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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas🎄…
Amy’s Christmas music…holiday treasures…🎵
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11.23.13 - "A Christmas to Remember" by Amy Grant

Growing up, the holidays were officially ushered in by watching the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,” however for the past decade, that moment has been pushed up a week earlier to the Saturday before Thanksgiving to a day we like to call “TRADSgiving.”

I’ve written several times about being part of the Traditions team, and the bonds and friendships that experience has allowed. In 2003, I invited that team over to my apartment on the Saturday before Thanksgiving so that we could all come together to share a meal and celebrate the fact that we had all become friends. I don’t think I could have guessed that it would be a continuing event, but as we host the 11th annual event, I couldn’t be happier that it is. While the name “TRADSgiving” remains, the event has changed over the years to include other friends who have become part of the Tradition family, or who have become honorary members. 

For a number of years, my friend Karen came to the yearly event and during one trip she and I realized that we both loved Amy Grant’s “A Christmas to Remember” album and song. It was another random connection for the two of us, but we spent the weekend at the piano, singing along to her songs and, specifically, the song “A Christmas to Remember.”  During one run-through Karen changed the title to “A Tradsgiving to Remember” and we both came up with more fitting lyrics that followed. From that moment forward, that song became an ongoing joke for Karen and I. We have left countless voicemails singing to each other in celebration of everything from “A Weekend to Remember” to “An Arbor Day to Remember”…each with crazier lyrics than the last.

Twinkling lights
A chill is in the air
And carols everywhere
Close your eyes, it’s almost here
Candles and cards
And favorite movie scenes
The smell of evergreen
As special as it’s always been
And I have a dream or two
Maybe they will come true

Setting our hopes on a big snow tonight
We’ll wake up to a world of white
It’s gonna be a christmas to remember
Light up the fire, play some Nat King Cole
Always sentimental and don’t you know that
It’s gonna be a Christmas to remember

Each year when I wake up on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, I smile because I know that I’ll see great friends today…and I start to sing this song in my head. It reminds me how thankful I am for my friendship with Karen, and all the others who play such an important role in my life. While Macy’s Parade and the “official arrival of Santa” still ushers in the Christmas season for me, it’s TRADSgiving that gets my heart ready for the Holidays.