tangent quickly and say, I reckon Centipeetle is Emerald/Beryl. Because Emeralds have association with beetles in mythology (Specifically scarab beetles from Egypt, which also come in beautiful shades of emerald green.) which the Centipeetle partly borrows her name from. 

What I’m getting at here, I reckon the fusion shown in the totem pole is a fusion between the gem that Centipeetle used to be, and our current Jasper. And if that is true, that raises a whole mess of questions. 

Because Homeworld does not think fusion between two different gems should happen. Examples being ‘The Answer’ and the crowds response to Garnet’s appearance. “DISGUSTING”

Now I’m sure that during the war on earth, Homeworld probably changed its mind and fusions happened. Because war. But were the soldiers or whoever was fighting allowed to choose when they fused? Or was it controlled (I’d say yes, very controlled-or you know, Homeworld just used Amethyst soldiers and other gems as fodder). 

So the biggest question I have here, were Jasper and this other gem permitted to fuse? Or did they go against orders to fight against the CG’s temple fusion, as a fusion of their own? 

Basically, yes, I reckon so. 

I think that some of Jasper’s quotes from her (currently limited) appearances support this potential past fusion in a way as well:

Quotes from ‘The Return’ 

“I was there, you know. At the first war for this garbage planet. I fought against your armies. I respected your tactics.”

So it seems like she doesn’t view fusion as disgusting at the least. She can see the value in it… 

“Oh great, you’re both out? And you’re fused again? Why? Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak Gems stronger. Quit embarrassing yourselves! I’ve seen what you really are!”

…Though, that doesn’t mean she values it in a good way. For Jasper it’s just a means to an end, or so it seems. 

Although, I have to wonder ‘Quit embarrassing yourselves’. Is Jasper speaking from (bad) experience here? Did the battle against the temple fusion end with Jasper and their friend losing? (Probably, CG Temple Fusion is 50 feet tall and also 5 gems against 2 gems)

“You only beat me ‘cause you’re a fusion! If I had someone to fuse with I'd—”

Jasper HAS to have done this before. SHE HAS TO. SHE KNOWS HOW IT WORKS. -Though not in the best way admittedly…having fun as Malachite, Jasper? But maybe she assumed it was going to be something else? Maybe it would be the same or similar to another experience she had. (Reading way too deep here I’m sure, haha)

ANYHOW, the point of my rambles. I think Centipeetle is connected to Jasper in some way. I don’t know if it’s a GOOD way, although…I’m inclined to say I think Jasper and her mystery partner might’ve had something to them. Enough that they could’ve broken the rules together, out of desire to achieve the same goal. 

“Two Gems are always stronger than one if they’re willing to work together. But a truly great fusion is like a truly great relationship. It’s power is amplified by trust, respect, absolute honesty and constant communication Garnet - SU’s Guide to the Crystal Gems

So, partners in crime perhaps? 

But then there’s the final question… What exactly happened to Centipeetle to cause her to become a monster?? 

I imagine it was something horrible…so would that mean that Jasper lost someone important??

It’s been stated by Matt Burnett that there’s a lot more to Jasper than we know currently.

And also, didn’t Garnet have these specific words to say to Jasper? 

“I can see you hate the way we intermingle.
But I think you’re just mad 'cause you’re single,”

Oh booyyyyyy aahhhh…..


Okay can we please talk about this scene? [Acid-pumpkin and I have been all through the night, which is prompting me to write this out]

For those of you unaware this is from Dogs(:Bullets and Carnage) The white haired dude (Sitting down next to the Eye patched guy), well that’s Heine. Heine (Or Haine depending on your translation or preferred spelling) has Gynophobia, a sever fear of women. 

See how he goes from teasing and being chill next to his best bro and then Suddenly damn near sitting in Eye patche’s lap (Oh by the way his name is Badou Nails). 

Badou looks pretty confused, but still he’s like “Oh Heine is doing his freak out thing” and he doesn’t move, he just stays there allowing for his strange friend/business partner silently freak out. 

I mean look at this face: 

External image

      He’s genuinely concerned for his pal! I’m not gonna go and get even more hyped up and further into this because that would be causing spoilers, but if you do wind up getting in to this manga you’ll see just how much Badou will defend Heine and show his concern from him. 

This series is fucking great! <3