acid assault

When Ameneh Bahrami rejected a man’s marriage proposal, he turned bitter and threw acid into her face leaving her with extreme disfigurements. She went through 19 agonising operations and is permanently blind, but this didn’t stop her wanting justice on the man who ruined her life. In court, the judge wanted the accused to serve a lengthy prison sentence and pay full compensation to Ameneh, but she had different ideas: She asked if she could have exact revenge, by injecting acid into the man’s eyes. The court allowed it as a capital punishment, and arrangements were made for Ameneh to inject 20 drops of acid into her attacker’s eyes to blind him.

However, in a last-minute act of peace and bravery, Ameneh decided to pardon her attacker. Strapped to a bed, he kicked and spat at her while he awaited the injection, but she could not ruin someone else’s life, no matter what he’d done to her. She told everyone: “I couldn’t do it, I knew I could not live with it until the end of my life. I knew I would have suffered and burned twice had I done that.”

The Ballad of Violet and Pearl (Chapter 7) - Scarlet

A/N - set mostly in the 1950’s, the idea came from Jinkx’s song ‘The Ballad of Johnny and Jack’ and influenced the story. Also influenced by Thelma and Louise. ‘Ballad’ in the 50’s was a term used for a love letter.

TW - lots of angst and some violence - I am sorry for Matt’s behavior in this chapter! Hope you enjoy it anyway!

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no relationship with a man has ever made me feel better about myself its like any shield ive built around my self esteem is being assaulted by acid rain and the only thing i have room to care about is whether or not they like me


To the person who came up with the idea of Danny’s body initially rejecting his ectoplasm, tell me who you are so I can link you because this is what you have wrought.

EDIT: Here’s the guy!


The rest of the family going away for three days on a ghost hunting trip had been a good thing. He’d just turned fourteen, and according to his parents that apparently meant he was mature enough to look after the house on his own for the long weekend. He’d been given a list of emergency numbers to call as they’d be out of cellphone range, his mom had made sure there was enough food in the fridge, and finally he’d received a token injunction not to get into any trouble. He’d said of course he wouldn’t, who did you take him for, he was fourteen.

So of course, like any teenager under these circumstances, as soon as the Fenton RV was out of sight (he’d waved mischievously cheerfully at a clearly disgruntled Jazz from the kitchen window) he immediately went and did something he shouldn’t have.

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The Complains have been heard...

It’s been heard from the higher up from Universal or Survey’s that the Streets were lacking a factor that made what the event has been for the past 20 years. Now, that they tried something different this year of not having as many chainsaws. They caved in and added Chainsaws to “ Acid Assault ” Zone.  
I was hoping for the saws to be added to “NightMaze”, who knows what Universal is planning next. Only time will tell.