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There Is No Escape - Part 1

Summary: You are rescued from the waters around Neverland by Captain Hook and his crew with no memory has to what happened to you. But when you return to the island you soon find out.

Captain Hook/Peter Pan x Reader

Warning: None

Words: 1345

Your body is cold… very cold. You don’t know how you ended up in a vast ocean of water, or how long you had been in it, all you know is that you couldn’t swim any more. There had been no sign of land when you had first found yourself in the water and after swimming for however long you had been there was still nothing around you. Nothing but deep, dark, water. Every muscle in your body is aching beyond belief from the constant shaking as the cold temperature begins to affect you down to your very core.

This is it. This is how you were going to die. It’s a depressing thought but it is the only one that seems to be so very clear in your exhausted mind.

As your eyes begin to lose the fight to stay open and your face sinks beneath the gentle waves of the ocean you feel something wrapping itself around your wet hair, gripping it tight, before pulling you up and out of the water you’d been convinced was going to be your grave.

“Got her Cap’n!”

The deep, harsh, voice that now fills your ears is unrecognisable but you simply don’t care. All that matters now is that you are going to live another day. The hand that had pulled you out of the water now places you onto a hard surface and it is only now, as your eyes slowly fought to open a little, that you can make out several figures standing over you. Your vision isn’t as sharp as it would usually be though so there are no details on them that you can pick out….aside from one.

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Prompt: After Remus learned the truth about Sirius he didn't even get a chance to talk to him and say he is sorry for not trusting him and for everything that has happened because Sirius was on a run. So he decided to write him a letter it won't be enough but it will be a start.

let’s change it up a bit. A letter written after he gets out of Azkaban because I saw one on @captofthesswolfstar ‘s dash and it kinda inspired me. Imagine Sirius writing this on the back of a wanted poster with a stolen pencil in an alleyway.

I know you hate me. I thought about writing this so many times. In case something goes wrong with this plan I hope this gets to you, there isn’t much else I can do other than hope. Merlin, I missed hoping.

You know me and my plans Remus, they almost always backfire, like the last plan I did before I was locked up. It was my idea to change the Secret Keeper and not to tell you about it. I still have no idea where you were but I thought you were up to no good, I thought you spied on us and to be completely honest you didn’t help at all. I didn’t trust you and it hurts me so much to think that I didn’t trust your pure heart. You should also know that James never stopped trusting you, it was all me. Saying sorry doesn’t cut it and I know I say sorry all the time but I am, I am so sorry.

I convinced James to change the Secret Keeper because I didn’t trust myself with their lives, I’m a Black after all. It was the perfect plan. Everyone thought the Secret Keeper was me, even Dumbledore didn’t know we changed it. Voldemort was sure to come after me. It was me, James, Lily and Peter. I went to Peter’s that night to check on him and he was gone, there wasn’t a sign of struggle and my first instinct was to go check on James. It haunts me everyday and I deserve it. I tried to take Harry but Hagrid wouldn’t let me have him so I gave up. You know how I make stupid decisions on impulse, I had nothing to lose Remus, I had nothing left. You may think “well you had me” but I didn’t have you either, you weren’t here. So I hunted that rat down and the bloody coward cut his own finger to leave behind. He had planned this Remus and it’s all my fault. I gave him that power by not trusting you. I am so sorry Remus. 

I don’t know if you could ever find it in yourself to forgive me and I would completely understand if you didn’t but more than anyone else, you deserve an explanation. I will never forgive myself for putting you through this and for losing James and Lily. 

Also I know you won’t believe a word of it but I missed you so much Moons. I have never stopped loving you, even though I’m sure you did. I never deserved you. 

Take care of Harry, Remus. He’s all we have left and if you can please tell him, I’m sorry I was never there for him. I doubt I’ll ever get a chance to even meet him. I heard Rosmerta talk about how he looks like James. 

I am running out of space even though I still have so much to say. I am sorry for all this fucking mess Remus, I genuinely am.

Forever yours,


Remus looked at the crumpled up piece of paper in his hands. Ironically, Sirius had written it on the back of a wanted poster with his face on it. It was the day after the full moon and his body ached beyond belief, he hadn’t had a bad transformation like this for almost a year. Now as if it wasn’t enough, his heart was aching. The idiot thought Remus stopped loving him. Remus certainly wished and prayed he would and he hated Sirius so much but deep down he knew he could never stop. He was like a stain on his heart that wouldn’t wash away whatever he did.

Remus brushed his fingers over the last words. Forever yours. He didn’t care about the rest of the letter anymore, all were the things he had learned the night before. Forever yours. Even after twelve years locked up, his cursive was still close to perfection, a habit Sirius never could shake off. Remus smiled to himself, someday somehow they would find their way to each other. Until then, Remus carefully folded the paper and placed it in the inner pocket of his old jacket.

Title:  My Lies, Your Worth
Part:  43

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“You should know I don’t do clingy, doll.”

It was a sudden decision.  While Kise considered the possibility and benefits of invading Jason’s space so completely before, the dangers had deterred him from day one.  Past experiences made Kise cautious—with good reason.  While Jason doesn’t have the wit of Akashi Masaomi, he has the strength and ferocity to hurt Kise, break Kise.  Behind iron bars locked away with a brute, Kise needs to be cautious.  Like this Kise can’t run anymore; he has nowhere to hide and no one to help him if he fucks up.  For near twenty-four hours every day, he’ll be with this man.

How fucking wonderful.

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Off to see Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft in Bochum tonight! Later on, I will put on some purple lipstick but it’s 3pm over here and I don’t want to show off too much. :P

But gosh, I am seeing the man who was such a major inspiration to me at the beginning of this year (Gabi Delgado). He is so incredibly self-confident and talks as if he was talking about the truth even though his views are painted. Love him. Maybe I’ll meet him tonight. God save him from me. :P

Fists & Knives - Chapter 30

My body was shaking with anxiety as Zayn walked out of the basement stairwell and pulled me with him.  He whipped me over toward the front door but motioned for me to stand around the corner in the other empty room.  I nodded as he pressed a single finger to his lips and walked away from me and the front door into the bar room.   I heard his voice as he spoke softly.

“She’s fine.  Asleep,” he lied.

The leather of the couch stretched loudly as Doug’s heavy body shifted on it. “She won’t be fine tomorrow.  That bitch has ruined Marcus’ foot.  On top of that, he freaked the fuck out so much that he’s still got a 102 fever.  He’s going to tear her apart.”

“Is he feeling better than he was this morning after the incident?” Zayn asked.

“I don’t fucking know.  Those pain meds knocked him out.  He’s been asleep since we got home from Andy’s,” Doug replied shrewdly as if Zayn was pestering him.

Zayn backed slowly out of the room.  The back of his leather jacket was visible to me as I peeked around the wall of the empty room I was in.  I supposed it was meant to be a dining room, but like the rest of the house, was bare.

“Well I’m leaving, mate.”

“Where are you going?” Doug asked, sitting up off of the couch quickly.
Zayn chuckled. “You didn’t think I was going to stay here tonight, did you?  Sleep on that leather couch between you and Marcus?”

“You’re not going to help me take care of him?”

Zayn chuckled again. “You’re a grown man.  I’m sure you can handle Marcus.  He’s asleep anyway, like you said.”

Doug shifted noisily on the couch again. “Whatever, man.”

“See you in the morning then,” Zayn confirmed, turning to walk to the front door.  As he pulled the handle, he glanced over his shoulder into the bar room to make sure Doug wasn’t watching and then motioned to me quickly.  I scurried to the door and allowed Zayn to push me through first into the chilly night.  My bare feet were freezing on the concrete porch.  I wanted to ask Zayn if he could retrieve my phone and shoes, but I decided my priority was getting away from this hell hole as fast as I could. 

“Where is Arnold?” I whispered as we ran down the steps and through the yard to Zayn’s small car. 

“He went home to his wife.”

I shuddered.  He was so loyal to his wife.  Loved his son.  He worked hard.  He seemed like a decent man… but I couldn’t help but wonder if his wife had any idea that he was aiding in torturing Harry and myself – physically and mentally.

“Where is Louis?” I asked as we began to drive. I couldn’t tell what neighborhood we were in because of the lack of street lights. 

“The house.”

“Harry’s house??”

“Yeah.  Well, he’s supposed to be.  Earlier tonight, Marcus, Doug, and I went to this house across the city where a lot of Marucs’ body guards stay.  Andy?  They guy whose hand you cut?  He had Louis in his basement.  They decided it was best to keep you three apart.”

I frowned.  “So where is Harry?” I asked, my voice wavering.

Zayn stared at the road in front of us.  “Kennedy, I still don’t know.  When we were at Andy’s there were two guards missing who are usually around – Craig and Walter – but they weren’t there.  I assume Harry is with them but I don’t know where they are either…”

I nodded slowly and bit my lip to keep from crying.  All of these fucking guards… there were so many of them and it was driving me insane.  “So how would Louis have escaped if he was being held at Andy’s and all of the other guards were there?”

“I texted Liam the address.  While the guards were drinking and talking with Marcus about what to do with Louis next, I kinda snuck him out like I snuck you out…  Liam drove him back home.”

“Who decided that our house was a good idea?  Isn’t that the first place they’ll look?”  I asked, my voice wavering.

Zayn shook his head.  “I managed to convince them that the house was the last place you would be.”

I widened my eyes at Zayn.  “Jesus, Zayn, you’re going to get killed for helping us like this.  Don’t you think they know Louis is missing by now?”

Zayn shook his head slowly.  “Not that Louis isn’t a smart guy with great qualities, but he’s no chef or anything.  They weren’t checking on Louis like Marcus was checking on and using you.  They were gonna starve him out…”

This whole situation had me feeling sick to my stomach.  My fingers wrapped tightly around the door handle and I tried to breathe in through my nose and out of my mouth for the rest of the ride home.  My mind wandered, imagining horrible things they could be doing to Harry as if it wasn’t already bad enough that they convinced him I was dead.  The more I tried not to think about it, the more I did.  Thankfully, our arrival at the house took my mind off of a few problems.

Surprisingly, the first person to come running out of the house was Jenna.  As I opened the car door, she ran to me and hugged me tightly, pulling me out of the car and helping me as I got to my feet.  Seeing her run made me realize the just how weak sleeping all day and not having eaten made me.

“I’m glad you’re safe-”

“What are you doing here???” I sputtered as she led me inside.  When we got closer to the light, I could see the hurt in her face. “I just mean I don’t want you to be involved in this.  You could get really hurt, Jenna.”

“Louis called Niall over tonight and I came too.  We had no idea what was happening until we got here,” she explained.  It looked like her eyes were beginning to water, which immediately set me off.  Tears streamed down my cheeks as she pulled me into a hug and rubbed my back.   It was so hard for me to understand why so many people who barely knew me wanted to help me.  I had barely known Jenna or Zayn for very long but after tonight, I would probably trust them with anything.  Yes, I finally trusted Zayn.  Part of me was mad it took so long.

“Are you hungry?” Jenna asked after a moment.

I nodded and wiped my nose and cheeks.  She guided me inside, only for me to be swarmed by Liam and Niall.  They hugged me so tightly that I thought I might pass out.  After they released me, I was dragged into Louis’ arms.

“Holy shit I though you were dead,” he choked.  “We both did.  When Zayn found me and told me you were alive I-“

Not knowing what else to say, I just buried my face in Louis’ shirt.  “I thought I was never going to see you guys again.”

Louis kissed me on the cheek, but it was more of a sibling “I missed you” kiss than just a normal greeting kiss.  He kept his left arm around me as he extended his right and shook Zayn’s hand.  As Louis turned and more light shined on his face, I could see the entire left cheek and eye was bruised.  While I wanted to worry for him, I couldn’t imagine my face looked any better.  His arms had deep scratches on them.  “We owe so much to you…”  He told Zayn.

Zayn shrugged.  “Just glad to help.  I’m gonna do what I can to help you find Harry.”

Louis pulled me into his body and breathed deeply again, holding me for a few moments while everyone else stood in silence and watched.  Jenna slipped into the kitchen and began to pull out pots and pans and ingredients for food.  “Here, let me help-“

“Kennedy,” Louis said, grabbing my shoulders and looking straight into my eyes. “Let us make you food.”

“But I-“

Louis’ playful glare shut me up.  He hugged me and kissed the top of my head once more before leading me to the bar.  It was odd sitting on this side of the counter for once, but I enjoyed being able to watch Jenna as she skillfully chopped up nuts and bananas and mixed some flour and sugar together for banana muffins. 

“Comfort food, my mom calls it,” she explained as she pulled her hair back and began to mix the batter.

Niall slid onto a stool beside me and put his arm around my shoulders.  “These muffins are to die for.  This lady here is a perfect cook.  Perfect,” he said, winking at Jenna.  She tried to avoid a blush by ducking into the oven and putting the muffins on the rack. 

Louis, Liam, and Zayn had drifted to Louis’ room and were discussing where they thought they could look for Harry or how we could even go about finding him without Marcus or his guys seeing us.  It was a dull night and we had nothing to do except sit and wait.  The large window-wall that I usually loved to death was scaring me simply for the fact that I couldn’t see into the dark yard.  Chills went down my spine as I thought about someone sneaking around out there without me being able to see them. Zayn walked to the backyard at one point to call his mom, but I couldn’t even see the glow from his phone.  

“I’m going to take a bath,” I gulped after staring out the window long enough to spook me.

Niall licked his fingers after finishing his third muffin and nodded. “We’ll be here.”  Next to him on the couch, Jenna smiled comfortingly at me.

The warm water felt sensational as I slowly dipped my toes into the sudsy bath and lowered my body. My back was aching beyond belief… well, my whole body was actually.  My breasts even were sensitive, which I thought was from sleeping in awkward positions all day, but that couldn’t have been it.  Oh, I was supposed to start my period.  Wait, I was supposed to start my period yesterday… I was never late.  It was hard not to panic for a moment, but I calmed myself when I thought that I was stressed.  There was no doubt in my mind that I was the most stressed now than I had ever been in my life, so my cycle was just messed up.  My period would come tomorrow.  I knew it.

I massaged my own body as I laid in the water and allowed my skin to soak up the soap.  As I washed off the dirt from my skin, I began to see cuts and bruises that I hadn’t before and wondered how rough the guards with me were with me when I was unconscious.  My head dipped under the water and I held my breath for as long as I could, enjoying the peace of the bathtub and thinking about Harry.  Memories of him flashed through my mind, like the day he took me and Clark to lunch and then we almost ALMOST almost had sex in the gym.  I grinned at the thought of timid and angry Harry shoving my advances away.  What about the time he ate me out in the locker room?  That was amazing, to say the least.  The locker room.   The locker room…

I tried to prevent it, but I couldn’t at this point.  The locker room would no longer hold good memories for me.   Images of Harry and Louis battling guards flashed before my eyes and I shot up out of the water.  I was so into the memory that I could hear Harry’s yelling.  It sounded completely real. 

Wait, it was real.

My feet nearly slipped out from under me as I scurried out of the bathtub and snatched my towel off the rack.  I shook out my hair at the same time that I tied my towel around my body and ran out of the bathroom.  As I climbed the stairs, I heard his voice.


“Harry, Kennedy is-“


“What happened?” Liam asked.

Harry punched the wall.  “I fuckin’ took those assholes out.  They piss me off like that and then send TWO guys to get me onto a plane?  TWO?  Don’t they know by now that I turn into a goddamn animal when I’m pissed? A- a… well a BEAR?  A big, fuckin, angry bear?  They could have sent 30 guys to force me on that plane and I still would have gotten away.  FUCKERS!”

He punched the wall again as I made it to the top of the stairs and rounded the corner of the kitchen.  Harry was standing with his back to me, his bruised, cut-up, heaving, bare back.  He was still wearing the shorts from his boxing match and even had my bandana tucked into the back of his shorts.  He kept it.  He held onto it.  I didn’t know what all he had been through, but he made sure to keep my red bandana.  The thought brought tears to my eyes and they dripped down my cheeks along with the other water that was dripping from my hair into my towel and onto the floor.  Jenna spotted me from the corner of the room and pulled on Niall’s sleeve.  Niall spotted me and cleared his throat.  Louis’ eyes made their way to me over Harry’s shoulder and his face fell.

“Harry,” I breathed.

Harry shuddered and clutched his head, almost as if he was covering his ears.  “I keep hearing her voice…” He admitted to the group in front of him.  “I keep hearing her beautiful fucking voice and I just…” He pulled his hair and shook his head over and over.  “Everything about her was so perfect.  Do you guys know that?  I didn’t tell her enough and I didn’t tell the rest of the world like I should have.  She was something to brag about and I just…”

“Harry,” I repeated, but I was so teary-eyed and heartbroken for him that my voice cracked.  I stepped toward him, my bare toes silent on the tile, and reached for his shoulder with my finger.   I brushed it so delicately with my fingers that I worried he wasn’t able to feel me.  It wasn’t my intention to startle him, but I didn’t know how else to do it.   The last thing I wanted was for him to think I was a ghost or some part of his imagination, which is why I think I was hesitating.  With my touch, for as gentle as it was, Harry whipped around and grabbed the front of my towel while pulling back his other for a hit. 

I didn’t shut my eyes.  I didn’t wince.  I gazed straight into his pain-filled and completely lost green eyes until it finally clicked. 

“Kennedy,” He breathed, lowering his fist and loosening his grip on my towel.  “K… Baby… my baby.”  His hands were shaking.  His bottom lip was trembling.  “Kennedy,” he whimpered, running his finger over my black eye and the cut on my other cheek from where I was slapped.  Mirroring him, I reached up with one hand and ran my finger over his matching black eye just as a tear escaped it.

As the tears began to stream down his face more steadily, he collapsed to his knees and gripped my hips as he buried his face in my stomach.  I laced my free hand into his hair and sobbed myself as I held the one and only love of my life in my arms again.  The thought that I might never get to do this ever again had crossed my mind more than once in the last few days and I was beyond glad to never have to think it again.

“I love you.  I love you, I love you, I love you,” Harry mumbled as he clutched at my towel and held his head to my body.  Finally, I uttered a laugh and tugged gently on his hair to stop him from pulling my towel down accidentally in front of everyone.  He looked up into my face, tears still gushing down his cheeks as his handsome smile appeared. “You’re not dead.”

“No,” I laughed, “I’m pretty alive.”

Jenna squealed with delight and Liam started to applaud as I leaned down and pressed my lips to Harry’s.  “I love you,” I said against his mouth. 

Harry grinned into the kiss and gripped my hips again.  “I love you.”

Zayn breathlessly rushed into the living room. “My mum talks forever.  Did I see Harry in here?” He gazed our way and grinned.  “Holy shit, mate.  How did you get here?”

Harry pulled himself from me to lunge at Zayn.  While I’m sure we were all praying for Harry to miss, our prayers weren’t answered fast enough and Zayn joined the Black Eye club.

“You bastard, you’re with them!” Harry shouted, grabbing Zayn by the collar and preparing for another hit. “Admit it, you filthy rat.  You’re in this with Arnold and Marcus!”

Louis daringly stepped between the two and pushed Zayn out of Harry’s grasp.  He turned and shoved Harry back toward me, and I wrapped my arm around his waist as a way of trying to restrain him.  When he felt my fingers curl around his hip, he glanced down at me and his eyes immediately softened.

“Harry, I’m alive because of Zayn.  He snuck me away from Marcus.”

Harry’s face fell and he frowned at Zayn apologetically.  This was all too much for everyone.  My headache was returning and I could tell by the way that Jenna was leaning into Niall that she was getting tired.  Liam too.  There was no doubt in my mind that Zayn could use an icepack and a sleeping pill about now.  If Louis had been through half of what I went through, he could use a rest too.   A puddle had formed under my feet and I shivered since the water from my hair had cooled.  I patted Harry’s side to let him know I was letting go.  “Go home.  Come back tomorrow and we can all talk,“ I told everyone.

“Lock your doors and sleep with a gun,” Liam chuckled.  Louis frowned because he knew it wasn’t a very good joke.  Niall and Jenna joined me in a three-way hug and walked out the door in each other’s arms.

“Mind if I stay here?” Zayn asked me softly.  “I usually sleep at Andy’s.”

I smiled and nodded.  “You can take Harry’s bed.  He’ll sleep with me.”

Harry didn’t try to argue with me as I showed Zayn the way to his room.  After another hug and kiss from Louis, I grabbed Harry and led him downstairs to my room, supporting him with one arm and taking him straight to the bathroom.  The bath that I was in was freezing, so I quickly drained the tub and refilled it.  Harry’s eyes burned into my back as I prepared the bath and motioned for him to come from the bed to the bathroom.  He walked slowly and took my hand as I helped him slide into the water.

“Come here,” he begged, patting the water slowly.   He rolled his head along the edge of the tub and smiled lazily at me.  I hurried out of my towel and dipped my body into the tub, which seemed three times smaller with the two of us in it.  I scooted to Harry as much as I could without my legs cramping and grabbed a washcloth to drag over Harry’s skin.  I scratched my fingers along his tattoos and blushed when I felt his eyes on me intently.  My eyes raised to meet his gaze. 

“Tell me where you where,” I said softly.

Harry gently took one of my hands and kissed it before directing it back to his skin.  He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the edge.  “They knocked me out when I thought you died.  I woke up in a warehouse.  Like the huge ones that they keep aircraft in.  Marcus bought a plane and he was planning on sending me to God knows where.  He’s good about not revealing his demented plans.  I’ve heard of this underground boxing league in Europe where you can make a ton of money.  My guess was that he was going to take me there to make money for him and Arnold.  They probably thought that once I ‘cut ties’ with you and Louis, I would go willingly because I have nothing else here for me.”

“They said they hated you.  They said they didn’t want money anymore but it was more about their unadulterated loathing for you.”

Harry laughed loudly.  “They may hate me but it’s mainly the money.  Trust me.”

I bit my lip and  tried to think of more questions to ask.  While he was gone, I had a million questions but now that Harry was back, I could barely remember any of them.  “Why did it take you so long to get away?” I asked.

Harry chuckled and looked at me.  “Was tonight not soon enough for you?  It took me ages to figure out how to get to the city from the warehouse.  When I got to the city, I found a fan on the street and asked if he could give me a ride.  He’s got front-row tickets to the next fight,” Harry chuckled.

I leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

He sighed contently and closed his eyes again. “I was also completely depressed.  I was weak and couldn’t convince myself to eat or drink because I thought you were gone.  It took me forever to convince myself to fight back.  Plus, it seemed like anytime I moved, someone would beat my face in.”  Harry opened his eyes and frowned at my eye. “Speaking of…”

My head turned quickly so Harry wouldn’t see my eye, but that just revealed the cut I received from one of Marucs’ rings when he backhanded me.

“Did they hit you?”

There was no point in lying.   I don’t know why he had to ask.

“It was just a few times,” I said, grabbing Harry’s hand from my face and kissing it before holding it under the water.

“A few times?? As in more than once?”

“Well, I think three to be exact.  But on the third time, I put a knife through Marcus’ foot.”

Harry shot up out of the water and wrapped his arms around my back, staring me straight in the face with wide eyes. “You did what?”

“I threw a knife into his foot,” I said, shrugging.  “Don’t make me think about it though, it makes me feel sick.”

Harry grinned and pulled me into his body, placing his lips on my collarbone as he hugged me tightly.

“Are we just going to forget about all of this?” I asked, but it was barely a whisper.  Was it all over?  It seemed like such a ruckus for Harry to magically return and us to live happily ever after.

Harry sighed and stroked my hair. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow.  I think Louis said he and Zayn figured out something we can do to get Marcus for what he did but they wouldn’t give me too much detail, which is good because I probably wouldn’t remember it all tomorrow,” he chuckled, leaning back and running his hands up my bare sides as I straddled him.

He leaned forward and kissed my chest, nibbling my skin with his teeth. I frowned when one more question popped into my head.

“Who was the other girl you had sex with?”


“Before me.”

Harry frowned. “Why do you ask?”

“It was Marcus’ sister.”

Harry gawked at me. “If you knew the answer, why did you ask?”

I smiled smugly and shrugged.  “It’s,,, just a thing that I wanted to ask.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Are you jealous?”

“Of course,” I admitted, giggling.  “I was jealous before I knew it was her.  It just surprised me that it was her.”

Harry sat forward and pushed his lips against mine.  He sucked on my bottom lip for a moment before leaning back and looking at me chest again, cupping each breast in his hands and squeezing gently.  I giggled.  He was such a guy.

“I slept with her before I knew it was Marcus’ sister.  She seduced me… to say the least.  It wasn’t because of like, feeeelings.”

“What did she look like?” I asked.

Harry stopped squeezing and dropped his hands. “I’m trying to focus on how unbelievably stunning you are and you keep bringing up this stupid girl…”

“I just wanna know.  It was bound to come up sometime,” I laughed, leaning forward in the water and laying on Harry’s chest.  He wrapped his arms around me.

“You’ve seen her before.”

“No,” I gasped.

“Yes,” Harry chuckled.  I loved how his chest rumbled against my ear.


“At a fight.”

“A blonde?”


“Black hair.”



“You’re getting there,” Harry laughed.

A brunette.  The only brunette I could think of.  Fuck.  Everything.

I sat up and gasped. “That fucking ring girl-“

“Emilia.  Her name is Emilia.”

“The one I suckerpunched?”

Harry smirked.  “I told you, you should have punched her again.”

“I might the next time I see her.”

“Do it.”

I punched Harry in the chest playfully. He groaned and I instantly pouted, thinking I hit him where he might have actually be hurt.  When he opened one eye to peek at my reaction and laughed, I punched him again.  Harry shot forward, splashing water all around and grabbing my face to pull me into a kiss.  He tried to stand up with me still straddling him, but slipped and fell back onto his bum.  I snorted so loudly that he hushed me with another kiss before pushing me off of him so he could stand.  He clambered out of the tub and grabbed my towel for me, extending it for me to step into.   As he wrapped me up and rubbed me down, he peppered me with slow kisses and eventually carried me to the bed.  He unrolled me from the towel and under the covers before rubbing himself down quickly with the same towel and turning off the lights. 

His body next to mine again was the best feeling in the world.  The last day of being held captive seemed like a distant memory, for as strange as it was.  Harry reached for me and pulled me on top of his body, kissing me over and over again.  I loved how he acted like he couldn’t get enough of me.  That’s how a relationship should be.

“I’m glad you’re alive,” he said into the darkness.  “But I’m really sad I wasn’t the one to save you.  I’m not going to lie, I’m completely jealous of Zayn.”

My lips met the skin of Harry’s chest. “I’m just glad you saved yourself.  I’m not strong enough to go up against those guard dudes.”

Harry chuckled. “Well, you did put a knife through Marcus Lattimus’ foot.  You could have just thrown knives at all of them, you little assassin.”  When I gulped, Harry stopped laughing and kissed me again. “I’m gonna be the one to save you from now on.  No one else.  Just me.  You’re mine, baby.”

“And you’re mine,” I grinned. “I love you, Bear.”

“I’m gonna marry you,” Harry blurted suddenly.

My breath hitched in my throat.  I had the sudden urge to squeal and dance around.  “Yes.”

“Yes, I am?”

“You are going to marry me.  Maybe after we take care of this Marcus ordeal.”

Harry flipped us suddenly, kissing me more and more and forcing laughter out of my body.  “Go to sleep, my princess.  We can plan a wedding and talk revenge in the morning.”