acid porcelain

Porcelain Doll

One crack, two cracks, three cracks, four.

Artificial beauty, face full of shame, this porcelain doll was born into a society where words were sharp daggers that seemed to be thrown by blind soulless monsters that were not afraid to attack.

Life was like traveling through a maze of knife filled walls that were closing in.

This porcelain doll was running out of patches to cover the cracks that were engraved by this society.

They wrote with a type writer all the rules and regulations of being considered acceptable on her forehead.

Around her belly they tattooed a measuring tape and marked the size that was considered beautiful.

She was scarred; she was used as evidence of a plan to create brainless Barbie dolls, the all American woman.

With the boys they inflated their arms along with their egos and called them men. Filling their minds with disrespectful phrases and Lust.

Now this porcelain doll breathed in every word, and mirrors started to become enemies, tears became best friends, solitude became a family member, and self-hate became her shadow.

Her surface was about to shattered along with her hope for a simple world where the stars played with the clouds and the sun conversed with the moon.

She gave up and she broke.

Leaving behind her pieces, everyone gathered around her crying and hoping she would come back, People she never spoke too, enemies that threw the first daggers at her wept.

Now after she was gone they noticed how gorgeous she was; now her worn out pieces were becoming lovely pedals, now she was appreciated for the lovely rose she was.

Society brain washes us and makes us hungry for power, but once we see someone fall we shed our snake figures and transform into innocent butterflies and forget the kicks and punches we served to these fallen angels.

  Parents only realize something is wrong when they find the blood spatters on bathroom walls, rope marks on necks, and when their all-star player is 6 feet under breathless.When their eyes have swelled to the point of being as blind as they were before it all was lost

Masked and artificial we have become, fake outlines, this is the sad truth of the human race.

 Now all I ask is for us to be the deal breakers, together we can bring up our white flags and form an alliance to stop watching our peers being buried alive by simple punch lines and the sinister lies in magazines. We can make scales belt out beautiful and the word strong will only be referred to a man’s will.

Let’s change our ways and create equality, something that has long been missing