acid cookies

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut

Happy Easter! Celebrating with a rosé champagne. Small red berries, boysenberries, chalk, and a hint of linzer cookies on the nose. Really wonderful on the palate with a nice balance of fruit and acid. Linzer cookies, macerated forest berries, chalk, hint of red roses, and red apples on the palate. Nice mousse (bubbles). 

4/5 bones


Pinot Noir, Pinor Meunier, Chardonnay

12% abv

Champagne, FRANCE

week 31

I can no longer tie my own shoes, I can’t go anywhere without a jug of water by my side (holy thirst, batman!), I experienced my first bout with heartburn at 4:30 this morning, and I have about 2.76 outfits that will fit over my bump. 

I told Blake to hoist me up the pole yesterday because I looked like a giant pirate ship flag in my black and white stripes. If you ever wonder when stripes STOP being cute on a pregnant woman– apparently it’s week 31.

Baby H tap dances like a maniac first thing in the morning, immediately after every meal, and right when I climb into bed. She squirms around like an eel if she gets too hungry, still loves red meat but doesn’t care a thing for fish, and would be okay with me eating every slice of citrus in the state of North Carolina if only it weren’t for that pesky acid issue. Lemon Oreo cookies are my new craving and chocolate milkshakes are my after dinner drink of choice these days.

All joking aside, I do feel pretty good and am VERY grateful for every ache, pain, and twinge. Growing a human sure isn’t easy. But what a gift I’ve been blessed with.