Janet Jackson is the ONLY ARTIST to have THREE albums with five or more Billboard Top 10 hits:

  • Control: 5
  • Rhythm Nation 1814: 7*
  • janet.: 6

* Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 surpassed the record set by brother Michael & Bruce Springsteen, by having 7 singles reach the Billboard TOP 5! This record has yet to be broken. According to Billboard, she may have extended her record to eight, as “State of the World” was a Top 5 airplay hit but never commercially released. 

In addition, with the exception of “The Pleasure Principle”, EVERY single commercially released in the US from 1986′s “What Have You Done For Me Lately” till 2001′s “Someone To Call My Lover” reached the Billboard Top 10, giving Janet 24 solo Top 10 hits. 22 of these reached the Top 5, while 10 went to #1 

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24/1/16, 1:35pm: I`m extremely happy with the way my bullet journal turned out so I decided to post a few pages of it:

Month overview, scribble page, weekly spread, goals & achievements.

Inspired by: @arianestudying, @st-udies, @study-ings, @studypeaks and many, many more.

“Nothing released this year could touch this second solo outing from the Killers frontman. You can hear it in every diverse, stunning cut – this guy is seriously in love with the songwriting craft.” - The San Francisco Examiner on their #1 album of the year: The Desired Effect by Brandon Flowers.

I want to print this out and hang it in the living room like a proud mother.

I wrote, penciled, inked, and finished over 124 pages of comics in 2015.

I published 6 books, including the final three-quarters of my first long-form comic series.

I got to publish 50 women’s comics in my biggest anthology to date, and I got to pay them.

I crowd funded over $17,000 to do so.

I sold more books than I’ve ever sold before, by a long shot.

I won my first comics award.

I got to do so many of these achievements with my main conspirator and one of my best and oldest friends, @clairefolkman.

I was on a panel at New York Comic Con with a packed house.

I moderated two panels at comics shows about my deep passions - one at @spx, one at Locust Moon Comics Festival - with a laundry list of amazing creators (Craig Thompson, @anniestoll, Dean Haspiel, @andreatsurumi, to name a few).

I published a comic about being sexually assaulted by a fellow comics creator and former friend.

I got engaged.

I posed on a table at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, surrounded by comics luminaries, as they drank wine and drew me in my elaborate Halloween costume.

I made a point to read as many comics as I possibly could in my free time.

I had my work published multiple times in the newspaper.

I was featured in and interviewed for articles.

I was scouted by a long-running publication and given a wonderfully generous offer.

I spoke at universities and to classrooms.

I got to plan another SPX party.

I got to help plan a comics festival.

I got a promotion.

I was able to spend countless hours with a beer in one hand and a pen in the other, surrounded by an insatiable number of people that I’m so lucky to have met, gotten to know better, and continue to spend inordinate amounts of time with.

I had a great year.

And I get to relish it just a little bit longer! 

Like I’m saying in the photo: Girls make fucking amazing comics, and ALL of you have been fucking amazing, supportive people - for me, for the people I work with, and for this really remarkable community we’ve built. Here’s to continuing to be great, to constant conspiring, and to 2016!

Thanks, guys. <3 

I just came across this blog and I keep seeing all these beautiful faces… Some of them, like myself, mixed and sharing the experience of not “looking the part." 

I am half Filipino and half White. 

As a small kid, I was SO proud of being Filipino. I would tell everyone. But as I grew up, I began to acknowledge more and more, the comments, from people (including my family, on both sides) about how I didn’t "count” as Filipino, or wasn’t “really” Filipino… And it made me so self conscious about expressing that pride I hold inside. I felt like I didn’t have the right. 

As I’ve gotten older and gone into adulthood… I have become more comfortable with expressing my heritage. Because I know skin color is a polygenic trait. Race and visual stereotypes of race and ethnicity are social constructs. Filipinos come in many shades, tones, shapes, and sizes; each one beautiful. But it’s still a journey, cause not gonna lie, it still hurts when people play disbelief when I tell them. 

This year for Father’s Day, me and my dad (the Filipino Parent of my equation) got matching tattoos to celebrate our heritage and culture. 

Fallout 4 achievements available - Blog:News - The Vault, the Fallout wiki - Fallout: New Vegas and more

As you may have noticed, the full list of Fallout 4 achievements and trophies has been released. Among others, you can notice a couple of interesting facts:

  • The Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad, and the Minutemen are joinable factions.
  • You can apparently betray the Brotherhood of Steel, indicating a degree of non-linearity.
  • You will decide the fate of the Commonwealth at the end of the game, implying multiple choice endings.
  • Settlement building features are an actual part of the gameplay.
  • Blowing up the Prydwen is worth an achievement.
  • Companion romances are also a thing.

Yay!! :D I’m so happy. I was obsessively getting achieves for a while once I realized I was close to 20k.

Idk what I’ll buy with the gems yet, I might wait until something new, shiny and amazing comes out. Or convert some gold to gems and get another shared slot. Or save up for another character slot. I just want all the things, honestly.

30 extra gold… I feel so rich! Haha. :D

anonymous asked:

I'm in med school right now, I have dyslexia and ADHD. I am not medicated and I want everyone to know that even though society looks down on us don't ever look down on yourselves. We are so much more than what's written on paper, don't let anyone try to stop you from achieving your goals - especially not yourself. You can do whatever you want, even if it seems very very hard!

You are awesome, Anon! Thank you for sharing!

“I work every hour that I am awake but not with a fever of tempo. Although I live in the midst of the hustle and bustle of New York, I do not time my scientific experiments to the hectic, jazz rhythm of the hysterical metropolis. I work for the future–build for the future. Just as today I see the realization of experiments carried on 50 years ago, I am now working with a view towards still greater achievements which will come to pass a half century hence.

“That is my method. After experiencing a desire to invent a certain thing, I go on for days, months, even years with the idea in the back of my head. Whenever I feel like it, I play around with a problem without giving it a deliberate consideration. This is the incubation period.

"Next comes the stage have direct effort. At this point the solution is somewhere in the subconscious mind, although it may take some time before it reaches the level of consciousness.

"As my conceived device begins to take form, I make mental changes in the construction, improvements are figured out, and I even operate it. All of this is peliminary work–all in my mind. When machine itself is finished, I slip my imaginary job over it and find they coincide to the minutest detail.”

Nikola Tesla

“Radio Power Will Revolutionize The World.” By Alfred Albelli. Modern Mechanix, July, 1934.


First time I made The Moot I sold it in order to buy the Permanent Self-Style Hair Kit. Second time I made The Moot I kept it, for the colour-wonderful-disco fabulous good times. :) Third time I made The Moot I became a Twice-Told Legend! YAY! :D