achievement knievel

The “Becoming RT Trash” Pack

For @lucysaxonbooks:

Let’s Play GTAV (Offense Defense 2, Slasher 2, Lindsay’s Heist, Enter the Dragonface, The Prison JobSnipers vs Stunters, Maximum Multiplayer)

Let’s Play Minecraft (Clouds, Creeper Soccer, Ice CubeMega Dig [Part II], The Kings Series, Capture The Tower RTX)

Let’s Play (Organ Trail, Prop Hunt [Part II] [Obj Hunt], The Ship Part III, Fibbage, Mario Kart 8, Magic the Gathering and the ultimate tests: Fuel & Fuel Part II)

How To (Agario, Belligerent, Sports Friends, Mount Stuff, Joel and Jack Meet the Kinectimals)

Go (Ray vs The Crew)

RTAA (Headlight FluidMichael Gets Locked Out, Miles’ Strip Club PredicamentGus On Mars, Barbara Pun-kelman, Kyle Becomes Wolverine, Burnie Gets Busted, That’s My Uncle!)

RT Shorts (Pongo!, Baby GusPrank King, Sex Dogs, Macrowave Time MachineGhost Fuckers, Productions Facility TourStage 5 Facility Tour)

Things To Do (Achievement Knievel, Cake Walk, Frogger, Hot Foot [X], Hot Hoof [X], The Shocker)

Funhaus (Scrobbles, GORIEST GAME EVER, DUMBEST GAME EVER, ask @iron-wang for more tbh as I don’t follow them all that much)

Extra Life (#2Spooky, Cheese Master Gus, Highlights)

Music Videos (Odds Are, Tower of Pimps)


Spotted these in GO! #77


Theme Weeks (?)

Let’s Play Roulette (Not sure if it’s a poker Let’s Play, or something “Steam-Roulette related)

As Seen on YT

Switch Up

Early Access

Striked out ones are already completed.

Things To Do In:


FF Try Outs


Plane Drift

Dump Truck

Fall Guy 

Covered Bridge

Cargobob/Car Race

Team Car Race

Street Fight

Tow Truck Racing Race (Their words, not mine)

Watch Dogs:

Boat Hat

7 Days to Die:



LAME Achievement Knievel (What the fuck, yes)


Train Robbery