acid problem

Acid Reflux/Heart Burn

Any advice for how to deal with pregnancy related heart burn and acid reflux? My acid reflux gets so bad at night that I hardly sleep at all. I choke on it and it occasionally causes me to throw up. I am so exhausted, and I already take Pepcid before bed, and Tums as needed. I also sit up as much as I can in bed but it doesn’t seem to help much. Any advice? I am so exhausted, I am willing to try anything, if you told me sleeping beside a goat wearing a tuxedo would help, I would try it.

shit the squad says | part 2
  1.  “I have an acid problem.”
  2. “That was ridiculous, I’ve never cried so fast over anything in my life.” 
  3. “I’m so emotional about myself because I’m a conceited bitch.”
  5. “I’m making it worse!”
  6. “You made it worse!”
  7. “I lit the small house on fire and trapped myself inside.”
  8. “My past sins do not define me, I found Jesus.”
  9. “I love watching you fail.”
  10. “Fuck your basic self.”
  11. “What a horrible place to die.”
  12. “This is why I hate you all.”
  13. “Wash your nasty witch feet.”
  14. “God is watching.”
  15. “Ride together, die together, ___. That’s us.”
  16. “Bound by bad decisions. Cute.”
  17. “I regret everything that’s happened in the last hour.”
  18. “Why are you guys this way?”
  19. “My stomach hurts and I hate all of you.”
  20. “Go back to being gay with your cousin.”
  21. “Y’all get wild after midnight.”
  22. “Why is there an eyeball in the house?”
  23. “That looks so ugly it could be a Sims 1 screenshot.”
  24. “This is why you don’t trust a New Yorker, kids. They’ll put ketchup on your pizza when you aren’t looking.”
  25. “Why are crazies breathing down my throat lately?”
  26. “I can’t help that I’m popular.”
  27. “____ doesn’t acknowledge me as #squad.”
  28. “Why did none of you react to the tea I spilled?”
  29. “Pray for my ass.”
  30. “The first ep is titled ‘Bitchcraft’. My aesthetic.”


ive been consistently waking up with like… mild acid reflux recently and its absolute shit like. where is this even coming from?? i havent had acid reflux problems in a Long While 

and it goes away after a couple of hours and i have no problems until bedtime basically. is this sleep dep related.