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So acotar is a retelling of Hades of Persephone.... Feyre's last name is Archeron.... Acheron is the river of sorrow in hell/Hades..... coincidence?

I don’t think so. I’ve thought about this too. I think it’s on purpose. Cuz that’s one of the rivers souls get ferried across. And last I checked it was the river that both feeded the other rivers or they fed into it. But it’s like the main river. I’ve thought about if Elain and Nesta are each represented (maybe) by one of the other rivers too. Cuz I feel like Feyre would be the Acheron because she is/has all of the High Lords power. So Nesta would be the Phlegethon it’s the fiery river that flows around/into Tartarus (the nastiest part of Hades where the Keres are and the hundred handed ones I think they’re called are). And I feel like Elain could be the Lethe which is oblivion and unmindfulness. Which fits Elain because she escapes in her garden. But they all flow in, or out of, the Acheron.

Acheron Water

Acheron is one of the five rivers in the realm of Hades. It is the River of Woe, and is described in the Suda as a place of healing, where the dead may purge the sins of their lives. Acheron is the river made famous as the crossing into Hades, where Charon rows the souls of the newly dead across.

Acheron Spell Water can be used to help cleanse and remove past sorrows, it can be used in healing, or it can be used in retribution spells and curses.

*Not For Ingestion*

  • Representation of wings (this can be feathers, bug wings, ect…)
  • Morning Glories/Jimson Weed or similar plant
  • Tears
  • Some form of clear alcohol (everclear, rubbing alcohol, ect..)

Wings are in there for a few reasons. Wings represent travel, being able to move (or move on), and freedom. These all reprresent the ability to heal and move on from sorrow. The fact that this representation is also a partial or incomplete part of a wing (if it’s something like butterfly wings then they’ve been removed and are no longer functional) is VERY strongly indicative of loss. Loss is the biggest association for me with sorrow. So the wings represent both sorrow, and the ability to overcome it.

Morning Glories, or Jimson weed….these are night or early morning blooming flowers that are poisonous. Again, the dawn is a symbol of hope, and in Greek mythology the River Acheron afforded souls the chance to cleanse themselves of things causing them sorrow. However, when left un-checked, sorrow can be poisonous, thus the use of poisonous flowers.

Tears are pretty straight forward. Unlike the other rivers, Acheron sources outside of Hades, so I don’t feel the need to connect it strongly to death. Since it is the last leg of the journey for souls before entering the underworld though, I feel that tears are an appropriate binding method because it lodges it firmly in the realm of sorrow, grieving, and loss.

Put all your components together, charge, and let set for three nights. The night before the new moon, the new moon, and the night after. Strain out the solid bits and store in a dark bottle. 

And again, because this one contains known poisonous ingredients, DO NOT DRINK THIS keep the bottle clearly labeled as such.

And here are the links for all five rivers (current post included)

  • Acheron-River of Woe (personally associated with Air)
  • Cocytus-River of Wailing (personally associated with Earth)
  • Lethe-River of Forgetfulness (personally associated with Water)
  • Phlegethon-River of Fire (personally associated with Fire)
  • Styx-River of Hate (personally associated with Spirit)