Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia (1895-1918) as a wee baby. Olenka, as she was affectionatelly called, was considered a remarkably ugly baby with a head entirely too large for her body. As a little girl she did not encourage many admirable comments either, however as the years passed people agreed her looks greatly improved.  “As achild she was plain,” wrote an intimate friend of the imperial family Lily Dehn. “At fifteen she was beautiful!”

Like….I love Liam a lot and I want to support him in everything he does but this time it’s not like he’s dating someone unknown who people are spouting misogynistic comments at, he’s dating someone who’s been famous for much longer than him, someone who has a history of doing racist and appropriative things, and someone who clearly expressed predatory behavior by allowing this relationship to happen in the first place????? So I don’t really find this “cute” or anything, it’s just super uncomfortable to me and I really hope for his sake that it ends soon

Jillian Robbins

‘When I woke up that day, I decided I was going to die.’

Date: September 17, 1996

Age: 19

School: Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Killed: 1

Wounded: 1

Outcome: Overpowered. In prison.

When Jillian Robbins was 11 years old, she told her mother, ‘I want to die.’ Mrs Robbins could not understand her daughter’s depression: ‘She had always been happy and wonderful and bouncy and never cried and just nothing by joy…And something started chaning in early puberty.’

The family faced several upheavals over the years. Robbins was 5 when her parents divorced. A few years later her mother remarried, then divorced again. Then she married her second husband a second time, but again they divorced. Robbin’s father also remarried. Though these changes were presumably stressful for Robbins, there is no evidence of parental alcoholism, achild abuse or other traumas.

Robbins bounced back and forth between her parent’s homes during adolescence. her mother attended a graduate program at Penn State in University Park, Pennslyvania, and worked there as an administrator. When Mrs Robbins relocated to the university’s Harrisburg campus, her daughter stayed back at University Park. Robbin’s father, whom she reportedly idolised, was an administrator for the army reserve.

Apparently following in her father’s footsteps, Robbins joined the army reserve as a junior in high school. She attended basic trained in the summer of 1994, but dropped out of high school. Then, because she did not have sufficient high school credits, the army reserve kicked her out.

Robbins worked at a diner, and at 18 she married a coworker she had not known for long. After six months , she moved out. No details about the marriage have come to light. The following summer, she had an impatient stay in a psychiatric hospital.

Though Robbins found a new boyfriend, the relationship was unstable. On September 16,1996 they has a big fight. The next morning, Robbins took the rifle her father has given her to the Penn State campus and open fired. She killed one person and wounded another. Two other students were nearly hit; they found bullet fragments in their backpacks. A student wrestled Robbins to the ground before she could shoot anyone else.

What was wrong with Robbins? She has a long history of depression and psychiatric hospitalisations and had attempted suicide several weeks before the shooting. She also had symptoms of schizophrenia. Robbins reported that as early as 10th grade she had both auditory and visual hallucinations. She heard voices and saw, ‘tall, dark people with dark coats and no eyes.’ She said, ‘I could not handle the stresses of life. I could not handle the hallucinations, the delusions anymore.’

The nature of her delusions remain unknown. Her peers observed her oddness. A coworker said, ‘Everybody that worked there said the same thing: She did act strange and weird.’ She was given the nickname ‘Crazy Jill.’

The district attorney sough a plea agreement to avoid a trial that would allow Robbins to enter an insanity plea. He commented. “It was a solid claim for an insanity defence.’ Insainty pleas are rarely successful; for the district attorney to admit Robbins had a solid claim suggests there was compleing evidence she was psychotic.

But why did she shoot college students? Robbins could not explain this, saying she just wanted to die. Friends reported, however, that she did not like ‘preppy’ people. Perhaps as a high school drop out, she envivied college students.

Adapted from ‘School Shooters, Understanding High School, College and Adult Perpetrators’ by Peter Langman

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