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Context: The elf PC Ka'eighaitl'iiynn (pronounced Kaitlyn) just had an emotional breakdown and is crying into an NPC’s chest.

DM (me): So, fun fact- elf tears are highly acidic, so when you pull away you see lines burned down the front of their shirt.

Khaightllyne (OOC): Wait, so would elves have acid-proof makeup?

DM: Yeah, they’d have some kind of magical protection.

Khwbk8lgjbwughiwhlyn: Does that make us Basic bitches?

New designs for my Portal 2 characters!!

Each on is built for a specific task:

Wheatley is build with portal guns for arms and can shoot portals out of the palms of his hands, he has springs in his legs as well as long fall boots to help him while testing. When Wheatley isn’t attending to the sleeping subjects he is put into CO-OP tests with awake humans so they can feel as if they aren’t alone.

Chell is Chell.

Space Core was built to collect moon rocks from space and is equipped with space boots with built in hovering gear. His fingertips have sensors on them that allow him to have a firm grip on those moon rocks.

Fact Core is one of the companies historians/librarians and is jack loaded with tons of information about aperture. His arms and legs are connected by magnetized springs that allow him to stretch himself to reach the books on tall shelves. His feet are bottomed with foam in order to make his footsteps as quiet as possible (you gotta stay quiet in a library).

Rick was built for adventures such as: clearing out old testing chambers, exploring forgotten parts of he enrichment center, and building new testing chambers. His hands re huge and are packed with pistons that will pack a punch had he choose to hit hard. Rick is acid proof and his casing is thick enough to where lasers can’t bother him. He wears rain boots to help keep his traction when exploring overgrown chambers.

Long ref page is long, but as I have stated before this ask blog is up and running again and I can’t wait to answer some more of y’all’s questions!

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Could I request 74 with Black Hat? ( ÒㅅÓ)

“You should marry me.”

You were so lucky you were wearing acidic-proofed gloves. Or else, you would’ve splashed the bright green chemical all over your hands - and that would’ve been a gruesome sight. Black Hat is standing right behind you. You couldn’t see his expression, and you weren’t sure if you wanted to. Was he joking? Taunting? Actually serious?

No, he couldn’t be.

He impatiently taps his cane, as you carefully set the dangerous potion into a dry freezer, peeled off your gloves and protective goggles, and took a deep breath. Clenching your hands, you turn to him. His mouth is twisted into a small sneer, and he’s examining his claws. You scoff. Really. He proposed marriage and he didn’t even bother to get a ring. He could’ve at least brought you a drink first. Rude.

“Are you serious?”

“Did it sound like I asked a question?” Black Hat shoots back, his eye flitting to you. He takes a step closer, invading your personal space. You don’t shy away. You challenge him, staring back. Your mouth goes dry. Your heart pounds. You couldn’t hide the red in your cheeks. From embarrassment, annoyance, attraction, who knows.

His lips curl into a sharp smile this time, as if he knew you’re flustered. He leans closer. Oh come on, now he’s just teasing you.

“Marry. Me.” He repeats, practically biting off each word - as if it was hard for him to say! It’s harder for you - you didn’t exactly have a choice in the matter, because you are dealing with the city’s most notorious villain - on top of that, a demonic entity! But…it’s not like you…wouldn’t say no. You couldn’t help but lean in too, closer and closer to that cruel mouth - just another inch, and you would’ve been on his lips.

Alas, he spins on his heel, snatching this chance away from you. Twat. He glances over his shoulder, throwing you a shark-like grin. 

“For tax benefits of course, dearie. See you in legal court. We’re going to get married, 3 p.m. sharp.”

You stand there, dazed, and he’s gone before you could blink again.

this wasn’t romantic per say, (because BH is an asshole) but i had a hell of a fun time writing this!

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For your drawings do you color first then ink or ink and then color?

(too lazy to do an actual traditional tutorial, but take my word,)

i sketch with an erasable blue or red pencil, color, then ink!

if i dont color first my markers bleed terribly with my outlining pens, even when i get waterproof/acid proof ones… but i enjoy the results so its ok!

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The AU Order 66 - that was just amazing. Thank you! My slumbering Muse thought - what if this Kenobi mission is the one that will bring Jedi and clones back together? You know, in typical Kenobi way, problems of the exploding/shooting kind find him and the clones feel that they have to step in in order for their General to survive/have to transport him to the Temple to keep him alive, this kind of stuff. Anyway, thanks again, you make my day :D

“The kids are alright then?” Obi-Wan leaned on the holoprojector, smiling up at Anakin as he did. “Sleeping alright?”

“Yes, thank the Force though the nanny who coached us told us to expect problem in about a month or so. Once they start having more energy, for now they just cry when they need things.” Anakin grinned in return. “Padme is healing well too, she’s more up and about now then earlier and she says she’s ready to return to the Senate fully, I want her to have a guard when she does though.”

“I imagine she objects to that.” Obi-Wan chuckled.

“Oh big time but Bail agreed with me, she’s in a sore condition. Might be a Jedi assigned to her.” The other shrugged.

“Not you?”

“Well…I kind of have to choose who I stay with then. The twins or Padme.” The blond hesitated then sighed. “I feel like I’m floundering out into something I have no idea about.”

“You’ve had babies with a Senator of the Republic Senate. You are. But I think you can do it, both Leia and Luke are lovely.” Obi-Wan smiled gently at his former padawan. “How about a compromise, get Ahsoka to guard Padme. Padme might enjoy that more then some random Jedi showing up everyday.”

“That…that’s actually not a bad idea.” Anakin stroked his chin in a practice resembling Obi-Wan himself. It made him grin a bit more at the small ways he had effected the other.

And then his grin faded as the whole room suddenly rocked. Anakin instantly shifted and stared at him. “Obi-Wan? What’s happening?” He asked in worry as alarms started to blare.

“I have no idea.” Obi-Wan grabbed his cane. “But I don’t think I should stick around to find out.” There was a far of explosion and the holoprojector cut out.

The Jedi cursed and started limping out of the rented room, moving as quickly as he could. “What’s going on?!” He asked the Sullustan at the reception.

“Separatist fanatic terrorist attack! They’ve been going around surrendering worlds.” The man checked the comms. “And we should leave, they’re getting closer to here master Kenobi.” The Sullustan worriedly eyed the cane Obi-Wan had.

Obi-Wan took a deep breath. “Right, lets go. I’d suggest splitting of from me sir, if they see you with me…and they recognize me…” Obi-Wan didn’t need to add more to that and while the Sullustan looked reluctant, he nodded.

“As you say Master Kenobi. I’m no warrior, last time I held a blaster I shot myself in the face.”


“Yes, training blaster, still hurt. May the Force be with you Master.” He bowed then ran out the doors.

Obi-Wan took a deep breath and counted to ten before following out, swearing under his breath as rain started coming down too. Great, acid rain and terrorist attack. Good thing he had the acid proof robe still.

Obi-Wan tugged the hood up quickly and pulled on the gloves before getting a move on it, heading for the security corps of the planet.

He’d gotten half way when there was a scream in the Force and then something smacked into his right leg, the prosthetic one. And then he was face first in the acidly mud, gasping in pain as a small detonation brought him down along with destroying his prosthetic, leaving shrapnel embedded along his left leg and hip.

His whole body gave a thundering throb of pain even as he drew his lightsaber and flipped over on his ass, blue saber lighting up the area around him as he deflected a blast that would have hit him in the back.

“Its fucking Kenobi! Get him!”

‘Well, there goes my anonymous state.’ Obi-Wan thought dryly as he struggled to get up with his cane and one leg, deflecting yet another shot. Though then again he was the only Jedi on Rymark, he hoped he wasn’t the cause of the attack.

He had to think of a plan, some kind of escape or distraction at the very least to get out of the acid rain.

And then he couldn’t think at all as a slug went through his hand and he lost his lightsaber, falling back in the mud again. “Get him!”

“No…” Obi-Wan struggled, desperately wishing he had not been the only Jedi on sight as he inched backwards on his elbows.

And then a blaster shot went over his head and right into the first Seperatist, downing him. The familiar voice rung out. “Shielding barrier around the General!”

“…Cody.” Obi-Wan’s shoulders sank in relief as several clones ran past him to get a perimeter. He could have laughed, instead he just flopped on his back in the acid mud as Helix and Cody dropped down beside him, his lightsaber clipped to the commanders belt. “General!”

He was pulled up against Cody’s chest as Helix got to work, giving him a hypospray first then working on what he could. “Sir, this is…you’re going to need temple healers sir.” The medic got out while working on what he could, steaming blood and wrapping in bandages and bacta patches.

“Know. Just…nice to see you all…” Obi-Wan ignored the blasting fire of the clones sending the fanatic but poorly equipped terrorist on the run.

“You must be joking sir. We…we shot you down.” Cody murmured and even through the helmet he sounded bitter.

“Oh Cody. We miss you, all of you…or we wouldn’t have tried to contact all of you…ow…” Obi-Wan took a shuddering pained breath before flopping a bit against Cody.

“We need a stretcher!” Cody barked. “Tracker, Trapper! Find a kriffing stretcher.” The commander called out while pulling the hood a bit further to cover Obi-Wan’s face from the acid rain that was falling around them.

“Yes sir!”

“Hold on General.”

“Not…General anymore…Obi-Wan…your friend.” He mumbled as blackness was encroaching on his vision. “…Missed you all…”



“This is Temple hanger eight. Come in?” The padawan on duty frowned at the crackling in her gear and looked around, about to give up when a hesitant but all to familiar voice sounded.

“This is Grotto 3, under the command of Commander Cody. We have General Kenobi, he was injured on Rymark and needs healers asap. Requesting available landing pad at hanger and healers on site.”

She stared at the screen in shock before desperately pushing buttons. “This is padawan Podu. You are cleared for landing at hanger eight at platform two. Please confirm destination and personnel on board.” Podu didn’t really need that but it was so good to hear a clone, any clone. She missed her own squad.

“Hanger eight, platform two, confirmed commander Podu. We have General Kenobi. He’s severely injured, we’ve managed to keep him stable but his prosthetic was blown out from him and he suffered shrapnel damage and slug damage.” Cody responded promptly.

“Roger, I’ll get a healer on site for you.” She turned back to the comms and quickly hit up the healing halls. “A message to any available healer, Master Kenobi is coming in injured, transported by clone troopers. Any available healers are to report to hanger eight, platform two. I repeat, hanger eight, platform two.”

With that she stood and watched from the communication and observation post, feeling the excitement in the temple after her announcement rise. Clone troopers in the temple.

There were two healers making their way to the platform too, a mon calamari and a gran.

The ship came in and landed carefully, the ramp lowering and there they were. She could have sobbed in relief at seeing them but Jedi’s don’t cry over such things…or did they? They didn’t get married and have children usually either but Knight Skywalker had done both. She sat down and started crying, hands over her lips as she watched them carry the stretcher down the ramp with care for the man on it.

Their troopers.


“Commander Cody.” The man in question tensed and looked up as Plo slowly made his way to him with Depa beside him.

“Generals.” He saluted, tense. He’d been waiting on news on Gen-Obi-Wan. He’d been waiting outside the healing rooms for news.

“At ease, we are no longer Generals commander.” Depa smiled gently at him and Cody tried not to stare at the eyepatch the other sported. Clones had done that, clones had hurt her, had almost killed her padawan, yet here she was, smiling at them. “I…sirs?”

“We were hoping you’d relay a message to the others.” Plo continued where Depa had let of.

“A message?”

“Come back.” Depa offered him and Cody stared at her.


“Come back. That’s all. Just…come back. We miss you all.” She smiled tenderly.

Cody had no idea he was crying until Depa gently wiped the tears of his face, her saber callused hand being the last straw before he stumbled and she held him up, Plo resting a hand on Cody’s back.


Dear Warlund,

I went to visit a shop in Stormwind, when I saw this set of gear. I thought you could use it during your travels. Hope they find you well!


Inside the package was a Waterproof Cloak, A White Mageweave Quilted Gambeson, Black Acid Proof Crocolisk Boots, and an Exotic Outland Leather Holster.

(( @warlundblackfyre ))

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yo! im gonna toss out an idea here, what if after 3 years of living at the dorms together it felt too weird living alone, so all the 1-A kids pitched in a bought like a apartment building or house or something that can hold all of them, some where in the center of town, and treat it like their in the dorms still each room is individual, they rent out the rest that isn't used if there are any and modify it so their or other peoples quirks doesn't bring the roof down

Hello there!

Oh, another very nice idea! I can totally see that the living together would become a habit, one that can’t be broken so easily, so many of the kids would probably feel weird when they not live together anymore.

However, I think it’s also natural that at one point, at least some of them would like to live alone. Have more privacy and all. People like Todoroki, Tokoyami, probably Bakugou, Kouda and Shouji, too.

But even if they separate and get their own apartments and all, I can totally see that the others have spare keys. Imagine like, their friends just walking into their apartment, crashing at their place like it’s the most natural thing.

For example:

Bakugou chilling in his living room, grumpy because he had a stressful day full of fucking dumb and annoying people, and then, Kirishima just walks into Bakugou’s apartment with an easy, “Yo, what’s up?” and proceeds to raid the fridge.

And Bakugou grumbling along the line of, “Hair for brain, that’s not why I gave you the goddamn key!”

“What’s the key for again?”

“For emergencies.”

“Well, then this counts. I’m starving, and you need company once in a while. That’s an emergency, see?”


“You want some of that… what’s that, spicy sauce?”

“Hand it over.”

It’s not much different for the others. There is a constant coming and going in their respective apartments. Especially when the (ex)-students hear – personally or in the news – that one of their friends had a hard day, then you can be sure that at least three to four, if not more of them, visit that friend the same day, making sure that he or she is okay.

I also like the idea of them making their house(s) quirk-proof.

Izuku would need thick walls and doors, making sure that he can’t punch hole into them accidentally.

Todoroki and Mina need something fire-proof respectively acid-proof.

Bakugou probably needs iron walls against his quirk, even though his temper has gotten better over the years.

All in all, I really love this idea! =D Thanks for sharing!

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just saying but like i always loved the idea of aphrodite demigods who grew up to become designers/seamsters making demigod-proof gowns for chb prom ;v; ~ all expenses paid as a gift from the gods! (but paaarticularly aphrodite)

I love that!! they have a friend who is a child of Hephaestus that helps them run tests on their materials to make sure they’re fire/acid/whatever proof lol Demigods growing up to make things that help younger demigods is one of my favorite things in the entire world

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