achieve the beard

(this has probably been done already but…)

i saw this post and immediately thought of fahc gavin so here’s my crappy interpretation


Christ almighty, he looks incredible here

Jack Pattillo, from Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunters!

Done in Adobe Illustrator CS4.
The sixth and final piece in a series that I shall proudly frame and hang in my stairwell.

Geoff’s Portrait

Ryan’s Portrait or ALT Creepy Ryan or  lifelike Ryan in pencil and  Creepy Ryan shirt!

Gav’s Portrait

Ray’s Portrait

Michael’s Portrait

Jeremy’s Portrait

Bonus! Miles Luna

Bonus! Jon Risinger


I loved the deadline lets play so i decided to draw a tron au. the only reason i picked these colors was because Jeremy was orange in one round and i thought rimmy tim colors would be fun, but i also did one with normal brown hair.

Helpful tip from Burnie Burns to anyone giving any sort of speech:

Have the first minute of it on lock - practice it 100 times because it will set the pace for the entire speech so you’ll get rid of the jittery nervousness and you’ll be off to the races. 

- Burnie Burns on Periscope “Joe The Cat rub cam”