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*Acheo takes a deep breath before knocking on Time's parlor door* "Herr Time, I have a rather large request of you." *he takes another deep breath and steels himself for rejection* "Will you take me to the past?"

Time’s expression was quizzical as he studied the Red King from where the monarch stood on the threshold.

“Your Majesty,” Time replied, frowning slightly at the other man, “come in and sit down. Wilkins has just made some tea and tarts.”

Shutting the door behind him with a snap, Time sank back into his armchair, still frowning. Why would Acheonickolas ask this of him? The Red King knew by now that nothing could be done to change the past…so why did he want to visit it? Time had a vague idea, but he wasn’t sure whether he wanted his hunch to be right. Though it wasn’t possible for a visitor from the future to change the past, there was every possibility that the past might change them, and knowing the heartbreak that lay in Iracebeth’s past, Time didn’t know if subjecting Acheo to it would be fair to him.

“You understand that you will not be able to change anything,” Time reminded him, his piercing blue gaze sympathetic nonetheless.

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Freya sighed. “No one said you had to be alone. Nothing denies you the option of taking another lover. It is a marriage of convenience, not one of loyalty.” Freya told him quietly. She understood how lonely he likely was, as she was lonely too. While Freya had no one to be interested in and no one who was interested in her, it didn’t stop Acheo from being in the same situation. As she knew well Acheo had plenty of women who found him attractive despite his height, even Freya found him to be kind and thoughtful as well as attractive. However Freya knew how plain she was and knew better then to fall in love. She’d only end up alone in the end.

“It’s still a marriage,” he replied, just as soft as her, conviction deep in his words. 
And it’s hard to take another lover when you never had a first one to begin with, he thought to himself. He had a wife, not a lover. 
He desperately wanted Freya to be both. Could she not tell? 
“We could learn to love each other, couldn’t we?” He asked, pretending as if he wasn’t already there. There was probably desperation in his voice, but he didn’t care. He wanted love, and he wanted it from her. 
“It can’t be that hard, to fall in love, right?”