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Hi, my sister and I have been looking at your shop and we were wondering how tarot/song correspondences work. By the way, your site is really impressive!

Hi there!

First off - thank you SO much for the compliment on our website. I’ve pretty much poured my heart and soul into it, so it means a lot to me! I feel like I add something new to it every day, haha. It means a lot to me that someone notices!

Now, your question!

For tarot resonance, you will usually ask a spirit to show you the card that represents them. As you continue working alongside them, the card should consistently appear in your readings in regards to them, etc. (For one of my companions, he will consistently show the Nine of Wands - with the deck I use to work with him, this card has a gryphon on it. Since he’s a gryphon, I’d say that’s a pretty clear signifier!) This is a card they can use to let us know they have an important message, or that they are present. We have found that the tarot card they pick can be incredibly telling as to the sort of qualities/values that “define” a specific spirit, as well as to the sort of things a spirit hopes to accomplish during their companionship.

A song resonance is harder to find. Sometimes, a spirit will have a very specific song in mind (and we might not know the song), so we will feel pulled towards listening to a certain music genre first, and then towards a specific artist, and finally (FINALLY…) we will stumble onto the song. Usually the song is one that really matches their energy (the frequency, intensity, and feelings their energy evokes, for example). It might also speak as to the type of relationship the spirit would like to have with their companion.

Hope this helps!

- Conjurer Acheron

A summary of A Court of Wings and Ruin
  • Tamlin: *raises his voice when talking to Feyre*
  • Feyre: *looks out the window*
  • Tamlin: What are you doing???
  • Feyre: Don't mind me; I'm just trying to look for whoever the fuck you think you're yelling at, because I know for damn sure it ain't me

pg. 666 (coincidence??) 

chapter 76 of ACOWAR

Ok so can we talk about Rhys death? How heartbroken we all were? But ~plotwist~ he comes back to life…and cracks a joke. 

Cassian: *snicker*

Helion: cracks a joke back.

Feyre: ???

Thesan: what

Tamlin: I brought him back to life only to see him crack a joke?! THATS IT

Beron: *already left*


Inner Circle: This is the highlord we serve i guess

Tarquin: he’s backkkkkk


100% pureness