Achiltibuie by Tony Simpkins

A broader picture relating to my last post about  “the Brochs of Coigach”,  Achiltibuie is the central township  on  the Coigach peninsula enjoying some of the most spectacular scenery in the Scottish Highlands. I love the gaelic meaning of  Achd Ille Bhuidhe, Field of the yellow-haired boy, the others are, Culnacraig, Badenscallie and Polglass (where the community hall, the primary school and the Piping School are located), Polbain, where the Brochs are, Reiff through to Achnahaird. You can forget the rest of the world here for however long you stay.  The Roman epic The Eagle was shot on this peninsula, they built a Pictish village nearby at Old Dornie, where they did the majority of the filming,  a horse chase was also shot along the beach here. 


Trip To Achiltibuie - West Coast Of Scotland

Me, Sarah, Anna and Angus all went for a trip away after finishing uni for the year, we went to a remote youth hostel, which was an old croft and was pretty basic (which we liked), near the village of Achiltibuie, which is about 10m from Ullapool (about 30m by road). We decided to take bikes as it meant we could go a bit further each day than if we were just able to walk. The first day some eejit (possibly me), thought it would be a good idea to take the coastal path to the youth hostel as it was more direct than the road, however this turned out to be a pretty unrideable track with around 10% of it able to ride and consisted of much bike carrying! i definitely would not recommend it!

First day at the hostel was decent weather so we went to the beach and back which had rather nice white sands and turquoise water, however it rained a bit on the way home :(.

The second day was pretty dam miserable so we stayed in most of the day and played scrabble/monopoly (the hostel woman was very nice and let us stay in the hostel as long as we wanted as usually you are supposed to leave for the day), we did go for a short walk however in the afternoon to a broch just down the road so we had at least been out the building.

The third day we went for a cycle around the peninsula on the only road there is, with some amazing views of the torridon mountains and Summer Isles, we stopped off at a cafe on the way back which was pretty much a room in an old lady’s house and the cafe being a kettle, sink and tin of cakes, the coffe was only £1 and the cake was just 60p!!! 

We cycled back to Ullapool to meet the bus on Friday which took us through some awesome scenery, we must have cycled nearly 30miles! was a roasting hot day so we got some nice tan/sunburn! we got there extra early as Anna had been panicking about missing the bus so we set off super early, so we had some fish and chips in Ullapool while we waited.

All in all we must have cycled somewhere near to 65miles that week, which is very impressive for the girls! We got pretty lucky with the weather, the only downside was the narky old couple that were also in the youth hostel that had nowt better to do than have a dig at everything we said, as we were students we obviously knew nothing at all! especially Sarah the fashion student! haha! Anyway awesome holiday, enjoy the pics…