So apparently, deaf people sneeze silently.
And this article says the sneeze sounds we make are just cultural habits and we don’t even need them. 

Although it does also say “Very little deaf-sneeze research exists”.

Thanks a lot, government.

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Frozen won the Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (“Let It Go”) during last night’s ceremony! Thank you to all of the fans (and the Frozen Fandom) for all of your incredible support of a film we’re very proud of.


Viruses can spread through the air in two ways: Inside large droplets that fall quickly to the ground (red); or, inside tiny droplets that float in the air like a fog (gray).

In the lab, scientists can infect monkeys with Ebola virus through the airborne route. But they haven’t found evidence that Ebola spreads through the airborne route in real outbreaks, with real people. It seems to only be successfully transmitted via the droplet route. Read a more detailed answer here.


Here’s a nose-drawing tutorial for you, Tumblr. 

Noses are tricky. I know there’s a lot of shortcuts and simplifications out there, but I really like working with the actual anatomy. I just find it keeps things more accurate when playing around with different shapes and sizes in various positions. Plus, it can always be simplified after it’s drawn. =)

Hope it’s useful!