acid mint

2011 Domaine du Théron Cuvée Prestige

Just lounging around at the market with my French Malbec, my friends. By the way, Malbec is not native to Argentina! The grape grew up in France before moving there, so if you love Malbec from Argentina, give Cahors a try! Ripe, full, macerated dark fruit with a bit of dark spice on the nose. Nice blackberry and dark plum notes on the palate with nice acidity, a hint of mint, and spice. Full and ripe but balanced. Nothing magical with this wine, but a solid wine at the price. Nothing to fault here!

3/5 bones



13% abv

Cahors, FRANCE

Meat Pies (1/1)

AN:  Commission fic for truerumbelle.  Looks like this is first in my update list!  Got it finished sooner than I thought I would.  Her prompt was angsty smut, centered around Zelena’s abuse of Rumple, particularly when she force-fed him those meat pies.  Hope you all enjoy!

Rumplestiltskin came home to the warm smell of meat and vegetables.  He inhaled deeply—it was a brisk autumn day and the thought of Belle’s cooking had gotten him through the long hours at the pawnshop.  She’d promised him a special dinner tonight, as soon as the flea market for the library had finished. 

“Hi!” Belle popped out of the kitchen, wrapping her arms around his neck warmly. “I’m glad you’re home—getting hungry!”

“Mm,” Gold agreed, kissing her sweetly. “It smells heavenly in here. Beef stew?”

She took his hand, leading him into the kitchen.  “Shepherd’s pie! I found the recipe in an old English cookbook at the library.”  She withdrew a pieplate from the oven with gusto and Gold halted.

Shepherd’s pie…a kind of meat pie…

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