achi soup

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Harvey giving Dash hot water bottles to curl up on, oh god I live for Domestic Friendship Harvey and Dashiel. Like Dashiel in his room all sick and achy and Harvey making soups and warm things for him to eat in the kitchen, and then wrapping them up and putting them in the fridge for Dash when Harv goes back to work for the day. "Honey, I'm home!" I can totally imagine Harvey calling jokingly from the door when he gets back, followed by Dash's groans

This made me feel so many ways I drew a lil doodle for it mmkay *throws this and runs away*

^^^ Tfw your friend is a doctor and he’s always coming over and making up cold washcloths for your forehead and all sorts of soothing stuff for your tum but you’re a lil shit so you pretend you don’t like it but you totally do.