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After Loki saw that bright and large blush on his face and heard his rather ungraceful words she laughed. A soft and truly amused laugh at his expense, but she soon knelt gracefully down to his height. He was a great deal shorter then Loki was at her six foot height. Her slender soft hand cupped his chin and stroked it gently as her emerald colored lips curled into a smile at him. “Oh what a cute man you are. Drunk but still able to blush so clear a red at the sight of me.” She cooed in amusement. Loki usually set her sights a tad higher, literally and figuratively, but he was a cute little thing and not all of him was as small as his height implied to her enjoyment.

Loki often visited mortal parties. Always so much more fun then the ones at Asgard and so much less annoying as Odin continued to ignore her as the better suited hair of Asgard, but she was content to play her games and enjoy her mortals. Odin would realise sooner or later that Thor wasn’t properly suited to such leadership.

He grinned at the sound of her laugh, even though she was laughing at him. 
It didn’t matter, he didn’t mind being laughed at, he was used to it. 
She was so tall, a column of grace and crackling magic above him. 
And yet she knelt, so she could be near his height. 
He hadn’t thought it was possible, but he blushed even more as she cupped his chin. 
“Well, my dear lady, you are gorgeous. No matter my state of inebriation, I can’t help but notice it.” 
He stood on his tiptoes, her hand on his chin making him feel happily lightheaded. 
He didn’t quite understand why, but he had a longing desire to kiss her. 
And other things. 

“If I may ask, what are you doing here with these people?” 

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Your highness, what are your true opinion of the Hightopp's, Tarrant Hightopp more specifically also do you agree on how your wife handle them?

“I must say, I like the chap. He’s a good egg, with a great handle on puns and knows how to make a confusing riddle. Not particularly fond of the company he keeps,” the monarch failed to suppress his shudder. “Cats, and the like,” he smiled after that, “but all in all, I think we get on quite well.” 

He paused as he thought of the rest of Tarrant’s family. “I do like his sister, Dinah, she reminds me of my little ones. His father is a bit stuck up though, and not because he’s always got pins in his shirt.”

Acheo grinned to himself at his little pun, but it sobered into a frown as the Nonnie mentioned his wife. 
“My wife…well, everything she does is lawful, as she writes them herself. I can’t say I’d mimic her behavior with them, but I’m sure she has her reasons to.”

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Your Majesty, were you aware that his Timeliness enjoys wearing lingerie and other frilly things?

The former king spat out his wine. 

“What? Really?” He nearly laughed just at the surprise. “No, I didn’t, Iracebeth never said….” 
He soured, lips pulled poutingly together. 
“She never told me what Time liked to wear…” 

Acheo turned to his mun, muttering, “Why did I agree to play this game again?”

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Acheo to Racie when he's a ghost: "On the contrary, my dear. You should rejoice, because this was an excellent solution! Now I can continue to be by your side, and you will be comforted in knowing I will never cheat on you, not that I did before, but now I quite literally can't! I know that puts a bit of a damper on our own physical relationship, but such are the problems when one of us is dead."

        A heavy sigh, “I knowwwww I know I made a mistake darling, you don’t need to lapse into sarcasm. It doesn’t suit you.” She gazed at his form through half shut eyes, heavy head resting on her chin. “I needn’t remind you that you shouldn’t really exist, do I?”

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Loki smiled as she stepped through the party, looking for someone of any real interest to her. She stopped and smirked when she saw a rather cute and short man. Loki walked over to him and smiled. "Well aren't you a cute little man."

Acheo had come to this party at the request of his brother. He hadn’t really wanted to, but when Evanostefan asked, he couldn’t say no. 
So he had drunk, a lot. 
Though it was hard for him to take notice of most people, as he was both inebriated and rather short. 
But he had immediately noticed Loki. 
A deep, emerald green dress, looking as if it was some sort of liquid draped over her lithe body. 
His eyes had followed her, from her feet, up her long, long legs, the rather perfect hourglass figure of her hips and chest (he tried not to stare at that too long, he was, after all, a gentlemen), and the graceful dip of her neck. 
The features of her face were so perfect, so defined, she surely couldn’t be of this earth. 
As she spoke to him, he blushed
A deep flush, spreading across his face, to his ears, down his neck. 
“Um… hi. Thank you. You are quite… beautiful. Very beautiful.” 
He coughed in embarrassment. 
She was too gorgeous, and his brain wasn’t connecting to his tongue. 

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💟 "Don't be cold, my sweetling."

                “Mine,” muttered the queen as she grasped at her husband. Iracebeth always ran a few degrees too cold, and the entire concept of winter offended her. She lived in a desert for a reason, why in Underland did the powers that be think snow was acceptable?!

          She sighed as she snuggled into the warmth that was her husband’s chest, eyes blinking shut slowly in contentment. Even when the fire failed, Acheo’s overwarm size could be counted upon to keep her warm and happy.

                 “Don’t go.” She muttered as she pulled the covers up over them more snugly, “It’s too cold.”