Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia (1895-1918) as a wee baby. Olenka, as she was affectionatelly called, was considered a remarkably ugly baby with a head entirely too large for her body. As a little girl she did not encourage many admirable comments either, however as the years passed people agreed her looks greatly improved.  “As achild she was plain,” wrote an intimate friend of the imperial family Lily Dehn. “At fifteen she was beautiful!”

Like….I love Liam a lot and I want to support him in everything he does but this time it’s not like he’s dating someone unknown who people are spouting misogynistic comments at, he’s dating someone who’s been famous for much longer than him, someone who has a history of doing racist and appropriative things, and someone who clearly expressed predatory behavior by allowing this relationship to happen in the first place????? So I don’t really find this “cute” or anything, it’s just super uncomfortable to me and I really hope for his sake that it ends soon

lewhux  asked:

The two demons heard the scream and went there as quickly as possible, both worried, and opened their mouth to see what was wrong, only to stop when they noticed the small child in the room. Tail wiggle. Wiggle again. They were wagging now. Both of them.

Tiny Vanitas just kinda started crying, shaking in fear.

“Lev-v-vi… L-Liviuth…”

Someone please help this poor baby.