I want to become a Poet

I want to become a Poet

And stitch words

Into worlds—

I want to make everything

Rhyme or sound perfect

The rhythms resonating

Echo them

              With emotions

I want to build mysteries

And solve them myself

Kill the subject with vowels

Resurrect them

In tenses

I want to ink my aching

As you whisper my

Metaphors and tattoo them

Bleed them

Into your skin

I want to publish stories

That will never fade

Make your life a puzzle

Complete them

              With conviction

I want to stitch worlds

With words because

I want to become a


anonymous asked:

RFA members (+V & Saeran) when they're sick and MC has to take care of them...? Your blog is awesome btw.

A thousand pardons, I couldn’t think of anything for V and Saeran for this one.


  • Yoosung doesn’t get sick that often but when he does he falls HARD
    • it looks like he’s seen it all man
  • he’s the worst out of all of them poor bb
  • at first it’s gradual and he doesn’t want you to worry about it
  • but then he just wakes up with no energy, high fever, and an aching body
    • like getting out of bed takes a lot out of him
    • mostly in a catatonic state most of the time
  • he gets too nauseous and lightheaded so he can’t eat
  • he HATES taking meds but he only takes them because you want him to get better
  • when his meds kick in, you make sure he’s eating properly
    • even though he’s not 100% Yoosung, he loves it when you spoon feed him
  • doesn’t go on the chat the entire time he’s sick
    • electronics aggravate his headache 
  • you pretty much serve as the outlet for Yoosung information in the chats
    • and everyone is deeply concerned for him
    • they all give him their well wishes
  • you can see Yoosung is in so much pain and it just makes you want to cry
    • you don’t even want to think about what he did when he was sick before you came here
    • based on what some the other RFA members said, not good
  • when it would get bad and he couldn’t sleep, you would put a hot towel over his eyes and rub his chest so all the mucus could break up
  • you can tell when he starts to recover because now he’s smiling and laughing again ^^


  • surprisingly, she gets sick more than she thinks
    • probably from all of that stress
  • most of it though are just simple colds that allow her to function
  • when you came around, she was getting sick less and that made her ecstatic
  • one time she woke up with a high fever and you were insistent on having her stay in bed all day
    • “MC, I’m fine. It’s just a fever. Let me just–”
    • “Jaehee Kang, if you so much as leave this room, I’ll take all of your Zen DVDs.”
  • she’s so stubborn because she’ll get up to do things herself
  • lived a long time where no one took care of her so she’s just kind of used to it
  • when she gets stubborn, you do too
  • every time you hear the bedroom door open you just dart from wherever you are and stare her down
    • she ends up closing the door
  • you figure she doesn’t like being in bed, so you moved her station to the couch
  • and all she does is watch her Zen DVDs, while eating whatever you put in front of her
    • you told her you would cook her anything and she REALLY took advantage of that
    • you just watch her eat the second batch of pajeon you made
    • it turns out she gains quite the appetite when she’s sick
    • and she doesn’t ralph so that’s a plus in a way
  • you know when she gets better is when her appetite goes back to being shitty


  • if this marshmallow can heal a broken limb within 3 days, he can recover from a sickness in half that time
  • Zen almost never gets sick since he takes good care of his body
  • but when he does, it typically lasts a day or two
  • it’s kind of a weird sight because you’ve seen him go through the stages of a cold within one day
    • it was like time sped up or something
  • one time he woke up with the flu and he just laid in bed and talked about how much he felt like garbage
  • like Yoosung he hates taking meds, but it’s because he kind of can’t
    • lw has a gag reflex when it comes to pills
    • when you pushed a pill in front of him, he didn’t want to tell you so he tried to take it
    • but he ended up just coughing it into the sink
    • he was very embarrassed you had to see that
  • you give him a massage if his body is aching
    • a few times he’s tricked you so you tend to check by poking him first
  • wants kisses from you but you know you don’t have an iron immune system like him so you just push his face away
    • be prepared for some whining
  • doesn’t want to go out in public because of how trashy he looks
  • he’s tied his rattail into a small bun so yeah no way he’s going outside
  • if he’s not willing to go out in public, he’s not willing to take pictures of himself either
  • but he does take pictures of you and sends them on the messenger with cute messages


  • similar to Zen, he almost never gets sick because he takes good care of his body
  • when he does, he’s pretty good at hiding it
    • plus he’s got enough money to get a good doctor to take care of him
  • one time when you woke up, you thought you heard Jumin in the kitchen
  • when you walked out he was hunched over the sink
    • on closer inspection his sick was in the sink and he kind of just froze
    • Jumin Han never gets embarrassed, but he felt weaker in your eyes seeing him like that
  • you force him back into bed and you take care of him the rest of the day
  • he really doesn’t want to sleep
    • ends up knocking out anyway
  • mr. trustfund kid could afford top notch meds
  • once his anti-nausea meds kick in, you make him a bowl of jook with slices of ginger root to fill his poor tummy
  • this donut is just a hot mess you feel so bad
  • prefers to have you by his side to keep him company
    • except when he needs to throw up his guts
    • really prefers if you weren’t there to see that
  • holds your hand as he’s trying to sleep because he’s a sappy donut


  • likes to push through his sicknesses because work work work
  • i can rest when i die lol
  • you tell him it’s not healthy and he should be in bed
  • but he just laughs it off and continues to work
  • you come back and he’s unconscious in a pool of his own snot and drool
  • Vanderwood was out so yeah you had to carry him to his bed all by yourself
  • when it comes to meds because he’s not used to taking pills
    • so you hide it in his food where he doesn’t notice it :>
  • can be such a pill sometimes because he’ll just waddle on over to his computer 
  • one time when you locked him in his room, you came back and he has two laptops on the bed
    • “Luciel no”
    • “Luciel YES”
  • you have to purge the bedroom of any hidden stashes
    • you even found one inside of your pillowcase???
    • *nervously pats sweat*
  • eventually he gets lightheaded so all of his electronics are put away besides his phone
  • his phone is his only sanity
    • spams the chat almost 24/7
  • you constantly have to keep picking up his used tissues
  • if he’s really congested, you’ll sit on the bed and he’ll put his head on your lap as you stroke his hair
    • calms him down enough to sleep

i bring shallow lakes to you-

dip your feet in frozen graves and feed the crows,
as they sing for your crumbling pieces 

to the moon // and back,

he comes with handfuls of snow 
as we, glittering in our accidental harmony
swing like the swans that danced in january-

for now, we dip our feet in the melting cold
for now, sing the screeching crows
for now, we feed the sky our emptiness 
for now, the grey has fallen sick
for now, we wait in aching

as the open seas, open our hearts 
and let us drown once again

till then, i can only scream // ask you 
to bring me the sea.