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Alright…after seeing this…I couldn’t help but to imagine the genderbent Achievement Hunters(Huntresses) dancing. 

Team SVLR Extended bios!

Thanks for the support on this post everyone, it’s made my like week! Thanks so much for supporting the kids and so before I release Summer’s Vales first chapter sometime this weekend or later (almost done but editing is hard to schedule though) But in the meantime here is the extended bio, starting with Summer Schnee (more bios and more info below the read more) Art and concept art by @chezforshire

Summer Schnee

  • Age: 17
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Myer-Briggs  ESTJ-t 
  • Orientation: Lesbian

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anonymous asked:

Maybe a Reader x Ray where she's an Achievement Hunter and the guys(Geoff, Michael Gavin etc) would playfully flirt with her, hug her for a bit to long or playful ass slaps only to annoy Ray. uvu

You’d been an Achievement Hunter (Or Huntress as you and Lindsay liked to scream) for about a month now. You’d worked in the community, however, for ages. But finally getting to chill out in the office with the boys and Lindsay was really fun. They’d bother you, slap controllers out of your hand, lean in too close and make grabby hands if they thought they could keep you from winning the latest Go! Or any let’s play in general. The problem wasn’t what they did when recording, it was what they did after recordings. Like Gavin picking you up in a hug that was entirely too tight and went on for too long. Or Geoff smacking you right across the ass and laughing loudly into your ear. Half the time you were blushing vividly, or squealing over their antics.

Ray however was constantly dropping things he was holding or breaking pens. He’d glare at the other guys and try to pry you from them.

“Hey Y/N.” Gavin said right into your ear.

“Yeah Gavin?” You looked up from your 3DS and Gavin was humping the air beside your face. You went from normal to blushing vividly. “Quit it you little shit.” You whined out, looking back at your screen.

“Knock it off Gavin!” Ray growled from his side of the room. Gavin didn’t stop, but Ryan threw an arm over your shoulders and pulled you along the couch and away from the Brit.

“Um.. Rye?” You mumbled out, looking up from your Pokémon.

“Wanna have dinner later?” Ryan wiggled an eyebrow, but his eyes were firmly on Ray then.

“I uh..” You began, but Ray made a noise in his throat that said he was losing his cool.

“Just me and you.” Ryan grinned.

”..but Ray… and your wife..” You let out weakly. You couldn’t say much more right then, Michael had come in, seen the goings on and flopped across the rest of the couch with his head in your lap. “..Michael..” You whined out.

“Hey there beautiful.” He grinned up at you.

Ray snapped a pen from his corner and you looked positively embarrassed. “Ray please, help.” You got out.

Michael grinned wider, Ryan held you tighter, and Gavin started to climb over Michael without a care for where he was touching his friend to grab hold of your face. Ray lost it, throwing the pen down and tearing across the room to pry you from them.

“Get off of her you fucks!” You erupted into laughter as he got you free of them and hoisted you up into his arms to hold onto. “She’s mine.” He said possessively, holding you in.

“Oh gee.” You laughed.

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Reign of Kings - AH King AU vid

WARNING: This video employs the use of bright flashes and quick changes between images. If you are sensitive to these conditions please be aware.

So yeah, I’ve been super busy the last half of the year so this vid has been a long time coming. I got super inspired after King Gavin and decided to do another video. I actually have multiple ideas for videos especially more rwby ones but I won’t have time to start working on them until probably winter break. This video actually took me 3 weeks to finish. Hopefully you like it, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out especially because its been a long time since I’ve worked with my video editing software. Anyway hopefully you enjoy this.

Art Credits: (I asked each artists for permission to use their artwork in this video and was granted permission by each of them. Their tumblrs are listed below.)


What the Achievement Hunters taught me.
All of them are amazing at their job but they are also very amazing and funny people who are my idols. this drawing project took about a week.

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