acid armor

088-DRUMBOIL [Drum-Oil]
-The Waste pokemon
-Ability: Toxic Zone* - Heavy Metal(HA)
-Dex: “This Pokemon came to life from a pool of toxic waste that was not propely dispossed. Since its body is too soft to mantain a proper form, it shelters itself in a metal drum that becomes part of its own body.”
    -Acid Spray
    -Iron Defense
    -Acid Armor

–>Evolves at lv. 38<–

089-POLUSTRIAL [Pollution-Industrial]
-The Toxic Pokemon
-Ability:  Toxic Zone - Heavy Metal(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemons corrosive body is able to eat trough almost any organic matter, and even some metals. Using pipes and industrial junk, this pokemon is able to construct a shell strong enough to hold its highly acidic body.  ”
    -Gunk Shot
    -Heavy Slam
    -Sludge Wave

*Toxic Zone “As long as this pokemon is out on battle, any pokemon entering will get poisoned, if an already poisoned pokemon enters battle, it will get badly poisoned. Doesnt affect poison or steel type pokemon”

I wanted to give him a name but I’m highkey uncreative

Yinae’s Notes: I like the moveset, but if you are gonna run Acid Armor on it, I recommend switching the Choice Specs with a Life Orb. But, if you are gonna run specs, replace Acid Armor with another attacking move that you feel will work with it.

Traditional fantasy-based MMO classes redesigned for a post-apocalyptic setting: ( 6 / 9 ) rogues

Rogues were the class other than archers that gave me the most trouble in redesigning. In the end, I decided it would be easiest to approach the two as DPS classes that focused on opposite aspects: stealth vs. speed. (DEX vs AGI in RPG terms?)

Rogues focus entirely on getting close to the enemy and dealing as much damage as quickly as possible. Though they wear some basic armor (dirtbike chest and shoulder protectors), their outfits mostly emphasis sleekness and mobility; speed-cycling and mountain biking clothes have a good balance of durability and ease of movement. Running shoes are favored over boots, sometimes preemptively paired with ankle braces.

Katars are the favored weapon of choice due to their huge thrusting power, much more effective at punching through armor than conventional knives and blades. 

Explosive variants append “shotgun shells” of crude home-made explosives that add extra kick to a blow. A leather shield extends off the end of the katar in order to protect the arm from the impact. Which this does allow for bigger bursts of damage, it obviously requires the user to reload once in a while.

Corrosive variants are slotted with vials of acid, which flows into small channels and wells in the katar’s blade; once the blade punctures through an enemy’s armor, the acid will be left behind. Corrosion is slow-acting, applying a debuff and causing damage over time. 

spinninglenny  asked:

21 - “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” for Eliza/Garrus? Thank you ♥

“You do realize this is Benning, right?” Shepard yelled over the thunder. “Not only is this planet the absolute ass-end of the galaxy, it’s got acid rain. The Reapers can have this one.” 

“I wonder what Udina would think if he heard the Savior of the Citadel talking like that,” Garrus replied. “Come on, Shepard. Fifteen minutes till extraction. What could –” 

Shepard squawked, a sound she immediately regretted as Vega snorted into his gauntlets and pretended to sneeze to cover it. “Don’t say it,” she hissed through gritted teeth, glaring at the back of Vega’s head. “Don’t fuck this up, Garrus.” 

“What, feelin’ superstitious, Lola?” Vega turned to smirk at her. “Don’t wanna jinx the mission?” He held a hand out past the edge of the prefab, wincing as his shields sparked and flickered when the rain hit them. “Hard to think it could get worse, you know?” 

“Oh, I don’t know about that.” Garrus leaned against a wall, all easy lines under the solid, acid-pitted armor. “I can think of a lot of ways it could be worse. But then, I’ve been with Shepard longer. Got a lot more experience to pull from.” 

Shepard watched Garrus from under her lids, trying to resist a smile. Acid rain, smog, panicked civilians – Benning was a nightmare, one she wanted to shower and sleep off, but it was hard to hate the planet, with Garrus and Vega making terrible jokes the whole time. 

Hard to hate anything, as long as Garrus was there, haunting the edges of her vision, so in tune with her that she could communicate everything with a nod, or a twist of her fingers. 

“Yeah?” said Vega. He squatted down, peered through the scope of his assault rifle. “Well, we’re clear, and we still got twelve minutes till extraction. Hit me, Scars.” 

“You realize that this is exactly the opposite of not jinxing ourselves, right?” Shepard said, leaning against the wall next to Garrus, where she had a clear line down the block if she needed to Charge. He bumped her shoulder with his, humming low in his throat. 

“Vega here says it can’t get worse. I’m doing him a favor, Shepard.” 

“And what’s that, boss?” she asked, sliding an inch closer. For the better sightline, she told herself, as their armor clanked together.

Garrus gave her the turian equivalent of a smirk, all raised browplates and flicking mandibles. “Lowering his expectations. With you, things can always get worse.” 

“I’d be insulted if it weren’t true,” she said, grinning up at him. “At least you’re never bored.” 

He watched her face for a long moment – long enough for Vega to sidle away and make a show of checking the clips in his rifle. “No,” he said, quiet, just for her ears, and warm enough to heat her cheeks. “Never bored.” 

Shepard tried to find a reply – anything – but something moved, fifty meters out, and she had her pistol raised a half-second later. 

“You see that?” she asked. 

“I see it,” Garrus replied. “Looks like a few Engineers, maybe a Phantom – if you’re lucky, Shepard.” 

“Yeah, we all know how much you love to whomp ‘em, Lola,” said Vega. “What’s the play?” 

“Their shields’ll come down, same as ours, so you two stay in cover till I give the signal,” said Shepard, her heart picking up pace as she switched to her shotgun. “Garrus, make sure none of those turrets get set up. James, cover the left flank. I don’t want any surprises when I land in the middle of those assholes. Got it?” 

“I’ve got you,” said Garrus, just before she Charged, too low for Vega to hear.