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books i read in 2016; march– the song of achilles by madeline miller

“When he died, all things soft and beautiful and bright would be buried with him.”

tsoa/patrochilles modern/highschool headcanons

- Patroclus’ father abandoned him or he was taken away by social services because he was a shit father but it’s okay because Pat was adopted by Chiron so Chiron is effectively his dad

- Achilles lives with Peleus and Peleus and Chiron live next door to each other so Achilles and Patroclus grew up together

- Achilles and Patroclus would go round each other’s houses a lot and Thetis would be so :/// at that but Peleus and Chiron are totally cool with it

- Chiron can totally tell when Patroclus and Achilles started banging and he’s like “fINALLY” but Pat and Achilles still think it’s a secret lmao. He figured it out because what platonic teenage boys have sleepovers and sleep in the same bed and act so lovingly with each other (((and he can hear them)))

- Achilles is really loud in bed and Patroclus tries to shut him up because he’s worried his dad will hear (he totally does) but Achilles does this thing and Patroclus stops complaining and starts moaning himself

- Chiron and Peleus are cool dads and have BBQs together and for a while Patroclus and Achilles try to act platonic but they totally fail and Chiron just says to Peleus “it’s funny how they think we don’t know” and they’re like “hah hah hah”

- One day they’re sick of hiding so when Chiron, Peleus, Patroclus and Achilles are having a movie night Achilles puts his arm round Pat and Pat rests his head on Achilles’ shoulder and puts his hand on his thigh and Achilles rests his cheek agains the top of Pat’s head and Chiron and Peleus smile knowingly at each other and thAT’S HOW THEY COME OUT

- They’re sUper PDA at school

- Patroclus acts embarrased when Achilles kisses him in public but he LOVES it really

- Pat is always slightly surprised when Achilles kisses him in public but after being shocked and embarrassed for a second he smiles into the kiss and Achilles is grinning as he kisses him and im,,  

- Patroclus watches Achilles run track after school and he lazily sketches him

- All the girls are thirsty for Achilles but Achilles only cares about his bf

- Some of the girls resent Pat but then they realise how nice he is most of them don’t mind him so much

- Achilles, Patroclus and Briseis are such a sQUAD and Pat is like the glue that keeps them together

- A ton of the girls are really jealous of Briseis for being able to be close to Achilles but when it becomes obvious Achilles and Patroclus are together and they realise she’s more friends with Pat than Achilles it’s more chill and she becomes friends with a bunch of the girls on the side (Patroclus and Achilles are her main baes tho)

- Achilles and Patroclus are lab partners and Achilles is an asshole and Pat does most the work and Achilles tries to distract him during experiments by kissing his neck and shit and Pat is a mixture of annoyed and turned on

this could literally go on forever but it’s already too long so I shall stop

Modern Mythology: Iris

“The sky leans on me, me, the one upright among all horizontals.”

A modern Iris with sunlight in her veins and if one looks at her too quickly, they will be blinded by her light. Some say her eyes are of the colors that are only seen dreams and the strands of her hair are each different shades of her rainbows. She is felt wherever wonder is needed in this world, her colors lighting the sky, reminding during terror that there is still magic in this universe and there is always light, her rainbows a reminder that the gods are still listening. When she isn’t working for the Olympians, her footprints are known in each corner of this world, from mountaintops only known by the reckless and brave and the tattoo parlors where her gentle touch, as soft as air, helps to turn others into masterpieces of art. The artist and writer and all who need to lose themselves in the beauty of the sky know the pause in her breath when she tells of all the places her rainbows have connected the heavens with the sea.

do u guys even realize how silena went into battle dressed as clarisse mimicked the way patroclus headed into war dressed as achilles and how clarisse went full on fight frenzy mirrored the way achilles exploded in all out killing rage when they found out about their loved one’s death
Warm Sand - patrochillin - The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller [Archive of Our Own]
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Small, quick fish flitted around Patroclus’ feet in the water. He flexed his toes, entranced by the movement and the sun glinting off of the water. He thought of Achilles, and the way his feet hit earth, agile and swift. And the water, like Achilles, with sun shining from his hair, the green seaweed floating is the sparkle of his eyes. Eventually, the fish scattered away, off into the ocean, out of Patroclus’ sight.

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My OC, Tia Ramirez, has a blog now!

If anyone reads my Shay Cormac/OC story, Only Time Will Tell (The Way Home), then go ahead and follow the RP blog I made for the main character, Tia! ;) @tiachachiramirez

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  • Person: You can't fancast a fictional character from a different book for the role of another -
  • Me: So I cast Dante Quintana as Achilles
  • Person: Wait - no -
  • Me: And Aristotle Angel Mendoza as Patroclus
  • Person: I don't think you're -
  • Me: ;)
‘cause I’ve got his name carved on my heart

and when they asked achilles what made him happy they expected poetic words, metaphors about speed and light, beautiful sunsets and armor like steel coated in gold.

they did not expect a name whispered softly as if it might shatter in the light of day.

him, he said.

when I had nothing, I had him. he makes me want to give it all up, he makes me smile when it’s raining blood and the odds are stacked against us.

this love was dangerous, toxic to anyone who dared launch an arrow in its path. love like that could reduce the world to ashes and stand strong and solid against the flames. theres was the sort of love that men die for on foreign battlefields.

if patroclus were to lose his way, achilles would turn his body into a compass and walk until his feet bled even as others looked upon him with sorrow & repeated “I’m sorry, he’s gone.”

 then let me have his body. let us have this and I’ll ask no more of the gods, he would demand with clenched teeth and grief turning blood into seething anger.

and when all was lost, when patroclus was no more for this world achilles would murmur he waits for me as he let death take him. I can’t be late, he worries.

yes theres was the painful sort of love, the kind that always came with a price.

what made achilles happy? him, always him.


I can’t handle the ships that just obviously love each other so damn much. The ships where their entire world revolves around each other and they look at their lover with stars and galaxies in their eyes. The couples that can’t dream to be in a world without the other or the pairings that need each other to breathe. I can’t handle it when they practically radiate love and affection, and I my heart lurches when I see/read them doing anything that implies that they are nothing but the world to each other. The ships that are just the definition of unconditional love. I can’t handle the fact that if something goes wrong, both are hurt equally. I can’t stand it when the pain one feels is so strong or influential that both their world seems to fall apart. The ships that are one and the same, the ones that are one entity, encompassed by just how much they love each other. I can’t stand those kinds of ships because it’s just so beautiful and pure that reading/seeing so much love being shared between two people makes it feel like i’m looking at the sun and god, if one day I could achieve that for myself then wouldn’t that just be absolutely wonderful.

can ppl stop reminding me tht team jn/p/r is probably being built up in character development and relationships so we can all be slaughtered for shock factor later? it makes me so anxious i start shaking please stop.

  • heteronormative viewer: bucky and steve are like brothers - bucky protected steve like a little brother and they grew up together
  • me: achilles openly kissed (amongst other things) patroclus (in the song of achilles)and protected him like a brother would and they grew up together. also after patroclus died (doing something for achilles because he loved him) achilles avenged his death and let his enemy take his life because he couldn't bare to be away from patroclus and if you can't see the parallels there then I can't help you friend

This is probably a silly request, but I was wondering if anybody could help me out here: I need more books of the non-hetero variety, preferably where the major plot isn’t just about being gay. I don’t have a preference between w|w and m|m but I’m sick of reading lgbt+ lit that’s 90% about coming out and accepting yourself. If it’s good I won’t turn it down, but in general I’m looking for something a) meant for adults and b) features gay/bi/pan/etc characters whose entire plots don’t revolve around being gay. There’s only so many times I can reread Captive Prince and Song of Achilles. 

Achilles & Patroclus Personality Types

Achilles: ESTJ: “The Executive" 

values honesty and straightforwardness, dedicated, strong willed, stubborn, judgmental, concerned with public appearance, difficulty with emotions, has very stable relationships, good administrative skills, values loyalty in friendship and especially family, outgoing and enthusiastic

Patroclus: INFJ: "The Advocate" 

soft-spoken, strong opinions and will stand up for beliefs, passionate while pursuing goals, strive for balance, sensitive and irrational towards criticism, private, looks for deep and meaningful relationships, unconditional love, values intimacy, conflicts within self 

ESTJs and INFJs have many differences but are a surprisingly compatible couple with a lot of balance. The relationship is built mostly on mutual admiration, attraction, devotion, and fascination of each other’s differences. Some struggles might arise because of these differences, most likely due to their few similarities and interests.