Take a look at your life at this current moment. What does it look like? What would you like for it to look like? What is in your control, and what steps can you take to achieve what it is you would like to create for yourself?
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
How To Manifest... Fast!

“Like attracts like”
“You attract what you are”
“Feel positive and positive things will happen to you”

If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, then you’ve surely heard one of these phrases first. But, what if you aren’t feeling great at present? What if you’re feeling a negative emotion and forcing happy feelings feels fake? If that is the case then before you know it, you feel like the Law of Attraction just isn’t for you.

However, there is a very simple way out of this:

You may not be the person you want to be yet, but you can assume you are. For 5 or 10 minutes a day you can close your eyes, shut off from the world, and bring a loved one or a friend in your mind’s eye. You can imagine them looking at you and being amazed, envious or supportive of your New You. You can see them confirm the change in you that you want.

Wealth: They praise you for being so financially successful. They wonder how you became such an overnight success!
Love: They tell you how happy they are for you, how your partner compliments you.
Health: They tell you how healthy, happy and lovely you look! They’re now asking you for advice!

In your mind’s eye, you can hear a conversation that will imply it’s already done. Whatever you want, it’s already done. Take someone’s voice that you can hear internally clearly. This is the power of manifesting. Try it and write to me in a few days or weeks when you notice the changes in your world!

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I want to be wealthy. Why isn’t it happening?

The Basics:
• You’ve understood the Law of Attraction (or, you’ve got bills to pay!) and you want money. 
• When you think of wealth, it means money, a house and a car. Holidays too. 
• You may even be visualizing yourself as rich. 

The Problem:
• You’re not getting any richer. 
• You feel like using your imagination or visualizing is just “pretending”.

What you need to digest:
• Wealth does not directly mean money. Wealth is not having “alot of money” in the bank, or the house you want to live in. Become aware of the truth that wealth is having a definite, set amount of money, opportunity, options and an awareness that you can create any circumstance you want. 
• The portion of life you’re currently experiencing is not “life” or “reality” as you’re used to believing it is. It is simply the result of how you used to think. It is simply a portion of life. It’s simply an experience. Bill Gates is also experiencing a portion of life. The underlying difference is the experience. And that can be changed easily.
• All that comes to you is as a result of who you think you are.

Who do you think you are?

•Are you the story you’ve told yourself? Are you your past? Are you your bank balance? Whatever you think you are, whatever ideas you have about yourself, are determining your life right this minute. 

The Solutions:
• Feel wealthy. Your feelings are personal, intimate and they never lie. 
• Think yourself to be a millionaire, or financially independent, or earning X amount of money each month. 

Thinking what you want to think is free, but hard to do. 

•Become genuinely hungry about change. Desire to transform yourself first - and outer circumstance later. Believe you were born to life live on your own terms. Have an iron will. (Fake it, it will harden into fact soon enough). Believe in your own ability to achieve whatsoever you desire. Believe in your ability more than your education, contacts, and even actions. 

Do this for 30 days and you will not recognize yourself at the end. 

Pick One A Day ...

Here are some ideas of things you can do to make you feel like you have achieved something. This can be helpful to do once a week, once a day or just on a bad day… I personally to one or two things everyday. To keep myself striving forwards…. See what takes your fancy!! 

1. Spend uninterrupted time with family or children

2. Go shopping for items you NEED (Toiletries, groceries etc.) stick to a list and a budget

3. Go to the bank, balance your account…Pay off some money…Cash that cheque etc. 

4. Go to work or do some work from home

5. Finish a task you have been delaying

6. Ask for help with a task you are finding hard

7. Challenge yourself by completing a new task without help

8. Help your child with their homework (little sister or brother….) 

9. Wash the dishes or load the dishwasher

10. Wash your clothes and sheets or take them to the launderette

11. Hang up your clothes

12. Fix something that needs repairs or a new button or battery

13. Clean your room or bathroom

14. Take a shower or have a bath (wash your hair, exfoliate, face mask etc.) 

15. Organise a shelf, drawer etc.

16. Prepare a healthy meal for yourself (and others) 

17. Write a letter or email to someone you have been thinking about, miss or who you have been avoiding. (An older relative might love a letter!) 

18. Take care of the way you look (Bleach your roots, dye your hair, paint your nails, cut your toenails, straighten your hair) This can boost confidence too. 

19. Do something creative…. Cut up last years calendar and make a collage for your room. Achievement and art!! 

20. Take your car for a service

21. Plant some seeds, or do some weeding

22. Redecorate your room, or move furniture around to make it more spacious

23. Take care of your physical health; make an appointment for a health check with your GP or just take the steps for that needed visit you have been putting off

24. Get involved in your local community; offer to walk the dog for a neighbour, volunteer, ask your sister if she needs a babysitter…

25. Return a phone call you have been avoiding

26. Resolve a situation or conflict that has been bothering you in life 

27. Take your pet to the vet; or just give them a good brush or long walk.

28. Do some exercise; go for a walk (or run), have a good stretch, do an exercise DVD etc.

29. Help someone you care about

30. Pay some bills, or make a monthly budget.