acid dawg summer 2k13

Tour day 8?

We are on our way to Oklahoma City to play a show with Football, etc, Cedres, Power Pyramid, and Tandaredi at Bad Granny’s Bazaar. Should be awesome. Tomorrow we are playing at the East Side Social Center in Houston, TX with Decathect and Come Clean which should be really cool as well. After that, we are meeting back up with our buds in Alta and The Reptilian for three days in Texas and one in New Orleans. They have helped us out so much on this tour, we really can’t thank them enough for helping us hop on a bunch of shows last minute. Thanks to Sean and Nathan in Champaign for having us at Error Records and Josh for having us in St. Louis last night. Big thanks to Bryn for hosting us last night.

The few dates we got to do with Our Lady all were super fun and it was great becoming friends with all of them. Such solid people. Check out their band if you haven’t already.

Corey bought fireworks today in Missouri and we’ve been lighting ‘em off along this 8 hour drive.

The south hates us already.


So we’re doing a little summer shindig.  It starts with a week with Our Lady from Springfield, IL.  Here are the dates for that.  If you can help book something please send an email to acidictree@gmail (dot) com.  

June 28th - South Bend, IN (OUR LADY ONLY)

June 29th - Rockford, IL (OUR LADY ONLY)

June 29th - Chicago, IL @ The Metro w/ Naked Raygun (tour kick-off show, lol ya right poser) (ACIDIC TREE ONLY)

June 30th - Milwaukee, WI @ Derek Zoolander Center…. w/ Soul Low, estates, and Brain Tacos

July 1st - Madison, WI 

July 2nd - Minneapolis, MN @ Medusa w/ Disaster Strikes

July 3rd - Fargo, ND

July 4th - Omaha, NE

July 5th - Cedar Rapids, IA

Then we’ll out be out until July 14th or so but we’re still working out those details.  Keep on the lookout.

Tour day 13

Only three days left of tour. Bittersweet for sure. But the past few days have been incredible. Oklahoma City was so much fun. We owe a lot to our friend Colin for hooking it up. Check out his bands Cedres and Happy Birthday. As well as Power Pyramid. Not a Colin band but still awesome.

Texas was more fun than we could have expected. Houston was really cool, Come Clean killed it. Definitely check them out. Our friend Adam set up the show, put us up, let us play with his cats, and made us delicious vegan tacos. Hit up East Side Social Center if yr ever there. Playing Denton the next day with innards, Cat People, Alta, and The Reptilian ruled so much. Innards tore shit up. It was great seeing our good friends in carte de viste as well as the legend himself, Josh Raymond.

The show in Austin at Habanero House was insane. Old Problems absolutely killed it and you need to check them out. Unfortunately our friends in Weakness couldn’t play due to the cops arriving (ACAB but we preserved and beat ‘em!) but Alta and The Reptilian were great as usual. Big thanks to Schuyler, Tommy, and Cruz for making us food, putting us up, and stealing pizzas from whole foods for us.

San Antonio last night also was a blast. Alta and The Reptilian ruled as usual, but Sohns and Signalmen were super awesome. Definitely worth the listen.

Corey almost got us kicked out of the venue for a firework war against The Reptilian. We’ve been driving ever since. We’ve had way too much coffee. But we will make it.

Tonight we are in New Orleans playing at the Big Top with New Lands, Donovan Wolfington, and High in One Eye, as well as the altilian. Lets get buc nutty.

In the words of Dr. Rabon, “If it’s not dense, don’t break it up.”