Cinders - Chapter Twenty One

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SUMMARY: Get ready for one of the most epic fight scenes in FAHC fic history

PLEASE: Listen to this while reading! (or don’t, it just adds to the experience)

WC: 3171

The onslaught of gunshots ring in your ears as you fall into a crouch after kicking out the door, frantically scanning the car park before you’re on your feet and running towards the police pouring in, their guns blazing. Your body explodes forward, your cybernetic leg pushing you further and faster through the street, each bound leaving the buildings to rush behind you in a blur as you draw out a wicked long combat blade. Jeremy tries to keep up, charging behind you and clumsily dodging the bullets that wiz towards him. Shifting to the side, you slow your strides to let him breeze past you, yanking on a pair of brass knuckles as he goes.

His fist collides against a policeman’s throat with immense force, his momentum carrying him forward as the man drops while Jeremy’s opposite arm shoots out to smash his elbow into another officer’s eye socket, shattering it. Using his body mass, you plant your left foot on his back and launch forward, swinging your blade to slice upwards at three officers with panicked eyes. Landing gracefully, you don’t turn to watch their heads separate from their bodies, sliding with wet thuds to the floor. In an instant you’re driving the blade forward and impaling a police woman, who gurgles at you in between desperately trying to fire her weapon and her weak attempts to communicate with the larger police man approaching from behind. In a smooth motion you yank the blade away from her body and spin on an axle, slicing through the officer’s jugular like a hot knife through butter.

In the midst of your attacks Jeremy is surging through his punches, incredibly light on his feet as he dodges an incoming blow, twisting a man’s arm until it snaps and using his body to collect the stray bullets and screams being hurled at him. Shielding behind the body that twitches with each entering shot and spewing of blood, he rushes forward again and thrusts the body at a small collection of cops. Scattering in panic he begins to pick them off, smashing the closest set of skulls together before moving onto the remaining officer. Upper cutting him the man flies upwards, Jeremy spinning into a round house kick while ribs crack under his foot.

Scooping up a baton from one of the bodies you try not to glance at the four stars now throbbing across your devices screen, collecting another to dual wield. “Time to go,” you hear him yell as he rushes past you, grabbing your hand and yanking you into keeping pace with him, more sirens chase after you and helicopter blades slicing through the air like thunder. Firing your gun you manage to knock down two more cops, pressing your finger to the com in your ear and hearing it crackle to life. “Geoff?” you pant, rounding the corner with Jeremy in tow, “we’ve got a small situation here.” 

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I hate when people bash on Geoff being scared of HORROR GAMES. Like I’m sorry I didn’t realize we all had to have nerves of steel around here, but Geoff Lazer Ramsey is the reason I watch those types of Let’s Watch because he helps me get over my nerves with his funny ways of trying to not be scared like “ass first into danger” or “baby steps” so shut up and let people like me and Geoff be afraid of scary shit.