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The hot babysitter teen!Ryan x !teen!babysitter!reader

“ ryan what do you mean? geoff asked and ryan groaned. 

“ all i’m saying geoff is that i’m not your built in babysitter! i’m 15 and i need some time to myself!” he said and jack and geoff sighed but looked at each other. ryan did have a point.

ever since they had taken in ryan he had become a part of their family. 

which meant he had also become a babysitter for the three little lads, which were quite a handful and he had enough of it.

jack merely sighed and ran a hand through his hair.” alright, next time we need a babysitter we’ll hire somebody else ryan, you can have your free time.” jack said and ryan threw his hands up in the air.

“ thank you!” he called out and walked into his room to finish his homework.

geoff sent jack a smirk.

“ you think he’ll regret it?”

“ oh absolutely.”


“ but rye-bread whyyyyy!?!?!” gavin cried and ryan sighed in annoyance.

“ because i need some time to hang out with my friends Gav, “ he said coolly and gavin sniffed. 

“o-okay.” he mumbled and jack smiled and ruffled his hair.

“ dont worry gavy, you guys will love the babysitter we got for you, she’s really fun.” he said and the doorbell rang. 

“ oh that must be her.” he said and geoff got the door and opened it to reveal a girl ryan’s age. 

and she was cute

wearing a pair of dyed shorts and a lilo and stitch muscle shirt and a studded flannel thrown over with worn out combat boots and a bag thrown over her shoulder. “ hi geoff!” she said with a sweet smile, her e/c eyes lighting up the room.

“ hi y/n, thanks again for babysitting the boys.” he said and she waved a hand. 

“ no problem, i had nothing to do anyways. besides, ive heard a lot about these guys.” she said and sent the lads a smile , then her eyes went to ryan.

“ hi.” she said to ryan with a smile and he froze, his cheeks burning up.

“ uh i-uh ,–hi!” he yelped out and she giggled at his reaction.

“ hey rye, arent you going to “hang out” with your friends?” geoff smirked and ryan nodded.

“ oh! uh y-yeah im going to!” he said and jack chuckled.

“ alright, well y/n you have our numbers and theyre bedtimes are nine o’ clock, michael likes to make fun of gavin and ray plays on his DS a lot. have fun!” jack said quickly and shut the door behind him and geoff. 

y/n let out a breath and set her bag down on the couch and looked at the lads. 

gavin was looking at her with a look of fear, michael with suspicion and annoyance, and ray merely with a look of confusion.

“ so, i’m y/n, what do you boys want to do?” she asked and gavin was the first to speak up.

“ i want to play king!” he shouted and ryan rolled his eyes. 

“ gavin she’s not two she’s not gonna play-”

“ okay. how do we play king?” she asked and sat down next to him with a smile, the young brit’s eyes lit up instantly.

“ you want to play king with me?” he gasped and she smiled and nodded. 

“ of course i do!” she giggled and gavin grinned, only to have michael grumble and whine.

“ hey no fair i wanna play too!” michael whined and y/n smiled and grabbed him and set him on her lap and his cheeks went bright red. 

“ we can all play, right ray?” she asked the boy who looked up and nodded shyly, setting down his DS and walking over to them.

“ are you gonna play with us ryan?” she asked him, tilting her head to the side , letting her h/c locks fall.  

“ i-uh-um actually i have to go, im gonna go hang with my friends.” he said with a shrug, trying to act cool.

“oh, okay then.” she said and then went back to talk to the boys with a smile.

ryan merely huffed and walked out of the door, but not before looking back at them, y/n had turned around and saw him staring and sent him a smile and a wave. causing him to blush bright red and run out of the house. 

“ did i do something wrong?” you ask the boys and gavin laughed and shook his head.

“ no, rye-bread just gets nervous around pretty girls.” gavin said and the babysitter’s face bloomed bright red.

“ i uh-um..” she stuttered but stopped when michael grabbed her hand. 

“ come on!let’s play king! im king first and y/n is my princess!” he said and gavin grabbed your other hand and gave you a tug.

“ nu uh! im going first, and she’s MY princess!” he shouted and ray merely got up quietly and then walked over, sat on your lap and said with certainty.

“ no, she mine.”

this will be interesting.


after two hours of hanging out at the arcade with his friends , ryan decided to go home, he also wanted to see y/n again, but he wouldn’t confess that to anybody.

when he got home and opened the door his eyes went wide at what he saw.

michael had a brown towel wrapped around his neck and a fake sword in his hand, ray and gavin were wearing green and blue shirts with gloves and towel to match, all of them on top of you. 

ryan knew this game too well, 

they were playing superheroes, and you were the villain.

“ nobody can beat x-ray and vav!” gavin shouted triumphantly. 

“ and their mighty friend mogar!” michael shouted with a roar, causing you to giggle.

“ you’ve foiled me again!” you scowled playfully, then looked over and saw ryan.

“ hey ryan! wanna come play superheores with us?” you asked with a smile and he began to blush.

“ i uh um well..” he stuttered and ray grinned. 

“ yeah, you can be the mad king and y/n will be your queen!” he shouted and ryan’s face went even redder meanwhile you laughed and nodded. 

“ that’s a great idea ray! come on ryan let’s do it!” you said and he sighed and nodded, if we have to.” he rumbled then grinned.



.” hahaha! you’ll never defeat the mad king and his queen!” ryan laughed and x-ray glared.

“ yes we will! justice will prevale!” he shouted, “ mogar go!” he shouted an dmiahcel ran forward and poked you in the side with his foam sword and you let out a groan. 

“ oh no! ive been stabbed by the might mogar.” you said and slowly laid down.

“ no! my queen!” ryan said and went to your side, “ dont die.” he fake cried. 

“ live on for me, my…king.bluhh.” you said and closed your eyes, sticking out your tongue. 

“ you will pay for this!” ryan said and thus  began the famous pretend battle of the mad king, x-ray, vav, and the mighty mogar.

“ alright my heroes time for bed.” you said and led the lads to their room.

“ whaat?why!?!”michael whined. “ were not *yawn* tired.” he said and you chuckled, grabbing his hand since you were carrying ray and gavin and took them to their rooms.

meanwhile ryan sat on the couch. 

“ so…do you have a bedtime to?” you joked as you walked back from putting the boys to bed. he chuckled and ran a hand through his hair.

“ no, geoff and jack let me stay up as long as i want.” he said with a shrug and you nodded.

“ okay, by the way that was really cool of you to do.” you said and he looked at you.

“ what do you mean?” he asked and you chuckled and playfully pushed his shoulder.

“ i mean playing with your little brothers, not acting like your “too cool” for them, thats really sweet of you.” you said and he scratched the back of his neck.

“ well it’s what brothers do right?” he asked and you smiled. 

“ yeah, i guess so…” you mumbled and then cleared your throat. 

“ uh um uh l-listen ryan…” you began, “ i was wondering if you want to go hang out sometime like at the movies or something or-”

“ like a date?” he asked and you blushed and nodded. 

“ u-unless you dont want to that’s totally cool to you dont have to-”

“ id love to y/n.” he said with a smile. 

the front door then creaked open and jack and geoff walked in. “ hey guys, “ geoff greeted. “ are the boys asleep?” he asked and you nodded with a smile.

“ yup, they were really well behaved, ryan helped out to.” you said and geoff smirked. 

“ oh really?” he mused and handed you the money.

“ thanks again y/n.” jack said and you smiled. 

“ no problem it was a lot of fun. oh, and ryan?” you called out with a smile. “ next Friday, 5:00 at the pizza place near bye. that sound good?” you ask and he nods quickly and stutters. 

“ y-yu- yeah totally!” he blurted and you giggled and walked out, shutting the door behind you. 

geoff and jack looked at ryan with sly smiles.” so….you have a crush on our babysitter?”

“ shut up geoff.”

okay so i got the idea for this from the amazing artist someoneudontknow5 who makes amazing original art and awesome achievement hutner and rooster teeth fanart, i specifically love her baby au. so got check out her stuff it’ll fufill your life! so if you hve any idea’s for imagines you want me to do please request! i belive that’s all for now so bye!